Mills Jones Campaign Puts Market Women ‘In Zico’

MOVEE Chairman, Dee Maxwell Kemayah, with standard bearer, Dr. J. Mills Jones, during a recent campaign rally in August 2017.

The fact that the standard bearer of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), Dr. Joseph Mills Jones, sailed smoothly through the National Elections Commission confirmation process in spite of the controversial Code of Conduct, which many thought would have hooked him of all aspirants, has reinvigorated his political prowess and put his supporters, mainly the marketers, ‘in zico’ (great zeal or high morale) to canvass for his presidential bid.

Women in the Gobachop, Coalfield, Red Light and Ground Pea markets in Paynesville Community, outside Monrovia, thanked Dr. Jones for providing them the enabling environment to do business and promised to ensure that he is elected president.

The women, who were taken by a surprise visit from Dr. Jones and his entourage on Monday, said Jones has “elevated” them, not only through the provision of a loan scheme when he served as Central Bank Governor, but also for playing a significant role in taking them from the “ground to the table,” which they said has greatly impacted their lives.

It was Dr. Jones and his running mate, Dr. Samuel Reeves’s first visit to the area since  campaigning began on July 31. The Market Superintendent, Madam Sangai Dolley, showered praises on Jones, and said God will definitely answer his prayer to become President of Liberia. Madam Dolley said the marketers can trust Dr. Jones with the leadership of the country, not just for the good he has done for market women across the country before and after he emerged on the political scene, but “because he is a man of his word.”

“We are for you today and tomorrow, and will make sure that we vote for you, because you know what the poor people are going through,” she declared to a round of applause.

In response, Dr. Jones said the marketers should by now be able to engage in wholesale trade, and encouraged them not to limit themselves to just being retailers. He promised them that under a J. Mills Jones presidency, the government will work hard to improve their lives by providing them more business opportunities and strengthening their trades by constructing facilities to include warehouses to preserve some of their perishable goods.

“We understand you were not expecting us here today, but we are here and so we wanted to just come in and see you. We come as people who believe in change that is why we are not doing things the same old politicians’ way. We are different people with a different ideology to develop this country for all to enjoy and benefit from the resources,” Jones told the marketers. “I am not a politician and neither is my running mate, but it is time for us to change Liberia. It is not the same old politicians that will change this country,” he said.

Jones said under his stewardship, marketers in the 15 counties will see more stimulus packages to boost their earnings, much more than when he was at the Central Bank of Liberia as the governor. “We want to tell you that when you put us in the Mansion, nobody will be vex with us to stop (what we are doing) at that time; in fact, we know it will increase,” Jones added, to the delight of the marketers who chanted the name “Poverty Doctor”.


  1. God forbid if Mills Jones ever become the President of Liberia. These market won’t be “in Zico”, they’ll be in ZIMBABWE!!–the land of STARVING billionaires and zillionaires!

    In 2007, President-for-life, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, ordered his Central Bank Governor to print an additional Z$1 trillion to pay for civil servants’ and soldiers’ salaries that were hiked by 600% and 900% respectively! Of course, that meant Zimbabwean soldiers and civil servants became instant billionaires and zillionairs–right? But at whose expense?

    Because of Mugabe’s economic “stimulus”, EVERY Zimbabwean, poor or rich, saw the value of their money vanish! Today, the Zimbabwean dollar is worthless! Many business owners do NOT accept Zimbabwe dollars, instead they request U.S. dollars or South African rand in exchange for their goods and services!

    Hey market woman, Do YOU want that to happen in Liberia? Oh wait, I forgot: It’s already happening in Liberia. As the CBL Governor, Mills Jones printed millions and millions of NEW Liberian Dollars out of thin air, flew around the country, and gave it to market women (potential voters) as unsecured “loans”.! And guess what happened? The dollar became worthless!

    Because of that, many businesses, including some government agencies, do NOT accept the Liberia Dollar as a medium of exchange for their goods and services!!

    And what do you think would happen, if Jones becomes President, and orders the CBL to print millions and millions of NEW Liberian Dollars out of thin air, to BOOST your “earnings”???

    Congo man say things will get “worser” and “worser”. The value of the old money that was already in circulation in the economy would be further depreciated, thus leading to HYPER-inflation! Liberia would become the second largest producer of worthless money, right behind Zimbabwe!!

    Hey Liberians, if Jones become president, you will need a wheelbarrow full of money (Liberian Dollars) to buy your dry monkey meat!!

  2. Martin,

    Why should Good forbid a Jones Presidency? Tell me one thing the others have done that has surpassed what Jones achieved as Governor?

    • John,
      As Governor, Jones was a total disaster! For fiscal 2012 and 2013, when Governor started building his mansion in Sinoe County, our central bank posted operating losses of US$10 million and US$14 million respectively.

      In 2014, the loss should have been US$18 million, but the Supreme Court of Liberia released the CBL of a US$12.4 million obligation to TRADEVCO bank because, according to the Court’s decision, “Tradevco does not exit as a corporate entity” anymore! So the CBL’s accountants recorded the Tradevco release as OTHER INCOME because that was money they had to pack, but now they can keep it!!.

      Look. You don’t have to be a CPA to know what’s going at the Central Bank. All you need is some common sense! If you don’t believe anything I’ve said–just go look at the audited financial statements on the CBL’s website and make your own decision. Pay keen attention to the Notes to the Financial Statement and the administrative expenses from year to year!

      On the other hand, If I continuously ran my business in red (losing money), you’d think I’m crazy to lend money to my free-loading family and friends, right? And if I were to print money for my business, you’d say it’s counterfeiting, and call me a counterfeiter or a fraudster, won’t you? And if I were to write a check for money I didn’t have, you’d call it stealing, and call me a born rogue, right?

      But our Central Bank Governor, who loses money (year in and year out) running the CBL; prints money out of thin air, lends money to market women that we don’t have, is called a “poverty doctor”

      Does that sound like somebody YOU want to RUN your country?? I don’t.

    • Hey John, If someone applied to YOU for a job, won’t YOU want to talk about how well he performed at his last job (CBL Governor)? Might you not think he was insulting your intelligence by expecting YOU to hire him on the basis of his “professional and academic” achievements?
      Look, if you’re supporting or voting for Jones because of his professional and academic” achievements, that’s your choice. But under Jones; leadership, the, CBL posted losses amounting to approximately US$80 million from 2010 to his departure!. No, that’s not a typo error. That’s a fact.!!
      By the way, would you vote for anyone who, while losing money every year, kept increasing their administrative expenses by the millions and millions of dollars?? Under Jones leadership, the CBl’s administrative expenses jumped from US$9 million (2010) to US$34 million (2015)!


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