MFDP Commences June Salary Payment Civil Servants


The Ministry of Finance and Development Planning has begun disbursing salary checks to civil servants for the Month of June.

The development is especially welcoming as salaries are delayed most of the time amid health crisis that people would need money to feed their families.

Of the 103 spending entities, Seventy-Two received disbursements and twenty-four are currently in the process while seven are awaiting signatures.

The concerned entities include Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministries of Transport, National Legislature, Ministry of National Defense, Civil Service Agency, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of State, Center for National Documents Records and Archives, Internal Audit Agency General Auditing Commission, Liberia Broadcasting Systems, Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, Environmental Protection Agency, Liberia Board for Nurses/Midwifery.

Others are Community Colleges, BWI, Bureau of State Enterprise, CDA, Financial Intelligence Unit, Human Rights Commission, IIC, Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute, LRC, LIPA, Liberia College of Physician, LIPO, LMHRA, LMDC, LRRRC, LEITI, Liberia Freezone, LAC, LACC, LACE, and the GSA.

Others also include the office of the Vice President, the Webbo Rural Teacher Training Institute, National AIDS Commission, JFK, Judiciary, Liberia Airport Authority, Agricultural and Industrial Training, W.V.S. Tubman University, ZRTTI, Tax Appeal Board, and National Commission on Small Arms, Wash Commission and Forestry Training Institute.

Additionally, NICOL, Council of Chiefs, NPHIL, NAC, NBC, NCHE, and National Commission on Disabled, National Housing and Saving Banks, NIR, National Lottery, NSA, National Veteran Bureau, PPCC, Rubber Development Incorporated, and RREA are on the list.

The Ministry of Finance and Development Planning in a statement said despite the constraints the government faces, it remains committed to paying all civil servants on time.

“The Government assures the public that despite the COVID -19 pandemic and its effect on the economy, it is working assiduously to ensure salaries of all civil servants are made current, before the end of the fiscal year 2019/2020,” said the MFDP release.


  1. President Buhari,is the best President Nigeria has ever had,prompt payment of salaries,human development etc.we support you sir,carry go

  2. But some states government are not doing the same thing he should caution this state governors who are not adhering to his instructions

  3. If government is to announce every time it is about to disburse salaries to its workers, then something is wrong. I wonder what does this announcement imply? Is it one of those CDC’s propaganda tools, used to hoodwink Liberians into believing that this is an able government?

    However, let me disabuse CDCians off their own fallacy: the Liberian people know this government is on a life-line, and it is just a matter of time when it will finally pull its own plug and cut its own life short.

    What would the situation speak about me if I were a leader of a country and an announcement must be made on every single paycheck that I give to a government employee, when in fact that should just be a normal routine and a non-stop function of government? Would it not tell the world I am incompetent and I need to get my act together?

    Seemingly, the message signals to the public like a government which is unable to meet up with its payroll obligations in a timely manner and so every time it is ready to make some intermittent payments, the whole world must know about it.

    The refrain in this paycheck song is too old now. Liberians have heard it over and over; its discordant sound is no more music to the ears. Liberians particularly the gullible ones need a new refrain now.

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