Millsburg Receives First Hand Pump Since 1828


 Residents of Millsburg Township, Lower Montserrado County, were on Sunday, May 10 elated when their efforts to access safe drinking water earned them a hand pump—  the first ever in the Township.

 The hand pump project was headed by Mrs. Joyce Raynes-Ogunti, with assistance from her husband Vahplahn Zeagar-Holman and Ms. Sharon Scott.

Madam Ogunti, a professional nurse living and working in Chicago, Ill, USA, is a daughter and of Millsburg.  She recently returned to the township not only to provide the residents with their first ever hand pump since Millsburg was founded in 1828.  She and her husband, Mr. Holman, also built and equipped a modern clinic in Millsburg, which was recently dedicated.

At the well attended occasion, Madam Ogunti reminded the residents of the important role  the pump would play in their  lives, since it is a milestone for them to access safe drinking water from this first hand pump.

 The pump, she informed her audience, came about mainly  through the numerous appeals from the residents outlining the dire need for safe drinking water. “This is because some of them said they and their children were dying of diarrhea as a result of drinking water from the creeks.

 “Our people drink water from the passing streams, which I think is not a healthy thing to do.”

 One of the concerns Mrs. Ogunti raised in her dedicatory statement was the lack of a functioning government health facility in the area, and because of that, those with ailments normally walk for hours before reaching one.

 While presenting the keys to the pump on behalf of her partners, Madam Ogunti urged residents to use the pump wisely to ensure that it is properly maintained.

She challenged the residents to use the facilities properly, “because doing so would encourage her and her  partners to formulate other projects that would improve sanitation around the communities.

 Apart from the construction of the pump, Madam Ogunti is also providing basic health care delivery to residents of township.

 The Township Commissioner, Richelieu Mitchell, who received the keys of the pump on behalf of the locals, thanked her and partners for the gesture.

Mr. Mitchell promised that the water facility would be used for its intended purpose and would be well maintained.


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