Mixup at U.S. Bureau of Prisons over Identity of Dr. Malachi York and Son, Dwight

Dr. Malachi Z. York

Following Dr. Malachi Z. York’s over 16 years of imprisonment already served in the United States of America, this newspaper has established, through a reliable research, that the name Dwight York, which has been accorded Dr. York by both the Middle District Court of Georgia and the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), is not his name but that of one of his sons, Dwight Totten York.

The question that lingers further in this finding, is whether Dr. York was aware that both the court and the BOP actually recorded the name that belongs to his son as his name when they proceeded with their activities involving him.

According to the United States Pre-Sentencing Investigation report, which consists of paperwork that the judge used to help determine the right way to punish a defendant, as was filed against Dr. York on April 1, 2003, it has Dwight York, who is said to have been born in Boston, Massachusetts, on June 26, 1945.

Contrary to this information, however, the Daily Observer has in its possession a Certificate of Vital Records from The Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Department of Public Health, where Dr. Malachi Z. York is said to have been born.

The record states:  “A search has been made of the records in this office for the birth of Dwight York, throughout the records of the Commonwealth for the years 1941-1950, and that said record has not been found.”

According to Dr. York’s son, Dwight Totten York, he stated in an affidavit that the mix-up on the issues of identity and status began in the early 1990s when Dr. York purchased land in Eatonton, Georgia, on which development began and where Dr. York came to serve his Consulate Post for Liberia.

In an affidavit written by Dwight Totten York under oath on April 9, 2009, he said: “I, Dwight Totten, A.K.A. Dwight T. York, attest to the fact that I did sign documents for my father Malachi York in the name of Dwight York within Putnam County, Georgia, for permits and deed recordings which is the reason some documents say my name Dwight York and some names say Malachi York and some say both.” He added, “in conclusion, I am Dwight T. York, and my father is Malachi York. I went into town to apply for and sign paperwork in order to obtain various permits for the structures that once existed on the 404 Shadydale Rd. property.”

There seems to be much conflicting information on the World Wide Web when it comes to who is Dr. York, or who is Dwight York, as previously reported by the Daily Observer. Wikipedia, for example, shows that Dr. York is a convicted “child molester” and “rapist”, which is not stated on his judgement signed by the presiding judge for the Middle District Court of Georgia, Judge C. Ashley Royal.

On the Internet, it is reported that Dr. York was convicted in the biggest child molestation case in the United States, but after thorough perusal of his judgement, as previously reported, it came to be known that Dr. York’s actual charges were: Conspiracy to Transport Minors in Interstate Commerce for Unlawful Sexual Activity; Conspiracy to Travel in Interstate Commerce for Unlawful Sexual Activity With Minors; and Conspiracy to Structure Cash Transactions to Evade Currency Transactions Reporting Requirements.

Since Dr. York’s incarceration, there has been a plethora of recantations that seemed to have gone unreported by many of the news sources that earlier covered the case.

The Daily Observer has in its possession affidavits of recantation of four alleged victims, witnesses who initially testified against Dr. York but later, in affidavit and under oath, made changes to their statements. Ebony Hill, who according to the United States Middle District Court transcripts, initially testified against Dr. York on the 13th of January, 2004, in her affidavit in which she testified in front of Notary Public Colisha A. Butler on April 27th, 2009, stated the following in her recantation:

“The reasons I testified untruthfully against Mr. York at trial is because the law enforcement agents threatened me by saying that I abandoned my son. I was also afraid of going to jail because the FBI said that my name was involved in some very serious things. I was so scared of losing my child and intimidated by the FBI. I just went along with their story of Malachi York being a child molester.”

With efforts exerted by the Garlawolu Law Firm, Dr. York’s naturalization records, which accorded him Liberian citizenship, were found at Criminal Court “B” in Monrovia. With this development, the Liberian Government is now expected to prove to the U.S. Government that Dr. York is not a U.S. citizen any longer and should be granted freedom from imprisonment and subsequent repatriation to Liberia.


