Methodist Pastor Suspended from Ministerial Functions

The Rev. Dr. Samuel Karyeah (pictured) was remanded at the Gbarnga Central Prison, awaiting court trial.

For allegedly raping a 15-year old girl

Police in the crossroads town of Gbarnga having charged Methodist clergyman, Rev. Dr. Samuel Karyeah for allegedly raping a 15-year old girl, the United Methodist Church has reportedly suspended its Minister and distanced itself from his alleged act.

According to Police charge sheet, Rev. Dr. Samuel Karyeah, 54, who is also an Associate Dean of the Gbarnga School of Theology, (GST) is indicted for raping a 15-year-old girl on numerous occasions.

A statement from the United Methodist Human Rights Monitor indicates that Rev. Dr. Samuel Karyeah has been suspended by the church from all ministerial functions pending the outcome of the trial; a decision that the human rights monitor endorses highly.

“The acts of rape are barbaric, inhumane and have the propensity of undermining the growth and development of its victims, especially children that have been the target of these devilish acts in recent times in the country.  The Monitor categorically condemns the alleged raping of the girl and others being raped, and calls for the speedy trial that will be conducted in consonance with Constitution and other laws of the Republic of Liberia,” said Jefferson B. Knight, UM Human Rights Monitor Program Director.

Police investigations in Gbarnga established that early in September 2019, the victim was tampered with in the Lelekpayea Community and early this year on the compound of the Gbarnga School of Theology where the accused resides.

“The medical reports, coupled with other smithereens of information obtained are sufficient to charge Dr. Karyeah with multiple crimes including sexual offense and indecency to the victim,” a Senior Police Officer told the Daily Observer.

An investigation conducted by this paper revealed that the victim is a sponsored student of Dr. Karyeah at the William V.S. Tubman-Gray High School a United Methodist Church-run school.

When questioned the whereabouts of the victim, police said, since the Ministry of Gender, Social Welfare and Children Protection Bong County Office does not have a safe home for rape victims and other sexually abused victims, the victim was turned over to her parent.

According to a family source, the 15-year-old rape victim was promised by the Pastor to pay her outstanding school fees.

“Actually, I want to believe that this Pastor has been cashing money for this girl’s school fees because we see her with something we didn’t pay” the source claimed.

The family source told the Daily Observer that the rape victim was forced to open up (to family) having suffered psychological trauma which has been affecting her academic performance since the incident, adding, “We observed that she was always getting moody something that restricted her from interacting with peers.”

“I want the full weight of the law to be meted on the Pastor because I know he may have been into such a dirty game. He can’t go unpunished,” a youth advocate Tiangeh Taylor suggested.

Taylor used the occasion to plead with police to ensure perpetrators of wickedness against children such as rape face the law and discourage some parents to also stop frustrating access to justice by promoting the ‘settlement ideology.’

“It is this reason people are committing such acts as rape with impunity,” Miss Taylor concluded.

Dr. Karyeah, according to the investigation has been teaching at the GST the following courses: “The Pauline Epistle” which has to do with books written by Paul, and “The New Testament Survey” which deals generally with the life of Jesus Christ and His activities.

Most of the students at the GST who spoke to this paper said they were taken aback with the information and described the GST Associate Dean as a man with “good human relations.”

The Rev. Dr. Samuel Karyeah is being remanded at the Gbarnga Central Prison, awaiting court trial.


  1. Everything boils down to the level of acute poverty in Liberia, with no innovation to create jobs.
    Had the parents of the victim been financially capable to underwrite their daughter’s tuition, this so-called Reverend Doctor of 54 years would NOT have had the opportunity to even meet this child outside class time to perpetuate his heinous and inhumane crime.

    You are a reverend who probably oversees a church with many single women, if you want to indulge in immorality, get one of them on the side and commit your forfeiture. Why would you damage the future of a young girl like this?

    You will bear the full weight of the law and natural societal retribution.

    Shame on you for using a divine title to soil God’s work!


      Petarus Dolo is a Rapist and Child Molester who placed himself in self imposed exile in the Ivory Coast for fear of retribution for his activities in the Liberian civil war. His post above is not empathy for the alleged crime but political. HE IS EXPOSED and the Ivory Coast will no longer be a safe haven for him.

