Minister Tweah, Others Booed at Rape Rally

As Sen. Joseph approached the protesters, they began to shout “rogue, rogue, rogue, go make laws that will protect women. Leave from here and legislate policy that will protect the women that voted for you.”

The Minister of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP), Samuel D. Tweah, Jr., Montserrado County Senator Saah H. Joseph and Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee, were on Wednesday, August 26, booed by angry protesters who had gone to present a petition to President George M. Weah for stringent actions against rape, a crime that is increasing daily across the country.

The protest, which began on Tuesday, August 25, continued on Wednesday with protesters calling for strengthening the justice system to allow rape survivors to get justice as a means of abolishing the harmful act against women, girls, and boys.

The protesters’ anger grew yesterday when one of Minister Tweah’s bodyguards emerged from the Minister’s vehicle, telling them (protesters): “[you all] should not be misled by the opposition.”

The office staff then opened the door of the car for Minister Tweah to disembark and, upon stepping out, he was greeted with the noise of disapproval from the protesters, leaving him with no opportunity to say a word to them.

As they booed Minister Tweah, the protesters were shouting, “No working until President Weah accepts our petition, we [do] not want Tweah, we want George Weah. Budget surplus, go call George Weah to come to us, we are the same people that elected him.”

Following Tweah was Senator Saah Joseph, who appeared at the protest in a convoy, trying to make his way to the Senate for session in the midst of the crowd. With the intent of disembarking to greet the protesters, Senator Joseph got down and became overwhelmed by roaring shouts:  “Rogue, rogue, rogue, go make laws that will protect women, leave from here, and legislate policy that will protect the women that voted for you.”

Unlike Senator Darius Dillon who walked on the Tubman Boulevard leading to the Capitol to get back to his office amid attack on August 25 during the protest, Sen. Joseph left the protesters, got in his vehicle, and used the Jallah Town road to access the Capitol.

About three hours later, Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee and his city police arrived, requesting the protesters to open the road to allow him to speak to their leaders.  Again, the angry crowd booed at him and asked him to leave the street.

The Mayor’s security detail attempted to raise tension but the officers of the Liberia National Police contained the tension.

The protesters believe that rape is a pandemic and that government needs to amplify the fight against the crime as it has done against the COVID-19 pandemic

David Nadge, one of the protesters said: “We want the President to know that we are serious about this march.  We are not here with any political intention; we are here to demand our leaders to give us justice for those babies and girls that have been raped and some died as a result.”

William S. Freeman, another protester, said: “It breaks my heart to see a grown-up man sexually assaulting 3, 4 and 15-year-old babies.’’

On the argument of girls and women wearing clothes that expose sensual parts of their body, Freeman said this does not provide any justifiable reason for men to rape women.

“Dress code should not be an excuse to molest and harass a female; men should be able to control their sexual feelings,” he said.

Without fear, the protesters blocked the road which caused traffic congestion in central Monrovia for the second day in a row.

On the first day of the protest, the protesters refused to hand over their petition to the Gender and Social Protection Minister Williametta Sayde-Tarr and her Deputy, Mamensie Kaba, who were sent by President Weah. The protesters explained that if they had the intent to meet ministers, they would have taken their petition to the Gender ministry.  According to them, the issue of rape is a serious matter that requires the presence of the President to receive the petition and not ministers who have heard the alarming rape cases but have yet to show any concern.

Responding to the protesters and defending her position, Minister Saydee-Tarr said the President was not informed about the protesters’ demand and, therefore, he could not come down to receive the petition, but assured the protesters that she would inform the President so that he can meet with their leaders.

Again, the protesters did not present their petition to the President on the second day and promised to take to the street today, August 27. They were in the street up to 3:30 p.m. before adjourning for the day.


  1. Somebody once told me:
    When you point your index finger at someone, at least 3 will be pointed back at you, or when you bend down to peer into someone’s buttocks, there is someone looking into yours without making much effort.

    The CDC was using this occasion to demonize and target opposition figures by not permitting the police and the justice system to do their jobs effectively, but the situation seems to be recuperated by someone they’ve never imagined could reemerge.

    At today’s march, Ellen was received like a savior, in all colors with cheerful shouts of “our mama is here, come and save us eeeh mama, come back our mama, they are killing us, we are hungry and they cannot even feed us but raping us, etc.”

    CDC, use your brains or else you will regret the power you sought for 13 years by hope or by crook.

