Miatta Fahnbulleh Promises ‘New Kind of Leadership’, Receives Petition

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Miatta Fahnbulleh’s Senatorial bid for Montserrado County over the weekend received a boost when a cross-section of residents from every corner of the county petitioned her to formally contest for the seat during the upcoming October midterm election.

Shortly after she received a copy of the petition statement as an independent candidate, Ms Fahnbulleh, affectionately called, Aunty Miatta,  promised her supporters that if elected, she will provide a caring leadership; a leadership worthy of the trust of the people-a new kind of leadership that will not do ‘business as usual.’

“I will be going out to the people of Montserrado to offer them the choice of a caring leadership, a leadership worthy of the trust of the people of Monsterrado County – a new kind of Leadership that  will not do 'Business as Usual,"  says Miatta Fahnbulleh.

Miatta Fahnbulleh is the daughter of a devout Christian mother and a father, who was an equally devout Muslim from the Kwa and Mende ethnic groups respectively. Aunty Miatta, embodies in her personality and experiences a unique blend of the rich diversity that is the foremost characteristic of Montserrado County’s population.

Educated in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Kenya, England, and America, she is a musical legend, educator, entrepreneur, women’s and children’s advocate, and political activist.

Her music is a part of her constant crusade for social justice, as she has always based her repertoire (collections) on crucial issues rather than just singing romantic ballads or danceable hit tunes.

She cuts across the socio-political divide with a warm personality that relates to everyone irrespective of political, ethnic, educational or social status.

Her supporters have said that her run for the Senate is given birth to by her desire to stand up, and inspire hope in a people-demanding, popular participation, and concrete social-economic transformation.

She comes with an ever-increasing passion to serve a people in search of a leader to articulate their views and challenge the status quo to provide the necessary agenda relevant for socio-economic development.

Miatta has used her superb eloquence and musical career to respond to the needs of people not only at home, but across the continent.

During the years of Liberia civil crisis, she performed throughout America to raise awareness, not only about the tragic situation at home, and in neighboring Sierra Leone, but also the suffering of all war-scarred children. She has raised thousands of dollars for many African and Diaspora charities and non-profit organizations worldwide.

In Africa, Europe and America, she is esteemed as an artist of integrity, and sought out as a speaker for the burning issues of our times touching children, human rights and women’s equality. For this quality of leadership, she was designated an ECOWAS Goodwill Ambassador in 1991.

Aunty Miatta has further demonstrated her passion for societal advancement by the establishment of a private school which provides opportunities for girls to attain a quality education without exclusion through Obaas Girls Educational Outreach, the NGO she founded in 2003.

She also works with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare as the Maternal Health Ambassador; a role she has scored impressive successes within a relatively short period of time. As anti-maternal mortality advocate, she travels across the country working to reduce death rates among pregnant women and new mothers, as well as ensure that pre-natal and maternal care is accessible in remote areas.

Aunty Miatta has been a vocal opponent of corruption and other vices undermining the advancement of the Liberian society and keeping the population largely impoverished. She aspires for the Senate seat because she believes that the people deserve a leader who cares. She believes that the people deserve a leader with integrity. She believes that the people deserve a leader who is not just interested in amassing personal wealth, but a leader who elevates the urgent needs of constituents as the primary priority. She believes Montserrado and its inhabitants must take the lead in accelerating national development exemplified in the quality of leaders it produces – leaders who are crusaders for change that would implement programs to break the twin evils of poverty and class marginalization.

The name Miatta Fahnbulleh stands for a cause. She has the ears of the people and the world. This remarkable woman is respected even by political opponents. She remains an icon of commitment to the Pan-African cause, and the empowerment of all the people of her homeland and the entire continent. This legacy is enshrined in her family background. Her mother Mary Brownell is a renowned human rights activist and advocate of political reform. Her late father, Ambassador Henry Boima Fahnbulleh Sr., was an outspoken civil rights advocate, who warned about the imminence of revolt in the society long before the war. Her brother, Henry Boima Fahnbulleh, Jr., is a perceptive political thinker, academic, and author.

Miatta’s life tells a story that an individual’s potential can be harnessed and utilized for societal advancement. She believes that every man and woman, boy and girl, educated or non-educated, has the civil right to be given opportunities for self-development. 


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