‘Missing Vehicle’ Resurfaces in Karnplay

Mr. Bartuah poses with the Karnplay 'missing' vehicle shoartly after it reappeared

The Nissan Pathfinder donated by former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai to the market women of Karnplay City, Nimba County that reportedly went missing resurfaced over the weekend, to the astonishment of locals.

Up to press time last night, security officers in Karnplay had not reported any arrest, but this newspaper gathered that the vehicle in question emerged from an unknown destination without anyone claiming responsibility for its prolonged disappearance.

Boakai donated the vehicle to the marketers during the 2017 elections, but it ‘disappeared’ early February, after the UP lost the December 26, 2017 runoff election.

According to James Matady, a reporter at Karn Voice of Peace, a community radio in the district, D. Bartoa Bartuah, former Gbehlay-Geh Statutory District Superintendent, expressed regret for the reported disappearance of the vehicle.

Bartuah claimed his implication in the vehicle’s saga was the work of his “detractors with the intent to damage my hard earned character over the years.”

The vehicle reportedly disappeared since the beginning of February without the consent of the office of the statutory superintendent or authorities of the Liberia Marketing Association (LMA) Karnplay Branch.

The situation prompted a response from an apparently frustrated LMA local superintendent, Rachel Dao, who noted that the vehicle was given to the marketers based on the appeal they made to the then Vice President.

“During the campaign, Oldman Boakai promised one jeep, and for that, I sent my deputy Esther Daynuah along with some officials from our office to get the jeep in question,” Ms. Dao told the Daily Observer at the time.

“When they brought the car to Karnplay, the key was turned over to me then, but I in turn gave it to my deputy to be in her care because she lives close to the police station.”

Dao, in a visibly angry mood, said shortly after the vehicle was handed over to Daynuah, she saw it being driven daily by Bartuah instead of her deputy, a claim Bartuah vehemently denied.

But Dao maintained that the situation came to an end when the car reportedly went missing, “but when I asked for its whereabouts, Daynuah told me that it was given to her, and not to the entire group.”

Meanwhile, Daynuah explained that when the car ‘disappeared’ she reported it to Bartuah – who was accused of using it – but he told them to take the case elsewhere for redress, because he was not in the position to settle any vehicle-related case.

However, Bartuah has denied having any knowledge of the vehicle, adding, “The car was given to the marketers, not to me, so ask them.”


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