  1. Why is a reputable news organization like the Daily Observer hell bent on supporting such an animal? Do you want us to believe that the FBI, the greatest law enforcement organization in the world, spent more than nine years investigating Malachi York on a whim, or they had nothing better to do during those years? Anyway, the newspaper, as “Liberia’s first independent news daily”, knows the gullibility of the Liberian people so well that it is prepared to risk its hard earn reputation on the defense of a shady character as Dr. York. (“Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not by constraint, but willingly; not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind;” 1 Peter 5:2, KJV). Hope it is not for filthy lucre. That will be truly disappointing Mr. Best.

    • really..i mean really FACTS, LET’S DEAL WITH FACTS!! you obviously don’t know the case or really care to…but the truth and facts are public information that can be checked out and researched…and i have no comment on the FBI…like enough has been said about them and their history of hidden agendas….

  2. One thing we Must Remember is that Dr York is being Held / Hidden Under this misnomer every time Liberia this poor country seek the release Dr york. the prison say they don’t have no one by that name!. A 73 yr old man citizen Of Liberia Diplomat Violation of International laws I laugh when I read the comment… FBI THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD that’s a joke the key Investigators for the FBI Jalane ward was ask on the Stand did she or the FBI have any Evidence of such crime she said ((((No)))) !!!!!! But they still charge the diplomat which is a diplomatic out cry. Dr york OVER PAID HIS TAXS , DEPOSIT OVER 10k dollars for several years. ASK ANY LEGAL MIND??? If the FBI did not have Evidence,Dr York over paid Taxes , Dr York Deposited over 10k Dollars for several years. Conspirators RECANTED their statement…… WHY IS THIS INTERNATIONAL PROTECTED PERSON BEING TORTURED!!!! PLEASE TELL ME WHY!!!!!!!

  3. Dr. York’s contributions and leadership to the African diaspora throughout his life are well documented . The inconsistentses and blatant misconduct and recantations surrounding his case are also well documented when one researches the case rather than blindly and naively stating that the intentions of the FBI when it comes to leaders of African descent in America can be trusted , there are too many examples to the contrary . The Daily Observer has done there own due diligence and research in this matter and their support and efforts to right this terrible wrong are greatly appreciated . CORRECT THE MISTAKE REPATRIATE.

  4. This is great news, so much injustice in this case which is typical dealing with the FBI lol the Greatest law enforcement in the world yeah right the most corrupt in the world the same ones who sent an FBI agent to destroy the great Marcus Garvey’s back to Africa movement and who sent the late great Martin Luther King a letter try to get him to commit suicide correct the mistake and repatriate.

  5. dr. malachi york is a good man, a reformer of black minds re-educating them to respect their culture of their ancestors, knowing who you are is so important. He has done and stilling doing a great job. The count of how many black men have gone to jail without the truth without the facts of their innocence being know is a major part of an unjust system whose roots stem from racism, and white supremacy. free dr. york.

  6. Listen To The Video Where Malachi Z York Looks Tortured And Is Called By His Name In Court By The Judge As Malachi Z York, At 4:09 … But Only Begins To Be Referred To As Dwight D York During The Court Hearings Detention and Arraignment In No Way Would Or Do I Support Someone Who Is Proven To Be Guilty Of Such Crimes But Why So Many Mistakes? Even After FBI Agent Said She Had No Witnesses On May 9, 2002, and now the charges change from Conspiracy to Transport Minors in Interstate Commerce for Unlawful Sexual Activity; Conspiracy to Travel in Interstate Commerce for Unlawful Sexual Activity With Minors; NO WITNESSES THAT SAYS THAT So Now R.I.C.O. CHARGES ARE ENTERED; Conspiracy to Structure Cash Transactions to Evade Currency Transactions Reporting Requirements, also not proven. Oh Well Everything Comes To The Light, Everything.

  7. Dr. Malachi York has had and still has made a huge impact in the lives and minds of people worldwide. His teachings are powerful that liberated the minds of so many individuals for the better. Dr Malachi York would have never done what the judgement said. There is no real proof in that judgement that he did those things. Even the recanted statements from the other individuals who were threatened, proved that Dr Malachi York was not there… So why is he still locked up for something he did not do?

