MIA Tokpa Promises to Uphold Liberia’s Traditions

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Internal Affairs Minister Dr. Henrique Flomo Tokpa, says he will do everything in his power to uphold, respect and promote Liberia’s traditions.

He made the statement recently in Brewerville, when he and his deputy for Administration, Varney Sirleaf and others were gowned by Mama Siah Toomey, considered as the country’s Supreme Zoe.

Dr. Tokpa said the honor by the women is a challenge to him and promised to do his best with the support of his deputies, particularly Minister Sirleaf.

“I am grateful for this honor, but actually for me I don’t deserve it because I didn’t work for it. The honor should have been bestowed on Varney Sirleaf, who has worked so hard to uplift the ministry to where it is today,” he said amid applause.

The Deputy Minister Sirleaf expressed gratitude to Mama Toomey for the honor and promised that they will work together as one people. He called on other traditional leaders to support Minister Tokpa.

Gowning the ministers earlier, Mama Toomey, head of the traditional Women’s Council of Liberia, said tradition says every Minister being appointed by the president to serve the traditional people must be gowned and officially welcomed to the ministry.

“And this is what we have been doing for all the past ministers who came to the Ministry,” said Mama Toomey. She added that the ministry is a very large entity and as such, the minister needs to know its true function owing to its ‘Zoes’ undertone.

The Ministry, she noted, has a great impact to make in promoting the true value of our Liberian heritage.

The supreme Zoe also commended President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Cater Center for their remarkable roles in bringing peace to Liberia.

She certificated William R. Tolbert, Jr., Chief Zanzan Kawor, Ambassador Juli Endee and Carter Center’s Liberia Country Director Pewee Flomoku.

The program was attended by Lofa County Representative Mariana Fofona and other government officials.


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