MFA Suffers First Defeat in Abidjan

MFA players lineup for their match against Ivoire Académie (photo credit: Ivoire Académie )

The Monrovia Football Academy (MFA) on Monday suffered their first defeat against Ivoire Académie of the Ivory Coast at the ongoing international Under-15 tournament in Abidjan.

“With an average age of 14.5 to our 12, Ivoire Académie’s mature team physically outmatched our young boys and girls, and we lost 7-0,” the MFA said on its official Facebook page.

According to the MFA, despite the poor result, their players’ performance on the pitch caught the attention of scouts from AS Monaco and Right to Dream, among others who offered words of encouragement to the kids.

The MFA will return to action today against MT Soccer Foundation of Sierra Leone before entering into their final clash against Magic Système Académie of Ivory Coast on Friday, November 3.

The tournament, which includes football clubs from Ivory Coast, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, will climax on Sunday, November 5.

The academy has meanwhile continued to conduct its regular academic classes for a minimum of three hours per day while in Abidjan.

Having conceded such a defeat in their first match, many sympathizers of the academy see the tournament as an opportunity for the kids to acquire some outside experience.

The tournament is the academy’s first international experience since its establishment in 2015.


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