Mills Jones Promised 25K Votes in Montserrado District #10

MOVEE's standard bearer Dr. J. Mills Jones

First time voters to rally support for presidential bid

The headquarters of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) was a scene of jubilation when more than 1,175 persons described as ‘first-time voters’ promised to vote for Dr. J. Mills Jones on October 10. It is becoming clear that if the promises truly translate into votes for Dr. Jones, Senator George Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change and the governing Unity Party’s standard bearer Joseph Boakai are expected to meet up with a stiff challenge in what is considered their stronghold in Montserrado County. The ‘first-time voters,’ who said they never received any financial assistance from Dr. Jones, told him that his immense contribution to ordinary Liberians, particularly business people, has transformed their lives.

Emmanuel Dennis said District #10 has 48,000 registered voters and out of that number, 25,000 will vote for Jones. “We can assure Hon. Mills Jones that we will carry him from door to door to run his campaign — a Jehovah Witness campaign — to see him become the next president of Liberia.” Dennis assured Dr. Jones that they are willing to move the party forward and will campaign vigorously to see him become the next president of Liberia. “We are wholeheartedly willing to work with you and want to say, God first, Dr. Jones, second, will be our president. Heaven knows that you have done tremendous work for us,” said Dennis.

The party’s national chairman, Dee-Maxwell Kemayah, on behalf of the MOVEE standard bearer, lauded the group for the wise decision to choose MOVEE as a winning party. Chairman Kemayah said the party will continue to advocate uplifting ordinary Liberians. “On behalf of our standard bearer Dr. Jones, we express our deepest appreciation for the decision you made in reaching out to the party on your own free will to support the presidential bid of Dr. Jones and to campaign for him in your district to ensure that you deliver not less than 25,000 votes,” he said.

Kemayah told the ‘first-time voters’ that MOVEE is indeed winning the October presidential and representative elections “with no qualms,” adding, “Dr. Jones has a vision for Liberia and wants to see a new Liberia where education will be given priority, where the youth or children can have access to better facilities, as it relates to education.

“He wants to see a new Liberia under his leadership where in the educational sector from the nursery to degree level, the requisite infrastructure, equipment and instructional education staff can be in place so that any child can have pleasure in attending school in Liberia.

“We want to modernize our education system; it is no secret that the system was described as a mess and we maintain in MOVEE that describing it as a mess is not just enough, but we want to go beyond by fixing our educational sector.”


  1. Unless a voter is crazy, the real issues of the 2017 elections aren’t about leadership skills or experience, education, infrastructure or healthcare because Liberia’s system of governance is corrupt, deadly and broken-by design! With such a broken and corrupt system, nothing good will ever come out of Liberia today or centuries from now until the corrupt system is changed! How do I know? The Bible tells me so: Matthew 12:33 “Either make the tree good, and [its] fruit good; or else make the tree corrupt, and [its] fruit corrupt: for the tree is known by [its] fruit.” Skyrocketing youth unemployment, excessive salaries and benefits of lawmakers that’s far higher than the highest paid American state lawmakers in California, a state with US$265 billion dollars budget and lawmakers annual salary of US $104,118.00. Compare that to over US$150,000.00 for Liberian lawmakers, Weah, Brumskine, Boakai, Nuquay included! Where will the money come from to build roads, schools? Somebody got to be crazy because in New Hampshire, a senator gets paid US$200.00 per two year term with US$5.7 billion dollars FY-2017 budget. Compare that to Liberia’s less than US1 billion dollars budget. The answer to Liberia’s 170 year-old disaster coming out of the big mouths of the entire cast of 20 presidential aspirants and political parties is simple “put me there!” Why? “to fight corruption” by presiding over the 170 year-old corrupt entity? Liberians say; “99 days for rouge, one day for master.” Go to and vote for change. It’s not too late for a fresh start for the new Liberia. The alternative is not unthinkable, It’s more barbaric human sacrifices.

  2. Liberians are looking for a peaceful transformation to use its resources wisely, make the nation healthy, and ensure a lasting stability, peace, prosperity which the founders intended to give our needs. We are not looking at what status you have or how much money you can produce. What can you do to make Liberia better? The silent majority will no longer allow violence in this nation by tyrants. Every Liberian is equally protected by constitutional provisions. The international community may observe, but Liberians will decide it for themselves in this election. The people of this nation will use their own conscience to vote and/or abstain on their own choices, this time, to select their own leader under God. No matter what you say or what you write or all the book you can book, the actual vote, the actual abstinence must be known in this election to determine the next direction of the Liberian people. The actual count determines the actual President of this nation.
    Gone in Silence. Tell the Liberian people.


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