Mills Jones Offers L$1M to ULSU Scholarship

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Dr. Mills Jones, the former Central Bank of Liberia Executive Governor, now a 2017 presidential candidate, over the weekend presented a check for L$1 million to the leadership of the University of Liberia Student Union (ULSU) as a contribution to its scholarship fund drive.

With the donation, Dr. Jones, the political leader of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), has raised the hopes of financially strapped students of the University.

During the final promotion of the ULSU scholarship fund drive on Capitol Hill, Dr. Jones described the UL as a major part of the country’s education system that deserves the support of the government and its people.

In his keynote address, Dr. Jones told the students that he remains committed to them in their efforts until they complete their academic pursuits.

“This is why we honored your invitation to be here today to be part of this final scholarship fund drive of ULSU,” he said.

Dr. Jones recalled that when he was at the Central Bank as the Governor, he contributed to the ULSU and promised to continue helping the student community.

“For me, getting an education is not a question but a very important choice. This is why I always tried to render assistance to the students,” the MOVEE political leader asserted.

As one of the 2017 presidential hopefuls, Dr. Jones called for Liberia to have a comprehensive strategy to help students to complete their education, “not just in college or university, but also at the level of vocational and technical schools.”

“When I am elected as President, my government will look into the possibility of a Student Loan Program where an individual student will have access to financial assistance to continue his or her education,” said Dr. Jones amid a round of applause.

Education, according to Jones, is an avenue for ensuring a stable and progressive nation, “so investment made now will be an investment in posterity.”

He assured the students that under a MOVEE government, money and energy will be put into areas of priority – which will include education to ensure that the sector is improved.

Dr. Jones urged the student community to make the right decision in 2017 to save the country from collapse.

ULSU president Daniel Woart lauded Dr. Jones for the donation. He recounted how over the past years, Dr. Jones has contributed about L$25 million to “downtrodden” UL students.

He expressed gratitude to Dr. Jones and his wife for contributions they have so far made to the student community, promising that the students will never forget him in anyway.


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