MIA Launches ‘High-Tech’ Certificates


In order to curtail (minimize) the high level of duplications that mar traditional certificates (marriage and divorce) issued by the government of Liberia, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) has decided to now introduce new security featured certificates that will withstand any manipulation.

The new traditional certificate was designed and produced by a Liberian company, Prima Marketing and Research Incorporated, and is made of invincible Ultra Violet (UV) light and holographic stickers that make it impossible to be easily duplicated.

The MIA has on several occasions received complaints from many of its partners including the United States Embassy and other diplomatic missions in the country who are the end-users of its certificates, that some of the products presented to them cannot be authenticated or are duplicated. This has compelled the MIA to make its certificate more security sensitive.

The new security-featured marriage and divorce certificates were launched on Tuesday June 17, 2014 by Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Varney Sirleaf in the conference room of the ministry.

Minister Sirleaf was optimistic that the products will bring the desired security and authentication that would make the certificates acceptable all over the world without hesitation or fear of fraud.

He said the ministry decided to undertake the project in order to save the name of the ministry and the country as a whole because fraudsters were issuing certificates that did not originate from the MIA.

He noted that this situation was causing uneasiness amongst some partners and was causing government to lose thousands of dollars in revenues. This also prompted the MIA to demand those requesting certificates to present their birth certificates as well.

“The US Embassy and some other partners complained to us about the level of duplications that were taking place and we decided to do something about the situation. This is where we are now,” he said.

“With the launching of these new certificates today, we hope that government will get the desired revenues from the sales because this will not easily be duplicated. We don’t also want it to go out of stock,” the MIA deputy minnister explained.

“We don’t want people coming here for certificates and they are not available, so I want to call on all those responsible to ensure that the certificates are available at all times; there should be no excuse,” Minister Sirleaf said.

A representative from the Ministry of Finance lauded the MIA for its far-sightedness in undertaking such an initiative as it would go a long way in assisting government in its revenue generation exercises.

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare was represented by its Director of Bureau of Vital Statistics. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United States Embassy were also represented at the ceremony and lauded the MIA for what they alled a job well done.


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