  2. 1. EJS tried her best, but not hard enough.
    She built roads, she constructed the Ministerial Complex, she built a modern airport terminal, she hired a lot of women into government and a few unnamed good things.

    2. EJS’s flip side:
    During her presidency, public schools did not do well with logistics and other important things, job creation for the working class people was not a top priority of hers, public school teachers, university professors and medical doctors weren’t properly paid), but the lawmakers of Liberia were highly paid), female circumcision was not stopped and a few more.
    Although she didn’t promise to create 50,000 jobs in twelve years, she should have made job creation a top priority!

    3. On the political front, there’s a spectacular marvel on her part. Example, at the end of EJS’s presidency, instead of taking no sides in the presidential contest, she took the side of Mr. George Manneh Gbekugbeh Road Medicine Man by publicly endorsing him. The very man whom she endorsed, is disliked, despised, accused and insulted by a growing number of Liberians in and out of the country. What really transpired?

    1. Did EJS make a good decision to endorse Mr. Weah?

    2. Had she not endorse Mr. Weah, would Weah have won the presidential contest?

    3. Was an agreement reached between EJS and Weah that called for a continuation of EJS’s programs or policies?

    4. Has EJS stated privately or publicly why she neglected to endorse her 12-year VP? Did the neglect of Boakai have anything to do with his age? The VP’s management skills? And,

    5. Would there not be high cases of rape, high unemployment, the issue of a dirty city, had someone else become president?

    How do you know?

  3. “The protest, which began on Tuesday, August 25, continued on Wednesday with protesters calling for strengthening the justice system to allow rape survivors to get justice as a means of abolishing the harmful act against women, girls, and boys.” LIKE THE ONE HERE IN THIS NEWS REPORT IN WHICH ALEXANDER CUMMINGS OF THE ANC HAS BEEN CAUGHT IN HIS ATTEMPTED RAPE OF A YOUNG SCHOOL BOY:

    Breaking News
    Cummings Takes Gay Life To Another Level- Sexually Harasses School Boy As He Receives 100,000 USD To Support Gay Activities In Liberia

    A male senior student studying Environemntal Science At Catholic run Stella Maries polytechnic in Liberia alleges Liberian Politician Alexander Cummings asked him for anal sex after their scholarship meeting at Royal Hotel in Sinkor Monrovia. The student who audio is in our possession says he was promised a graduate scholarship at the Northern Illinois University, where he Cummings earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics. The student escaped and has been receiving calls from strange numbers threatening to harm him if he discusses what transpired at the hotel. Our Reporter called Mr. Cummings for his side of the story but he declined to make any comment.

    It can be recalled that In January 2020, Local businessman man in the USA Sandy Edwards extended a $100,000 grant to the Liberian based Cummings Africa Foundation Gay Fund, a collective giving and endowment initiative of Foundation For the LGBT communities in West Africa. The Fund which was founded by ANC political leaders Alexander Cummings addresses the historic under-funding of nonprofit organizations that support the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.
    “I lived in Liberia for 30 years before the first civil war and I am still in love with the country. I wanted to encourage Liberians in the diaspora and at home to contribute to the Cummings Africa Foundation Gay Fund and thought of no better way than to show it by example,” said Edwards. “I believe the overall success of our community is dependent on promoting understanding and inclusion.

  4. Alexander Benedict Cummings has a moral obligation to tell the Liberian whether he is a gay guy or not. Personally, I don’t think Cummings will be slaughtered if he steps out of the woods to clear his name. Heavens know that I am not one of his supporters and never will I be under the worst of circumstances, but by clearing his name, every man and woman, young and old, will be aware of his sexual lifestyle. Almost everyday since the beginning of 2020, the news of Alexander Benedict Cummings’s homosexual activity is told through Liberian media outlets. But yet, Cummings does not bother to do the right thing. By refusing to step to the plate of truth, it is almost impossible for the guy to run for the presidency and win. Liberians want a lot of good things. But one thing that the Liberian people do not want is to vote for a guy who is or who’s got homosexual tendencies.

    • Whether he is homosexual or not ? Make an appointment to him and find out on one on one. But the main concern for now is the bread and butter issues as it relates to the one hundred thousand jobs and employments. But you Hney can go and find out on the question concerning the most. Liberia is still a free country. Do just that for all the voters, for or against.

  5. Thank you, Mr. John Weah.
    Let them continue their vain attacks. I foresee them sorrowfully begging one of these days for mercy for their foolish utterances.

