1. As Liberia enters the second chapter of Weah’s administration, what a miracle this will be if Liberia meets the requirements of the Millennium Challenge Compact? I say this because the government keeps shooting itself in the foot by violating some major tests of good governance.

    Among them are human rights abuses. For example: News is circulating in Monrovia Dr. Cassell, the renown Liberian-international philanthropist’s home has been the subject of continuous monitoring National Security Agency (NSA) thugs for some unclear reasons. If one may recall, Dr. Cassell was among those who quite recently decried the killings of the auditors and promised to give anyone who can produce information leading to their murders 25mln dollars.

  2. Mariama Kpakama-Thompson

    You have made some good points Mariama. And if I may add, when one does examine Weah’s Pro-Poor Agenda for Development and Progress (PPADP), he/she does see many parallels of “good governance”, which you mentioned above, between it and the various goals laid out in the Millennium Challenge Compact (MCC).

    In other words, if Weah was to only deliver on the promises he made in the last three years of his administration with regards to his PPADP, being qualified for the the MCC would have been a no brainer for him because even though the wordings of his social compact may sound different from those of the MCC, but the over-arching objectives of both are all about good governance and improving the lives of those who seem to be perpetually lingering below the rungs of the economic ladder.

    Nevertheless, the president chose to put his desire for the acquisition of imperial powers and the ungodly accumulation of wealth above all national interests.

    And if I may also add to the rumors circulating in Monrovia, Liberians heard early this morning from the Costa’s Roots FM internet broadcast that Dr. Cassell in fact reported he has in possession some clear and unadulterated photos of the so-called NSA agents. They were caught on his home surveillance camera.

  3. I don’t see any possibility for the MCC/ MCA next five years developmental agreement with the George M. Weah led government due to the consistent poor-performance score cards. This government has failed to address those layout objectives of the MCC. If this administration can not address human rights issue, press freedom, health, security and strengthening anti corruption institutions, I don’t see any positive forward match for them.


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