Miracle for the Homeless Identifies with Needy

The beneficiaries assembled to receive their share of the food.

A humanitarian group, Miracle for the Homeless, over the last weekend distributed some food items to the disadvantaged and people living with disabilities in Monrovia and its environs. The items were reportedly worth L$102,600.

Items the organization distributed included 15 bags of rice, which benefited some visually impaired persons in the Mount Barclay and Morris Farm communities.

Added to the food items was a cash gift of US$150 that the Miracle for the Homeless presented to each community leader for physically-challenged individuals.

Miracle for the Homeless country director, Varney Paye Saiwhean, said the founder of the organization, Madam Miracle Gbayee, was moved by the spirit of humanity to identify with those in special need.

On previous occasions, Mr. Saiwhean said, Miracle Gbayee has identified with persons living with disabilities in different communities around Monrovia.

“It is because of Madam Gbayee’s goodwill towards those plagued by various forms of disabilities that we are here. Our work is to make the presentation on behalf of a woman with human heart,” Saiwhean said.

He recalled that Miracle has on previous occasions, identified with people on Buchanan Street, PHP Community and Duport Road, outside Monrovia.

Mr. Saiwhean told the beneficiaries that Madam Gbayee was challenged by life in a slum community before she left for the United States and from where she has supported persons living with disabilities in Liberia.

He lauded the effort of Timothy Kpeh, National Executive Director of the United Youth for Peace, Education, Transparency and Development in Liberia for linking Miracle for the Homelesss with the beneficiaries, who appreciated Madam Gbayee’s gesture through the organization.

“I thank God for touching the heart of the founder of Miracle for the Homeless to identify with us, because for too long we have depended on street begging to survive. We will pray to God every day to bless you to do more, because we are tired begging everyday,” one of the physically-challenged, Eddie Gboyah of Mount Barclay, said.

David Boyah, a beneficiary, also said he depends on begging in the streets to survive, but with the help of God, they can get blessing through people.

James Toby of Morris Farm expressed gratitude to the leadership of Miracle for the Homeless. “I pray that Madam Gbayee, who donated those items, will get more money to continue to touch the lives of many of our compatriots in similar situation,” Toby said.


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