Minister Tarpeh Assures Dele’s Natural Hair Clinic of Gov’t Support

Minister Tarpeh cuts the ribbon to the facility while Ms. Gibson looks on

The Minister of Commerce and Industry Wilson K. Tarpeh has assured the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Dele’s Natural Hair Clinic Letitia Ayodele Gibson of government’s support to make her business grow.

Minister Tarpeh gave the assurance when he dedicated the clinic, which is the only natural hair beauty saloon currently in Liberia, promising to assist the 19-year-old business entrepreneur to have better access to finance and capacity building as well as other opportunities from government.

The inauguration ceremony was held recently at the first ever natural hair clinic, a Liberian-owned business that is located on Carey Street, Monrovia.

“It looks small today, but it is very important to us as a government and ministry, because this is a level of support that we want to give. These are small businesses; they create more jobs than the big companies. What is more important about this is that it is a Liberian-owned business.

“I want to assure you of government’s support through the Ministry of Commerce, especially the Small Business Administration (SBA),” Minister Tarpeh said.

He said the government wants to ensure that as a country, “we are all growing together and will make sure that nobody is left out regardless of where you come from, your education background or connection; we will make sure that every Liberian participates in the economy, which will help us grow as a nation.”

Minister Tarpeh continued, “We just wanted to assure you in this public manner that the Ministry will support you and help in the process of growing your business; make it viable for MOC to use it to showcase to other Liberians desirous of going into business but do not know where to start from.”

Ms. Gibson thanked Minister Tarpeh for his words of encouragement and expressed the hope to improve the business.

The 19-year-old said the population of women going into natural hair business in Liberia is growing on a daily basis. Because of that, she decided to come up with this idea that will help other women by providing a variety of services at an affordable price as well as good customer services.

Ms. Gibson praised her family, especially her elder sister, who provided some assistance to her in realizing that she has the potential to empower other Liberians.

“I have always been of the notion that whatever it is you want to do you should be knowledgeable about it, you should know your field very well; and I am a lover of beauty, anything that has to do with beauty from makeup to natural hair,” Gibson added.

She said her aim was to influence her peers, environment and society through positivity, hard and smart work, explaining that she believes in  empowering others. To achieve this, she strives to  progressively develop herself and lend her skills to industries, geared towards achieving success and empowerment.

Her advice to young entrepreneurs: “Focus; do something for your business every day. It always adds up in the end; it’s like sowing a seed into the future.”

At the same time, Ms. Gibson said her place is not just a saloon, but a clinic that will provide consultation for women on how to do their natural hair, especially school going children, and women who are working all through the week and don’t have the time to do their hair can visit Dele’s on Sundays.

The ceremony was attended by an array of officials, including representatives from the Ministry of Commerce and family members.


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