Michael Samukai Charged with Attempted Murder

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Michael Samukai Charged with Attempted Murder A day after Defense Minister Brownie J. Samukai issued a statement regretting his son’s shooting of a man identified as Zardee Andrews, the Liberia National Police (LNP) on Friday, September 16 charged Michael Samukai with multiple crimes, including attempted murder. He will be tried at the Paynesville Magisterial Court.

Other charges are aggravated assault and illegal possession of a small arm, which is also a bailable offense. The Daily Observer could not get confirmation whether Michael was released on bail last Friday to await his trial.

The shooting took place on Tuesday, September 13, at Tropicana Beach in Thinkers Village, along the ELWA – Robertsfield Highway.

The police report states that during their investigations they established that defendant Samukai and a lady identified as Charlotte Samukai, his wife, had fallen apart to the extent that they have not been sleeping together for the past three months. The couple has a male child, the police report indicates.

The court record alleges that before the shooting incident, Samukai suspected that his wife was having an extramarital affair, but did not know who she was actually involved with.

The document further alleges that September 13, the day of the shooting, was Mrs. Samukai’s birthday and her husband thought that she was going to celebrate that day at home with him as they had done on previous occasions.

This time, it proved to the contrary, because she did not come home for the celebration and her husband did not know her whereabouts, the court record indicated.

The court record further state that Madam Samukai and one of her friends, identified as Sando Piarce, decided to go to the Tropicana Beach to entertain themselves instead.

While they were sitting on the beach, the document alleges, Mrs. Samukai received a call from Andrews, wishing her a happy birthday and she informed him that her friend Piarce had taken her to the beach for a birthday treat.

A few minutes later, the records claim, Andrews drove to the beach to meet with Mrs. Samukai and her friend.

Upon his arrival, the victim greeted Mrs. Samukai and Piarce and decided to sit with them. Later, defendant Samukai arrived on the scene and asked the victim: “Do you know that this is my wife?” the court record quoted Mr. Samukai.

Andrews replied: “Yes, but she is just my friend.”

The document quoted Samukai’s concern about his wife and Andrews’ relationship, again asking Andrews: “If she is only your friend, then what are you doing here with her at this time of the night?”

Andrews responded, “I am married. My wife’s picture is in my phone.”

The court document narrated that Samukai immediately seized Andrews’ two phones and walked away, after which Andrews asked Samukai “Why are you taking away my phones?”

Samukai then told his victim to follow him, according to the court record.

Andrews decided to follow Samukai to retrieve his phones. A fight ensued over the phones and in the process one of the phones was damaged.

It was during the tussle that Samukai pulled out a black and silver FN-45 American pistol from under his coat and shot Andrews, according to the court record.

The bullet penetrated Andrews’ neck. Andrews began to bleed and was assisted by some of his friends and employees of the beach who hurriedly took him to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Center, where he is currently undergoing treatment.


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