  8. Look into the works of Dr York for his people from the late 60s and you’ll be amazed. All of the inconsistencies of ths case and injustices perpetrated on Dr Malachi Z K York must be brought to light. Such as prosecutorial misconduct, no d.n.a evidence or pictures, no physical or medical evidence, lack of accurate testimony and lack of credibility, witness tampering and recantations, violations of diplomatic immunity. A little research shows Dr Malachi Z K York’s innocence. His suffering must end and repatriation must be swiftly secured. Correct the mistake and repatriate!

  9. Liberia and The USA need to take the necessary steps to remedy this most digraceful case of injustice meted out to Mr. York. I smell a plot, conspiracy and a hidden agenda behind this lynching of an innocent man of Color.

  10. Dr York is The Greatest Leader of our time, who has proven his Great Contribution to the upliftment of humanity without question as a whole and the mental resurrection of his people who have been subjected to this white supremist unjust unlawful corrupt system for far too long now ,we know Their History of mass killings, lies and deceptions and the atrocities committed on people of color worldwide, we know Their Nature now , they want to silence Dr York for exposing The Truth about them while teaching Us Love Truth Justice and how to live together in peace, Unity and harmony , they witnessed with their own eyes how Dr York Brought Us Together and Built that Beautiful City Ta Ma Re in Georgia and if he was among us now how much we would have accomplished. Stop The Torture Of This Innocent Elder ,Injustice To One Is Injustice To All They Know His Diplomatic Status Lets Set The Record Straight, Help Us To Repatriate Him Home To Liberia Now!

  11. I would like to say that for a person who is accused of such abominable acts according to some The FBI the greatest law enforcement to some has no DNA evidence against Dr. Malachi Z. York for those who don’t know a lot of the so called witnesses were coerced or threatened by the authorities that be to lie against Dr. Malachi Z. York,
    Who has been an upright citizen for years.

    The only black person to care so much for his people and also the people of the world. A person who has sacrifice his life for his people by written over a thousand books on any subject under the Sun.

    He has helped people all over the world with his teachings Wu-Nawap he also cleared up alot misinformation in the religious world. He gave us land( 473 acres) our own language and culture.

    To which we as a people can hold our heads high. He is innocent and deserves to be free.

  12. Any credible research, and a look into the background of this case, highlights numerous inconsistencies, contradictions and clear cases of both conspiracy and injustice. Key, basic, fundamental details such as his true name; place of birth; and Diplomatic Status are often confused, or presented incorrectly and inaccurately.

    Supporters of Malachi Z York, care for his well-being, and recognise his continued efforts and commitment in uplifting the minds of many, over nearly six decades.

    We simply seek fair consideration of his case, a crucial element of which remains his status as a Liberian Diplomat. This is about justice, and fairness and we ask that the relevant authorities, both in Liberia and the United States, consider these findings and address the sentence against Malachi Z York accordingly.

  13. Liberian citizen ✓

    Diplomat with full Diplomatic immunities ✓

    Comfirmation of Mistaken Identity ✓

    What does this say about the actual protections and immunities afforded to Liberian Diplomats when in America?

    Why is he still there?

  14. Inspirational the abundant Information/Out formation that the Reformer has endowed with us.
    Who can classify crimes committed against people who have experienced and made positive changes to the progress of our society?
    Dr. Malachi York (Malachi York) restores consciousness, improves consciousness and enhances the personality.
    Dr. Malachi York has and will continue to improve global mainstream conditions.
    Sometimes, why innocent people that help to improve the condition of the world accused of crime?
    Dr. Malachi York is innocent!
    Throughout history, alleged crimes involving black leaders, or to stop the positive works of the black leaders.
    The black race is the victims of an unlawful justice system.
    Dr. Malachi York is innocent!
    Divine Love.

  15. Hope the facts and the truth come out i heard about z York back in 2001 I was giving the book the holy tablets from a brother from New York named cheif who gave me the book he then went on to state that I am somebody written in this book I am a Elohim or annunaki or allahumma or neter ru or a orisha hmm!? Always wanted to know who I was really it changed my life thereafter strange things started to happen to me got abducted in the same year z York got abducted around 2001-2002 I’m innocent as well from mpls
    I will live to tell
    AMUN amen Amin
    There is no place like home time to go home this ET been phone home they here my cries hint hint
    Dayton’s on the Mother ship


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