Mineral Water Company Taking Legal Action against NPHI

City of Life newly constructed water processing plant at Upper Caldwell in Monrovia

– Urges GOVT to Treat Liberian Business entities with dignity

City of Life Mineral Water Incorporated (CLMWI) after a week’s closure and the seizure of vital equipment from its facilities on Bushrod Island will take legal action against the National Public Health Institute (NPHI).

In a strongly worded statement at a press conference in Monrovia on Sunday, proprietor Omaru Sheriff told newsmen that a legal team has been assembled to seek redress in the court. In a writ of summons issued on July 21 at the New Kru Town Magisterial Court, Sheriff claimed an action of economic sabotage against NPHI. The writ alleged that NPHI’s action is a violation of 14.51, 15.80 and 14.27 of the New Penal Code Law of Liberia.

Accordingly, the writ said officials of NPHI must appear in court to show cause why they should not be held for economic sabotage against the company. The statement said CLMWI is a reputable and legitimate business entity that is in compliance with the General Business Law of Liberia and policies governing the water industry and all safety, environmental, health and sanitary standards established by the government.

The court document said the CLMWI cooperated under the watchful eyes of the joint inspection and mapping exercise of its establishment in the protection of packaged drinking water for commercial purposes in Liberia. Besides, it noted that as a one hundred percent Liberian owned company and being mindful of the health and safety of the general public, CLMWI has consistently seen to it that the company complied with all regulatory agencies overseeing the sachet water industry.

“Our company has come out successfully, with all of the preconditions, qualifications, and benchmarks that are required to satisfy prior to being allowed to continue production,” the statement said.

The writ said the CLMWI has on many occasions disagreed with an increment in the price of mineral water in the country owing to fact that such increment would hurt many Liberians. Court documents quoted the complainant, however, as saying that the recent action by the NPHI is a gross witch hunt and intimidation of a legitimate Liberian business that continues to offer safe drinking water, and is a duly registered business entity in the country.

Mr. Sheriff told reporters that the action by the NPHI was not a collective decision of stakeholders in the water sector. He further told reporters that those that are out to hike the price of mineral water want to punish the CLMWI by using some Liberian government agencies in the country. Proprietor Sheriff called on the government to swiftly intervene and bring the situation under control.

Mr. Sheriff recalled that on February 13, 2017, the National Standard Laboratory conducted its testing relative to the quality of CLMWI water and declared that the water was safe for drinking. Mr. Sheriff has urged the government and stakeholders in the water sector to treat Liberian businesses with dignity and protect them against some greedy minded Liberians in the country.


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