Minister Kamara Pledges Lasting Relations with Egypt

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Foreign Affairs Minister Marjon Kamara told a gathering of diplomats and local and foreign businessmen at the observance of Egypt’s National Day on Tuesday that Liberia wishes good lasting relations with the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Held at the residence of Ambassador Alaa Issa in Monrovia, Minister Kamara, in her remarks, extolled the bilateral relations with Egypt and called for a further strengthening of Egypt–Liberia cooperation in the economic, agricultural and educational fields that could boost the already sisterly relations.

Earlier, Ambassador Issa explained the importance of the National Day to Egyptians and said the gathering of diplomats and foreign and local businessmen at the occasion underscores the importance they have attached to a celebration that is dear to Egyptians.

Although the National Day of Egypt falls on July 23, it is celebrated at various dates in July, embassy officials said.

The National Day of Egypt is also known as Revolution Day and it is celebrated to commemorate the establishment of a republican government in the country and to remember the same day in 1952, when the Egyptian Republic was first formulated after the overthrow of a monarchy.

It is an important annual national holiday for Egyptians to remember hard-fought battles to reclaim their freedom, and the successful end of the revolution by completely abolishing the constitutional monarchy.

According to Egyptian Embassy officials, Egyptians across the world come together on this day, every year, to remember the 1952 Revolution, when a group of young army officers formed the “Free Officer’s Movement” led by Muhammed Naguib, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Abdel Hakim Amer and Anwar Al Sadat. They deposed the autocratic and pro-British monarch King Farouk I, thus abolishing the last constitutional monarchy and finally establishing a nationalist government.

“Naguib subsequently became the first president of the republic nation. Egypt became a great example for its bloodless independence struggle and inspired many African nations to follow the same,” according to an Embassy official.

The revolution changed the face of Egypt dramatically allowing free trade, restoration of civil rights and a fair democratic government. The economy of the country flourished immensely.

“So the National day of July 23rd is a public holiday for Egyptians to remember the reinstatement of people’s absolute rights, although Egypt obtained its independence from the British in 1922,” an Embassy official said.


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