‘Ministry Was Sued, Not Me’

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A day after the Daily Observer published in its front page story under the caption, “Another Travel Agent Sues Minister Sendolo for Theft of Service,” the Lands, Mines and Energy Minister, Patrick Sendolo, in a letter yesterday to this newspaper said a travel agency did not sue him but rather, it was the ministry that the agency sued.

The story that quoted a document from the Monrovia City Court said Minister Sendolo was sued because of his failure and refusal to pay airline tickets totaling US$40,168 that were provided to the minister from 2014 to 2015.

L’ Aphilia, the Travel Agency that made the claim, sought the court’s intervention to compel Minster Sendolo to pay the debt. Court documents in the possession of the Daily Observer further quoted the management of L’Aphilia as saying “We have exercise every possible means available to have the Minister (Sendolo) pay the money, but he has refused and failed to make the payment (for) the ticket service rendered him by the airline.”

But in his letter, Minister Sendolo while not refuting the claim made by L’Aphilia management which is filed at the Monrovia City Court rather said that the Daily Observer’s story “at minimum is false and misleading, because I currently do not owe, and have not owed any travel agency for any services rendered.”

He then clarified that the travel agency in question has sued the “Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy, claiming that the ministry owed them for services rendered; a claim that has yet to be vetted by the ministry or the court before which the case was filed.”


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