Miss Earth Liberia Pageant Postponed

Contestants of Miss Earth Liberia

The organizer of Miss Earth Liberia 2020, La Queen Entertainment, has postponed indefinitely the prestigious beauty pageant which was scheduled for March 28, 2020. The postponement of the beauty pageant, according to the organizers and partners, is in response to the government’s appeal for public gatherings to be restricted to help contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Miss Wokie Dolo, the CEO of La Queen Entertainment in a release said they wanted to avoid placing unnecessary pressure on national public service and “to safeguard the health of its contestants as well as the audience.”

Miss Dolo said while she regrets postponing the pageant, the prevailing health issues caused by the coronavirus, COVID-19, is a major concern—and as a responsible company, they have to join the effort of the government to help minimize its spread.

“We are fighting an invisible and fast-moving opponent, but abiding by health protocols such as the restriction or cancellation of public gathering, which is more important to defeat the virus. The health of our supporters, staff, and contestants remains our number one priority and it is in this spirit that we agreed collectively to postpone the event, even though we have invested a lot of resources and time,” she said.

Miss Dolo added that the company’s decision to postpone the event was a difficult one that “comes with a huge cost” but, guided by their core principle of purpose over profit, the decision is for the good of the pageant community in Liberia as a whole.

“There was a real spirit of cooperation, with everyone recognizing that they had to sacrifice something to achieve the best result,” Miss Dolo added.

Meanwhile, Miss Dolo has said a new date for the event will be communicated to the public once Liberia is declared corona virus free.

In a related development, Miss Dolo has commended the government and all implementing partners for their prompt response to the spread of the virus.

“We pray for all those that have come in contact with this virus and ask that we all join the fight by following these simple rules by the health authority,” she said.

Prior to the postponement, pre-launch and the kickoff of the Miss Earth Liberia Beauty Pageant had already taken place, as well as arrangements made with several international guests to grace the occasion. The guests include Joseph Van Vicker, Nigerian award-winning Actress Esin Evelyn Okon, Miss Earth Nigeria, Miss Universe Nigeria, and Actor Eddie Watson Jr, among orders.

Running for the second year in a row, Miss Earth Liberia is an environmental women empowerment program that provides hands-on leadership skills, mentorship and self-confidence, and green conservation issues among others.


  1. why are women signing up for beauty pageants. Women are supposed to be humans and not animals that are bred to satisfy men’s wants. why would a woman allow herself to be judged based on her breasts and her buttocks instead of intelligence? this is 2020 when women demand to be respected as equals and not sex objects


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