Mid-Term Senatorial Elections ‘Not Possible’ In October

NEC headquarters in Monrovia

-NEC appeals for new date

The National Elections Commission (NEC) has appealed to President George Weah to prevail on the 54th Legislature to consider a change of date (day) for the conduct of Mid-Term Senatorial Election scheduled for October this year. NEC maintains that the original date is not feasible due to the Coronavirus pandemic but remains certain that the election can be held before 2021.

In a press release dated May 6, 2020 the NEC said “the date for the Special Senatorial Election (SSE) and Constitutional Referendum is not feasible amidst the current global outbreak of coronavirus pandemic and related restrictions.”

“The Coronavirus pandemic and related restriction accompanying its fight have impact on international procurement required to secure electoral materials; assessment of voter registration centers critical for voter roll update preparations, recruitment and training of temporary staffs, all of which are indispensable for the credible conduct of the electoral process,” the release signed by Henry Flomo, Director of Communications at the NEC said.

Although a new date within 2020 has not yet been identified for the conduct of the Special Senatorial  Elections, the NEC Board of Commissioners has recommended to President Weah to request the Legislature to enact a resolution to temporarily suspend the October 13, 2020 date and set a new date within the same year for the conduct of the elections.

Article 83 (a) of the Constitution of Liberia stipulates that “voting for President, members of the Senate and members of the House of Representatives shall be conducted throughout the Republic on the second Tuesday in October of each election”.

Earlier, NEC spokesperson Henry Flomo told the Super Morning Show (ELBC early morning talk show) that it is the hope of the Board of Commissioners of the NEC that President Weah will consult with the Legislature to consider a change of date to either November or December of this year (2020).

It can be recalled that the last Senatorial election was held in 2014 and it appears very likely that 15 of the 30 Senators now at the Capitol may have no constitutional power to continue running their respective offices due to the expiration of their respective tenures of office.


  1. This is getting out of hand and all blame will soon be shift to the coronavirus. If we don’t hold elections as schedule, will the lawmakers remain on payroll despite their mandates has expire? If we don’t respect our very constitution that govern us as a nation, why will anyone take us serious to respect our laws when we ourselves are not honouring our laws?

    There is nothing like “acting senator” in our constitution and coming October 2020 ends our contracts with all these lawmakers. If we don’t hold election, these people will not paid by Liberia tax dollars and are they willing to work for charity for the very people they claimed they love so dearly? This is how we Liberians will determine if these people really care about us because, they will have to leave office or work without pay, ant the question is, are they willing to sacrifice their time for the people they love do deeply? I will say no, and if I am correct, they will have to leave the people’s offices because, their elected time is out and new lawmakers will have to replace them or the Weah led administration will be functioning in the absence of one branch,out of the 3 branches.

  2. The Oct 2020 senatorial election as enshrined in the Last Liberian Constitution remains a Paramount mandate and prospondment could run out of calendar schedule therefore any attempt to do so would disrupt calendar.
    Despite COVID-19 crisis it requires govt appropriating funds by whatever mains thru allotment of budget from coffers to do with this constitutional requirement as democracy dictates thru our Sacre Constitution.
    Any delay would usher misgivings and polemic situation.

    • You are so right. We must respect the calendar and not extend the influence of anyone and that includes the president. some of these lawmakers need to be voted out and there should be no excuse that would be acceptable under any circumstance. all they need to do is to install protective measures to guard agains COVID-19

  3. The statement, “NEC maintains that the original date [October 2020] is not feasible due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but remains certain that the election can be held before 2021”, sounds a tad optimistic, under the circumstances, therefore, only the most cantankerous can find cause to assail it. Anyway, the 1986 Constitution makes provisions for such eventualities – let us leave our legislators alone to do their work.

    • sylvester (baghdad) Moses= have you ever criticized this government before? you are such an avid CDCian that you can never see it from a different perspective. Why not have an election where the first day is those with surnames from a-b stand in line 5 feet apart with gloves and masks? Oh no not good enough for a man who was NSA director killing folks and torturing them during the Doe dictatorship. why dont you hide under a rock. See you in war crimes court.

      • Mr / Ms response to SG Moses,

        Why should Mr. Moses criticize this government or see anything from a different perspective ?

        Where have you been when so called opposition agitators launch daily vicious attacks on the President of Liberia and GOL and sees NOTHING RIGHT GOL have done so far ?

        Please hold everyone to the same standard.

        Elections requires money, MILLIONS….. Not just standing in lines and social distancing. All of the World economies are experiencing hardship right now. Do you pay for elections or pay salaries and provide goods and services for the people to survive during these difficult times ?

        On the issue of war crime court, how about starting with the so called educated people that have war crimes criminals as the face of their county masquerading in Monrovia as Senator and representatives of their county.

        To the NEC, Please sent a clear msg to the President. You will at least need a year to prepare for elections even in the event the funds needed are provided for elections.
        Whether we like it or not, times have change because of this pandemic. We are living a new normal.

        Kick out each senator or representatives whose term expires, Let the county administrator/s/ superintendent run the county till elections are held.

    • Totally agree with you Mr. Moses and thanks for your service and contributions to the GOL and people.

  4. The October elections may not be possible because of the prevailing situation. Calling for its postponement is not farfetched as some would want to suggest. Let us deal with this pandemic first.

    Just my two cents piece



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