Minister Kruah Refutes CDC Youth League’s Allegation

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Min. Kruah: "I remain an ardent supporter of President George Weah."

Post and Telecommunication Minister Cooper W. Kruah has denied allegation leveled against him by the youth wing of the ruling party that he is supporting the candidacy of his daughter, Cornelia Kruah-Togba, instead of the candidate for the party he works for as minister, a release has said.

Min. Kruah’s daughter, Mrs. Kruah-Togba, is one of the several candidates contesting Montserrado County’s upcoming District #13 by-election.

In a press statement, Min. Kruah said the accusation leveled against him that he is supporting his daughter in the upcoming by-election campaign is baseless and have no iota of truth.

“While it is true and undeniable that candidate Cornelia Kruah-Togba is my biological daughter, she is an independent and married individual with a separate family of her own. Cornelia is a 28-year old woman, who holds a Master’s degree in International Politics and Economics from the Kingston University in London, UK, and a longtime registered member of the Unity Party (UP), serving in several governmental positions during the regime of her party,” Min. Kruah added.

CDC youth league on Monday, November 12, during a press conference, said it has information available through its intelligence bureau suggesting that Minister Kruah has his daughter in the race in District #13, Montserrado County, on the ticket of the Unity Party and is using his position and affiliation with government to undermine the mighty Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) candidate John J. Weah.

The press release added that Minister Kruah is a member of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) and a veteran lawyer by profession.

“Additionally, there is no law within our country which prohibits parents and children from being a member of two separate political parties. Moreover, our constitution further grants every individual freedom to associate with political parties or whatever group of their choice. I also want to state that I have been and remain out of the country on official duties for close to three weeks now,” the release said.

The press release further said the minister wishes to express his disappointment to the effect that the CDC Youth League has failed to acknowledge his selfless contribution as minister and the rapid gains made at the ministry within a short period of time.

“Such gains are the restoration of the country’s voting right at the International Telecommunications Union in Dubai, after being banned for 39 years; the new renovation and roofing of the ministry’s head office and other posts offices around the country.

“Also, the rapid increment in revenue through the postal services, the launch of the E-Liberia Portal, which is a one-stop shop for all government ministries in terms of gathering information online and the recent launch of the National Postal Address System (NAPAS), which has created jobs for close to one hundred young people.

“I will like to emphatically state that I remain an ardent supporter of the ruling coalition and the Pro-poor Agenda of President George M. Weah, and will not be distracted by any speculative attack,” the release said.


  1. These illiterates trying to look for attention. They could not speak correct English. Most of them are former rebels , ignorant just yelling and threatening people. Let them go get Weah son from America and leave the girl along. I say break all the huts down. Break it down.

  2. God please don’t send us back to the old days. Rebels with red berets and head ties, machetes and guns, violence and disgruntlement.


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