Mo Ali: ‘I Take Full Responsibility’

UP Secretary General, Mo Ali: "It was not and has never been my intention to cause harm to anyone or to exhibit an attitude that disrespects our daughters, sisters or mothers.”

The Secretary-General of the opposition Unity Party, Mo Ali has finally admitted to impregnating a 20-year-old girl, Augustina Gray who had leaked an audio earlier that she was pregnant for him.

“I am also aware of the gravity of any action and statements that I made either in the public space or even in my private life. It is in this vein that I take full responsibility for the incident involving Ms. Augustina Gray”. Ali said.

In a press statement on Monday, April 19, 2021, Mr. Ali disclosed that he has met Ms. Gray’s family and had had a very good discussion with them, and that it was not his intention to cause harm to anyone or to exbibit an attitude that disrespects women and girls.

“I have met with the family and had a very good discussion. It was not and has never been my intention to cause harm to anyone or to exhibit an attitude that disrespects our daughters, sisters or mothers.”

Mr. Ali’s acceptance comes days after a leaked audio conversation between him and Ms. Gray brought to public attention that the duo were in sexual affairs. In the audio, Ali is asking Ms. Gray to commit abortion; a decision she refused and said it was against her Christian faith.

The audio has generated diverse views on social media, with the majority calling on Ali to accept the pregnancy and not allow the 20 years old girl to commit abortion. With this public outcry, Ali has now accepted the pregnancy and apologized for asking Ms. Gray to abort the pregnancy. “As a father of three girls, I respect womanhood and know the importance of protecting women. I truly regret the embarrassment that this has caused my children, loved ones, friends, supporters, and the Unity Party”.

According to him, as a key political and public figure, he is fully aware that the public holds him at a very different and high moral standard and accepts that his behavior, public engagements and dealings should always serve as a good example for the upcoming generation.    

In the audio circulating on Social media, Mr. Ali was heard warning Ms. Gray not to put him in a “Situation that he cannot handle,” but she refused to accept Mr. Ali’s request thus leaving him in the situation he was avoiding to handle.

He also told her that he was to take her to an unidentified lady whom he contacted to perform the abortion, but Ms. Gray was curious to know why they would go to the woman and she rejected any situation that surrounds abortion.

“Let’s just go and see lady,” Mr. Ali added.

The UP Secretary-General warned Ms. Gray that if she refused to abort the pregnancy, the child will not be his, but the girl insisted that she will not commit abortion.

“I am always committed to helping to protect the image of my family and political institution. I am renewing and again avowing this commitment. I call on our supporters and others to address this issue with a high level of respect for everyone’s privacy. I also call on the public to refrain from the trading of accusations and attacks against all involved”.

Meanwhile, Ali has taken a leave of absence for the rest of April 2021 in order to fully recover from the shocks of the past week. “My sincere appreciation to everyone for the moral support and pieces of advice during these trying times. I remain committed to my political values and will always pursue such with the same vigor that I come to be known for”.

However, Mr. Ali’s leave of absence for the rest of April does not seem enough for the public. Many people are yelling out there for his resignation as Secretary-General of the Unity Party on ground that the act he confessed to have committed is against moral.


  1. How can such cursed people such as Mohammed Ali lead an alternative leadership?
    All these people are cursed with their hands in blood therefore God cannot permit them to attain to a new leadership!

    • What a height of misuage of words and a height of fraudulent misrepresentation! How can you Mo Ali Mr. wannabe politician associate yourself with “responsibility” when you are this satanic, indecent, immoral, and extremely irresponsible!

      I mean to the extent of you Mr. wannabe politician Mo Ali been bent on the intent of destroying the life of an unborn child, and the highly likely death of the mother of an unborn child, since of course the possibility of death resulting from abortion is 99.9 percent certain!

  2. That terrorist, unprincipled fulani and immoral bastard (Mo Ali) according to a relative he confided in, he even threatened the the girl that “if she remains adamant that she will not kill that thing she calls baby, and damage my political status, I will kill her!“

    And this is such a wicked and a criminal brute, the likes of Joseph Nyumah Boakai, Benoni Urey, Yonblee Karngar, Darius Dillon, and the rest of their CPP and CoP GANSTERS want to succeed any government of our country?? NO PRINCIPLES, NO CARE FOR RELIGIOUS NOR TRADITIONAL PRINCIPLES, NO MORALS, AND NO HUMAN HEART NOR VALUE FOR HUMAN LIFE, NOT TO TALK ABOUT REGARD FOR THE LAW OR FOR GOD!!

    Mo Ali, no value for human life nor fear of God?? “if she remains adamant that she will not kill that thing she calls baby, and damage my political status, I will kill her!“ Mo Ali Secretary General Unity Party, and CoP, and Executive Official CPP.

  3. I wonder why Mohammed Ali pulled his pants down when he is not a man enough to take responsibility for his actions? Since you know that you are not a man enough, you needed to wear socks or eat your banana with peels instead of wanted flesh to flesh. You are a disgrace to your family and the divided party called Unity party. Shame on you.


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