Minister Bush Vows Clampdown on Corruption


Transport Minister Angela Cassell Bush has declared that her administration will neither encourage nor condone any acts of corruption but rather promote transparency and accountability to another level in the Ministry.

Minister Bush reiterated her vision to rebrand the Ministry and called for the full cooperation of members of the Senior Management Team (SMT) for the actualization of the dream.

Addressing members of the SMT and Directors at her first acquaintance meeting held last Thursday, Minister Bush told the gathering that her administration would  always strive to build consensus on decision making in running the affairs of the Ministry.

For this, she said there will be regular senior staff meetings on Thursdays and some directors will be invited to the SMT meeting, depending on what is on the agenda.

She called on employees of the Ministry to do away with gossip and devote more time to the work of the Ministry.

Minister Bush dispelled rumors that she has come to dismiss employees in the Ministry. To demonstrate this, she told the audience that she had decided to maintain Mr. Tormuse Curtis Queminee, former Special Assistant to former Minister Varpilah, in a specialized capacity with the requisite benefits.

She then introduced to the staff Mr. Gartoun C. George, Chief of Office Staff and Mr. Daniel Johnson who,  according to her, will begin serving on a pro-bono basis.

She told the Directors that she had come with an open mind to work with all until one proves himself/herself otherwise and said that the doors of her office are always open to them.

Minister Bush told the Directors, “I have a mandate to accomplish and I expect nothing less on the part of my lieutenants but hard work, honesty, transparency and accountability to make this dream a reality,  thereby accelerating the transport sector in the development agenda of the country,” Min. Bush told Directors.

During her confirmation at the Liberian Senate, the then Transport Minister-designate outlined  a seven-point  plan of action to be taken in six months starting with a series of  inter agency reviews to assist them better to understand  the structural, policy, legal and technical challenges facing the sector.

Minister Cassell Bush pledged that on assuming office, she would initiate a scheme for effective coordination amongst agencies within the sector.

“Along these lines, we will work to activate the National Transport Policy and Strategy Implementation Steering Committee, chaired by the MOT and co-chaired by both GIZ and Ministry of Public Works, with the  National Port Authority (NPA), National Transit Authority

(NTA), and Roberts International Airport (RIA) serving as members,” Min. Cassell Bush said.

As Minister of Transport, she further pledged, her team would work with relevant stakeholders to review the status of reconstruction works at the RIA,  particularly the airport runaway, in light of the current Ebola crisis.

She however, explained that her team will focus more energy on soft projects such as the setting up of the one stop shop, developing policy manuals, strengthening the internal control framework and capacity development.

The Transport Boss also promised the Senate that she would fast–track the drafting and submission for consideration, the  ‘Axle Road and Public Safety Laws’ that are currently under stakeholder review and advisement.


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