Missing Girl Found Gang Raped


By Tina S. Mehnpaine

A 13-year old girl who recently went missing in the Mount Barclay community in Paynesville has been found with lacerations on her private part indicating that she was raped.  

According to the community chairman, Blama Allison, it was at 1:00 a.m. on Thursday, September 10, when he heard a voice of a female near his house crying for help. Initially he said, he was afraid to go out during that late hour of the night.

As the survivor continued crying for help, Allison said he was forced to open the door, disregarding what the consequence may be to him.

“When I came outside, I saw the little girl bleeding profusely, and when I asked her what happened, she replied that unknown men raped her,” the chairman said.

Explaining further the circumstances leading to the survivor’s encounter, Allison said this girl sells biscuits at Red-Light, the largest commercial hub in Montserrado and, after selling for the day, she entered a vehicle that took her to an unknown location where she was sexually assaulted.

According to the community chairman, the survivor could not explain in detail whether the vehicle was a commercial taxi.

According to Allison’s account as narrated to him by the yong lady, the perpetrators, who are still at large, tied her mouth with a piece of cloth so that she could not shout. 

Allison added: “The moment she got through explaining briefly to me, the girl [fainted] and I thought she had died. The only good thing she did for me was to give her father’s number, and that’s how I called to let him know the condition of his daughter.”

Report from the Hope for Women Health Center, where the survivor is undergoing treatment, indicates that she underwent surgery as a result of the incident.  

The girl’s father, Abraham, said his daughter had been missing for about one week and they had no idea where to find her.

“I have been checking all around for my daughter and even went to her friend’s place, where I thought she would be, but she was nowhere found.  It was later that I received a call that she was lying down at Fendell junction in blood,” the father lamented.

It was difficult for Abraham that night to reach Allison who was by his (Abraham’s) daughter’s side as motorbikes and cars had stopped running. Moreover, getting out during such a late hour at night is dangerous as criminals, including armed robbers, are in complete control of most of the communities. 

However, Abraham said, he was compelled to take the risk as calls continued coming to him.  “As calls kept coming, I decided to go there to see.  When I got at the scene, I saw my daughter lying down in blood,” Abraham added.

According to Guladia T. Nyamalon, when she took the survivor to the Hope for Women hospital, she was informed by the nurses that a surgery needed to be done on the uterus due to the large tearing of the vagina by the perpetrators.

Nyamalon, a child rights advocate operating the organization, “One Child,” was the one who took the survivor to the Hospital. Ms. Nyamalon said she was informed by the nurses that the survivor would undergo Uterus Surgery due to the lacerations she sustained in the vagina.

According to Nyamalon, the surgery, when performed, might lead to the extraction of the 13-year-old’s womb, leading to the possibility of her not being able to give birth.

Another child rights advocate, Norwu K. Harris who was one of the organizers of the campaign against rape in early September, told the Daily Observer in a telephone interview that it is disheartening to see rape still on the increase even though it has been declared a ‘national emergency’ by President George M. Weah.

Norwu said: “Prior to the declaration, we had cases every day and it is so sad that after the declaration there are still cases being reported on a daily basis.”

Norwu called on the Ministry of Gender and relevant stakeholders and civil society actors to fully implement all the different steps that are contained in the roadmap on rape and sexual gender-based violence.

The child rights advocate said there is a need for the government to establish the mobile court that was embedded in the roadmap.

Meanwhile, following three days of protest against rampant rape cases in Liberia, the government declared the menace as a “National emergency” but, since this declaration was made, no stringent measures have been put in place to deter perpetrators, and reports of cases have continued to spread.


  1. The Liberian Senate says go to Court with the gang raped case . That is how hardcore heartless the men in the Executive and the House of Laws see things involving Liberian women issues. Go To Court with your rape story. Wow ! Like that ? That’s how it is in the negro Republic of Liberia.

  2. Another innocent and poor life has been destroyed by Weah and thugs!

    Wait a minute, did I understand this sentence like everyone else: [Moreover, getting out during such a late hour at night is dangerous as criminals, including armed robbers, are in complete control of most of the communities.]

    Can we say tourists do not come to Liberia due to the negative comments Liberians make on the social media, or because of such insecurity and total impunity? Where are the FIXES Weah?

