MNG-Gold Management, Workers’ Union Signed CBA


MNG-Gold Liberia, Incorporated and the United Workers’ Union of Liberia have signed a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) to govern their relationship for the next two years (July 1, 2019-June 30, 2021).

MNG-Gold is a foreign gold mining company operating in Bong County, Central Liberia. Negotiation for the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the Management and the United Workers’ Union of Liberia, which is National/Mother Union of the MNG-Gold Workers Union, started September 2018 and was concluded on July 13, 2019.

The CBA was finally signed at a ceremony attended by Senior Managers and executive of the Workers Union of MNG-Gold as well as officials of the Ministry of Labor led by Labor Minister Moses Y. Kollie on Thursday, July 18, 2019 in the Conference room of the Ministry of Labor in Monrovia.

Koray Yagci, Assistant General Manager, MNG Gold Liberia, Inc. signed on behalf of his company and Mr. Dave J. Seneh, Secretary General of UWUL and Anthony B. Sammah, Jr., Chairman, UWUL Local #13-MNG Gold Worker’s Union signed for the workers. The Director of Trade Union Affairs and Social Dialogue of the Ministry of Labor, Mr. Boakai Sirleaf attested.

Labor Minister Chief Moses Y. Kollie called on the management and Union leaders of MNG-Gold to respect the terms and conditions agreed to in the CBA during the time of its implementation.

He reminded them to always call on the Ministry whenever there are problems with the smooth implementation of the CBA and warned the parties not to create any condition that could hinder the successful implementation of the agreement during its lifespan.

The Liberian Labor Boss encouraged the workers to help protect the interest of investments and investors in this critical moment of our country noting that there can be no employment or employees in the absence of investment.

Koray Yagci, Assistant General Manager, MNG Gold Liberia, Inc. assured the Minister of Labor that his management will do nothing to undermine the smooth implementation of the CBA.

He said that his management understands the valuable role the workers are playing in enhancing the company’s operations and as such, it remains committed to working with the CBA and other laws of the Republic of Liberia.

He thanked the worker leaders for their persistent and consistent cooperation during the period of negotiation of the agreement from the start to its conclusion.

Anthony B. Sammah, Jr., Chairman, UWUL Local #13-MNG Gold Worker’s Union noted that the CBA provides protection and other benefits for the workers that they did not benefit from in the past.

“The agreement just entered into with the company is very good because it gives the workers job protection and provides other things that we have not been benefiting in the past,” Sammah said.

Sammah maintained that the new CBA if successfully applied, will help to improve their relationship with the management as well as working conditions at the company.

He named production and shift bonuses, food rations, death benefits, housing, health and school as some of the benefits the new CBA promise to provide the workers.

“All these are made possible because of the existence of a workers union at the company. If there was no workers union, the workers were going to be directly under management and will do whatever they wish, but with a union leadership in place, the management will not take any action against the workers without the concern of the union. We positively sure that if workers are properly educated and informed on the terms and conditions of this CBA, they will get to understand that it was important for their leaders to go through negotiation and come out with this agreement.”

“I wish that all managements, workers and government could work to encourage such agreements between employers and employees that is intended to promote industrial peace and harmony in the workplace. I believe that doing so, would help reduce some of the workplace issues from going directly to the Ministry of Labor because the management and workers union can dialogue without the intervention of the government.

With this new CBA, we will ensure that all of the provisions in it are respected by our members (workers) and all other laws, especially the Decent Work Act so that the MNG-Gold work site can be a safe place for the workers and management” says Mr. Mohamed T. H. Goss, National President, United Workers Union of Liberia (UWUL).


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