MIA Deputy Minister Calls on Liberians in Diaspora Not to Be Left Out

Internal Affairs Deputy Minister for Urban Affairs, Paulita C.C. Wie.

The deputy minister for Urban Affairs at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Paulita C. C. Wie says to get Liberia from its infrastructural difficulties would depend on how Liberians invest in their country as a realistic objective.

Ms. Wie told newsmen recently that Liberians who are well-to do and those who reside abroad should see it as an obligation to invest in the country’s infrastructure and also the economy. “We cannot fail to do what is expected of us as Liberian citizens if we stand aside and call on others to do it for us,” she said.

Minister Wie added, “We expect Liberians in the diaspora to make donations, search for city-sister relations for their counties’ of origin with the cities where they reside abroad, and that we can move together as a people.”

“At the MIA, we seek favorable collaboration with other cities around the world to be able to move forward as an objective,” Ms. Wie said.

She commended the collaboration with Minister Varney Sirleaf for the support she receives to the Urban Affairs to ensure that it completes its objective to the Liberian people.

Ms. Wie, who has toured all the 15 counties and has held meetings with every city mayor in the country, said the need to build the capacity of city mayors is an enormous challenge that would need the support of the government and partners.

She said the Urban Affairs has improved the National Urban Development Policy under the direct stewardship of the ministry, driven by the Departmental of Urban Affairs with technical support from UN Habitat and sponsored by Cities Alliance.

Ms. Wie said the Urban Affairs has established the Mayors Association with support from United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLGA). She said her department has trained the ministry’s women in gender mainstreaming with support from UN Women, and noted that her department is working along with Cities Alliance to ensure the implementation of the Community Upgrade Fund (CUF).

At present, Ms. Wie said her department is building local government structures in urban areas with partnership from UCLGA and the technical support from UN Women.

“All these successes have come because of the cordial relationship that we have had with Minister Sirleaf and the encouragement from President George Weah to be the focus in delivering the clear objective that this administration stands for, which is to make life better for the majority of poor people,” Deputy Ms. Wie said.


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