    Children pa Abraham, you are a heartless and irresponsible man. You will toil the earth and it shall not produce for you, you shall undertake and it will never prosper. You are indeed a wicked human being.
    Your 13-year old daughter had gone missing for one week and yet you go to be soundly and live life normally? Did you ever inform the police of your missing daughter?
    If I were the officer overseeing this case, you would be my prime suspect. You must have set the little girl up for stupid financial gains from Weah or one of his thugs. This crime is ritualistic and not a sexual obsession.

    By the way, where is the mother of this child? I hope she is dead, if not, she must be another useless human being to allow her child stay with such irresponsible children pa.

    Liberians, do you see the danger of voting people like Weah with no flare for economic planning? The little girl had to fend for herself to eat instead of being in school and learning for herself and Liberia.
    Power is not about popularity or physical outlook, it’s about know-hows and capacity of delivering in the face of all natural and artificial adversities.
    The current insecurity and ritualistic killings going on in Liberia stem from poverty, ignorance, the hustle and jostle for power by hope or by crook. Like Weah, his thugs will do anything to demonically conjure people’s spirit into voting them or enriching themselves ritualistically.

    Open a new page for Liberia, my people. Vote someone neutral like Cummings come 2023. The demon has taken over our land, we need serious revival in the land to expunge or obliterate all demonic shrines in our hamlets, villages, towns and cities. God still loves Liberia. The country must cry out to him. Such cry must come from a broken and contrite heart at the leadership.
    The best candidate at this time, to stand in the gap and allow others to follow suit, is Alexander B. Cummings.
    Forget about what you will lose for a short period of time as an individual, let’s look at the bigger picture of an entire people.

    May God work miracle in the life of this innocent child that has been exposed to men’s wickedness!

  3. Mr. Davis and Mr. Dolo! That’s the order of our leaderships in Liberia.The executive, headed by our president, Mr. George Weah says one thing but doing another thing. How can you be declaring rape as national crisis and nominating someone that is being accused by a female employee of his office, not just any other female? Shouldn’t this nomination be halted to open avenue for investigations if the president and the leaderships of the inner circle really meant what they had declared to the Liberian people? Or perhaps, this national crisis will only be for the ordinary Liberians that stands at the margin of life and not for the bourgeois and peti bourgeois.

  4. Liberian parents need to take good care of their children and protect them. Why should a thirteen-year-old girl be in the streets selling all day? How could parents make such a child a bread winner of the family? How could they in God’s name? You are exposing innocent children to predators in Monrovia, even in Liberia.

  5. First of all, my heart goes out to the 13-year old victim and her beloved family. I hope and pray that she’ll fully recover. May God empower and bless her poor little soul.

    Second of all, I don’t really know what gets in stupid heads of the men who rape women, young and old. There are more women in Liberia than men. That’s also true in 99.9% of all countries except in Eastern Europe, Japan and China where there’s a concern with the shortage of women. In Liberia, all a guy has to do is ask, without being offensive breathwise or maybe without a messed up physique. The height of a man sometimes matters, but not always! At a midget’s height, it depends on how a man utilizes his communication skills. The bottom line is don’t be discourteous. Just ask dummy!

    Third of all, the news makers who desperately operate on this blog and perhaps elsewhere, have the proclivity to play the blame game in ways that raise eyebrows. Some of them blame “the leadership” of Liberia as if Mr. Weah is proud of little girls being raped. Some newsmakers have forgotten to use their independent thoughts carefully and not surprisingly, some commenters want us to believe that there were no rape cases in Liberia until Weah got elected. It’s a shame. No humanity!

    Stop the blame game!

  6. Mr. Hney! When will we start holding people accountable for bad leadership? Let’s be realistic and concern about what our leadership says in reflection to what is being done. This is not about the “blame game” rather the facts about what is occurring in Liberia. We can attest that, our president did declared RAPE as a national crisis, which is absolutely the way forward, thus creating public awareness to the situation. Have said that, the very same president is nominating someone who have been accused of sexual harassment, by a female directly working in his office. Shouldn’t he our president, be withdrawing the nomination for now until investigation is conducted into the case to show some concerns about his declaration to his pronouncement about national crisis? Is this not about leadership willingness to act and set examples? Or probably he just told the demonstrators just what they wanted to hear and there was no seriousness to act. Or did you expect the nominee to declined the nomination?

    I can not just comprehend what you term as blame game because our leadership is saying one thing and totally doing something else. Stop the blind loyalty to the regime and stand up to the real problem that we all agree need fixing. I really think the president should have withdrawn the nomination until full investigation is carry out and if he gets exonerated, then the nomination process will continued. What type of message is our leadership sending out there to Liberians about sexual harassment and rape cases? Very mixed and confused and that’s why leadership is very important. President Weah did not introduce rape in Liberia but under his leaderships, it has gone beyond our control which we all can confessed to. Is this what you term as blame game?

