MIA Mobilizes County Officials on V.R. Exercise


In response to the National Elections Commission’s (NEC) ambitious target of registering 2.5 million voters for the 2017 Presidential and Legislative elections, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) convened a strategic meeting in Monrovia yesterday.

In a communication dated January 23, MIA responded to an earlier communication from NEC dated January 10, in which NEC sought the MIA’s help to ensure the successful execution of the nationwide voter registration drive, scheduled for February 1 to March 7, 2017.

The MIA communication under the signature of Minister Henrique Flomo Tokpah, requested promotional materials, some of which were distributed to county officials at yesterday’s meeting.

The meeting with superintendents and other county officials was designed to discuss strategies and methods in maximizing the use of local authorities that would ensure that 2.5 million Liberians are registered to vote in October’s presidential and legislative elections.

Pursuant to this objective, Minister Tokpah asked that the NEC make available to the MIA such awareness materials as face caps, T-shirts, posters and flyers.

“I would like to pass these out to the superintendents at the meeting to reinforce the urgency the MIA attaches to the voter registration drive,” Minister Tokpah said.

“Please treat this request with extreme urgency as I intend to distribute these items at the 2 p.m. meeting,” Minister Tokpah’s communication added.

Meanwhile, in another communication to all county superintendents dated January 16, copy of which was obtained by the Daily Observer, the Minister stated, “You are hereby requested to ensure that all statutory district superintendents, district commissioners and paramount chiefs are informed about the voter registration.”

The communication also called on town chiefs, clan chiefs and all relevant local government authorities to fully cooperate with the officers and representatives of NEC in furtherance of the exercise.

It also stated that the NEC has launched a nationwide civic and voter registration to inform, educate, sensitize and encourage all eligible Liberians age 18 and older to register in the upcoming presidential and legislative elections.

“I am forwarding to you a copy of the self-explanatory letter from Cllr. Korkoya for your easy reference and use,” Minister Tokpah’s letter said.

The MIA communication further directed that all necessary steps be taken to ensure the security and protection of the members of NEC “and that all of our citizens are safeguarded during this national endeavor.”


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