  6. Paterus, Weah, Davis

    I agreed with you gentlemen. I think what concerns many of our poor people at this time is like what Mr. James Davis said, “Bread and Butter issues.” And if anybody has an issue with Mr. Cummings personal life, then let him/her go to Liberia and take it up with him instead of assassinating his character under the guise of free speech. This is sheer cowardice!

    Concerning the creation of 100,000 jobs in 100 days I am with a gentleman (Mr. Price) who wrote a short opinion on this topic just the other day and he said during the discussions, it was not impossible. Leaders are people who think strategically and in terms of undertaking bold enterprises. They have a vision and they usually set benchmarks, develop goals and objectives, and impassion their followers to achieve them. So it is with people who aspire to become presidents of their nations.

    Be it in Europe, the United States, or “Africa” most economies around the world have pivotal points that drive them. And it is those pivotal points that Mr. Cummings is referring to when he talks about achieving a 100,000 job-growth in 100 days. For example: In the United States, job growths are triggered by the oil, housing, automobile, and quite recently the technology industries.

    When Obama came to power, where did he turn after he realized that he had bitten more than he could chew? First of all, he turned to his core of advisors, some of whom he knew from academia, and they advised him to first resuscitate (bring back to life) the automobile industry.

    Why did they give him this advice? These men understood the power of exponentiation or the multiplier effect. The automobile is one man-made invention that consumes thousands products that come from many other industries. For example: oil, petrol, fiber glass, steel, paint, sealant, and so forth. And as soon as the automobile industry began to pick-up, the result sent a spiral effect throughout the other parts of the economy as the creation of jobs in the automobile industry, jump-started other industries and they in turn created thousands of opportunities for America’s struggling workers during that era.

    An argument can be made that this is not achievable in Liberia because the country does not have similar industrial and economic infrastructures like the Western world. Yes, I agree Liberia does not have the industrial capacity comparable to that of the United States, but the concept remains the same and that is, if the leader understands the dynamics, the driving force, or what gives impetus to the engine that runs the nation’s economy and generates growth, then he knows where to start.

    What happens when a leader sets his goals, but is not able to achieve all? In my opinion, this is where mental flexibility comes in. A good leader does not carve his goals in stones as he always leaves a room for improvement. If the leader discovers at a certain point all his goals were unachievable, he goes back to the drawing board and consult with his core advisors on alternative courses.

    A president who comes to the arena with no plans and standards to measure national constraints, failures, and progress is like a runner whom I had spotted once in my neighborhood and then I asked him, “Hi fellow, why are you running so early this morning, where are you heading, and if you do know where you heading, do you know when you might get there?”

    “I don’t know why I’m running, I don’t know where I’m going and neither do I know when I’ll get there” was his response. How can one run a country without a vision and a plan?

    I hope these coming elections will go beyond personal attacks and will be about what people are truly capable of doing for the country. Mr. Cummings’ plans could turn-out to be the wildcard to gear up the collapsed Liberian economy. Liberia finds herself in dire straits.

  7. A presidential aspirant (Alexander Benedict Cummings) being a rapist and a homosexual (in a country where a homosexual lifestyle is against the culture of the country) with news reports been;

    (1) disseminated throughout the country and beyond, and as proven in the public confession of the very presidential aspirant as published hereunder and throughout the country is;

    (2) no “assassinating his character under the guise of free speech”; for which according to you, “if anybody has an issue with Mr. Cummings personal life, then let him/her go to Liberia and take it up with him instead of assassinating his character under the guise of free speech.”

    Now read Cummings own confession, and see you make no sense!:

    “I heard Senator Taylor say gays should not be legalized and that they should be prosecuted. I feel bad about it because everyone has rights. People don’t just come up with that kind of life. It’s something you are born with…. If I love a boy, it’s nature, not a crime. History teaches us that the erosion of anyone’s or any group’s basic rights means our own rights are in jeopardy. That’s why ordinary Liberians should care. If we stand by and allow others to be harassed and persecuted for being born the way they are, then our silence is complicity,” Alexander Benedict Cummings Jr.

    As for your rant that Cummings weren´t simply making an outlandish and blatant BLACK LIE about his Cummings´ creation of 100,000 jobs in 100 days, you only prove yourself to be an aider and an accessory before and after the fact of such criminal fraudulence on the part of Cummings who foolishly thought he may have been dealing with 18th century Liberians or some mentally illiterate unsuspected population.

    Cummings is simply not fit for anything civilized or politically responsible as proven by his disgraceful a silly lie about creating 10,000 jobs in 100 days and his disgraceful life style.


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