  7. Comrade Joe Akoi,
    You always accuse me because you feel that I am 101% supportive of Weah. Let me say this once again…..Weah is a human being just like everyone of us. As such, Weah makes his own mistakes. But overall, I think he tries his best. However, as much as he tries, Weah never gets an inch of a credit from his hardcore critics. I get it! This is all politics.

    Joe, a few days ago, Weah did something that I have always called for, although he didn’t go all the way to the brink! Mr. Weah reshuffled his government. I give him credit for doing that. I would have liked for him to have terminated some people, it didn’t happen. I am unhappy. But I know it will happen sooner or later.

    Here’s why I strongly call for a few terminations. There are
    some people who aren’t productive in his government. Furthermore, I strongly believe that the more a weak, unproductive cabinet minister stays in his or her position without being bothered, she or he ends up with the same old, same old. I was in Liberia last year. I saw some people (top-level people) who seemed too relaxed. Frankly, it shouldn’t be like that. People have to be proactive! Joe, like you, I want Weah to succeed, because when he succeeds, Liberia wins! You see, my critics think that everything in Liberia is honky-dory with me. Well, if that’s how my critics feel, they labor under extreme delusion.

    As matters relate to the topic of rape, let’s try our utmost best to be fair. Joe, Weah is not the chairleader or a proponent of rape. I am sure Weah detests rape just like you and everyone of us. Secondly, rape cases did not balloon to the top of the Liberian skies because of Weah’s leadership. Come on….. let’s be serious. What people ought to be saying is that more rape cases are being reported these days than ever before in Liberia. Do you think during EJS’s presidency, rapes did not occur in Liberia? I do agree with the fact that something has to be done. Yes, Weah has to do something. But is Weah responsible for the foolishness that gets in the heads of men who rape little girls or grown up women? Think About That For A Second.

    Cummings vs. Kemayah:
    Miss Cummings (probably no relation to Alexander Benedict Cummings) is most likely infuriated because her accuser’s nomination was not withdrawn. Guess what? I feel her pain. All of us have sisters, neices, mothers, daughters and female friends. None of us would like to see our female relative molested. Never! However, sometimes, things happen without us knowing why? In America, the recent Supreme Court nominee was accused of sexual harassment. But he (judge Kauvenaugh) was confirmed. What I am saying is this….. sometimes, you take the good with the bad”. That’s very unfortunate. But it’s a fact of life!

    Overall, the blame game has to stop.
    Listen to this riddle:
    1. No street lights…..Weah did it.

    2. No running water oooo….Weah did it.

    3. No good schools my people…Weah did it.

    4. It raining hard today ooo….Weah did it.

    5. No bonnie to the market…that Weah’s fault.

    6. My Bassa girl gone oooo….. Weah took her.

    7. My husband impregnated two Vai girls…..Weah told him to do it yahhh.

    Has Weah done any positive thing in his life?

    • Comrade Hney! Why should you say I am alway attacking you about your views? You know just where I stands on personal attacks and insults on this platform. This platform happens to be our debate forum on issues affecting our country, Liberia. Let me make myself comrade that, I don’t support any political part in Liberia because, political parties don’t exist in Liberia. What we have in Liberia is political social groups. Having said this, I do sympathize with the good that means good for Liberia. I will criticized whenever necessary and will never be loyalist nor defending the wrong.

      In your post that I reacted to, I will quote few lines that got me very disturbed and wondering why will Mr. Hney be swinging in this direction? Just troubling to read your post when you said, ” president Weah did not introduced rape to Liberia”. Rape has been on planet earth from the time mankind understood the sexuality of their bodies and accepted themselves as sexual partners.

      So for you to say president Weah did not introduced rape to Liberia, is making mockery out of the rape crisis in Liberia. Anyone who think that way need help. The problem is, under president Weah watch or administration, rape has overtaken our communities and young girls are being attacked without any fear. This is the danger and we all need to say no to rape. I personally think that, our president should have withdrawn his nomination until full investigation is done before making any announcement. You mentioned about reshuffled which is laughable because, that’s recycling and sending people to the wrong places. What Wilson Tarpeh knows about EPA? Or just put him there to represent the face of bad leadership? What Eugene Nagbah understands about maritime or the lady at NOCAL that has a law degree, but, spearheading our refinery?


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