METS Afrika4D CEO to File Lawsuit Against Several


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of METS Afrika4D Marjanne Baker has vowed to take court action against several individuals she suspects of destroying the school’s facility.

METS Afrika4D is a science, engineering and technology school that is located on Old Road, Sinkor.

Madam Baker, who spoke to a team of journalists at her Old Road residence, accused her closest neighbors of breaking down the structure she built for her institution.

She stated that the damaged structure was built in an alley which, according to her, does not belong to anyone but the government.

Madam Baker explained that the alley on which she built had been abandoned and used as a dumpsite by community residents.

The METS Afrika4D CEO added that her neighbors are against her developmental goals, something she said has caused some of them to clandestinely break down the fence.

Madam Baker has vowed to take legal action against those she suspects are responsible.

When contacted, one of the accused families, speaking through their son Dami Harper, admitted to putting black paint on the drawing placed on the wall, which he said was built by his mother.

Dami said that the family chose to remove the drawing from the fence due to the failure of Madam Baker to inform them that she was making use of their fence.

He denied knowing anything about the demolishing of the structure built by Madam Baker.

Harper added that Madam Baker should have asked his family for their view before placing any drawing on the wall. “If we are in the wrong, the matter should be referred to the proper authority. We will follow the law,” he said.

The second group of accused neighbors, speaking through a man identified as Fallah Kettor, who is also allegedly involved in the conflict, said his room is opposite the fence that was erected by Madam Baker and that the fence has caused running water to enter his bedroom, leaving so many things destroyed.

He said that the alley must be left open so as to allow running water to easily flow instead of setting near his window.


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