      Rapist and Child Molester Petarus Dolo who I profile as a narcissist and demonic character is trying to enter the Liberian political landscape by trying to hide behind the good works and achievements of Mr. Alexander B. Cummings and falsely presents himself as the official spokesman of the ANC.

      By this Child Molester Petarus Dolo own admission on this forum when questioned said Mr. Alexander B. Cummings doesn’t know him and Mr. Cummings have never met him.

      This Rapist and Child Molester Petarus Dolo uses this forum to tarnish the reputation of individuals, assassinate their character and integrity without PROOF and also insult their significant others. His world will be turned upside down and retribution is on its way.

  2. Rev. Karyear has been badly bamboozled by the demons. The bloody demons twisted the brains of Reverend Karyear and convinced him into believing he would not get caught. Now, it is not known whether Karyear is a married man. But if Karyear is married, his dalliance with an underage teenager demonstrates that he was unhappily married.

    Three forms of sex relationships: Rev. Karyear may have been a victim of one of the following sex relationships. Or maybe all of them! (You decide).

    (1) . Below sex relationship……. in this relationship, the husband and wife deal with the issue of trust and mistrust. Usually in this relationship, the husband and wife do not operate on a common ground. Example, most times in this relationship, the wife cooks her own food and bothers not to respect her spouse at home. Conversely, the husband himself gets even by doing his own thing. The husband and wife behave as false pretenders. Outside of their home, they act nicely and professionally. The outside world sees them as an ideal couple. But that’s not the case.

    (2) Full sex relationship….. in this relationship, the husband and wife are genuinely happy. The couple work cooperatively together, and act as Siamese twins. They see no reason to flirt or play games. As it is in all situations, there can be arguments and disagreements sometimes, but not always. Finally in this relationship, the children are instilled with good values and progress is often made.

    (3). Over sex relationship……in this relationship, one or both partners have an insatiable appetite for sex. In order to be pleased sexually, the husband or sometimes the wife ( surprisingly to a greater extent) does whatever is possible to be pleased. Example, the wife may zigzag to get home in three to four hours when in the past, it took just forty five minutes. When she finally arrives at home, she blames the traffic or her poor taxi driver. On the other hand, the husband himself may travel out of the country, pretending to be out for the sole purpose of performing a governmental task. In other words, games are usually played in this relationship in order to satisfy each other’s sex drive.

    Does Karyear fit in any of the above mentioned sex relationships? What’s about you?


  3. Aaron Doe Nelson Sr. Minneapolis, USA April 3, 2020 At 10:43 am

    Relating to Mr. Petarus Dolo, you said, “The Rapist and Child Molester Petarus Dolo uses this forum to tarnish the reputation of individuals, assassinate their character and integrity without PROOF. His world will be turn upside down and this fight is brought to his door steps. BE WARNED.”

    Now, is there anywhere in the law that states the only time a person has the right to “…tarnish the reputation of individuals, assassinate their character and integrity” is when they have proof?

    Wouldn’t that sound like a person who murders another and tries to justify it by telling the court that he did the act because he felt the person was plotting to kill someone he loves?

    Nobody has the right to malign another person simply because they feel they have proof. That would sound like taking the law into one’s hands. Not so?

    I do not see the logic in your argument as you are committing the same acts for which you warn the pubic of being cautious against. How can two wrongs make a right?

    • If you are commenting on cherry picked sentiments for Rapist and Child Molester Petarus Dolo, that’s your opinion, you are entitled, obviously birds of the same feathers flock together.

      FYI, there are instruments available to unmasked persons who hide their identities, that’s for another day.
      You will have more damage control to do and mess to clean up everyday. We are aware that the Devil have friends and followers too.

      If your post is based on law, maybe you should take a hard look at consequences and please identify yourself as counsel on record for Rapist and Child Molester Petarus Dolo,

  4. Mr. Hney:

    Your explanations have produced more confusion than clarity. And my reasons for saying this is because the Bible in which the commandments are enshrined and which is also the absolute book of truths for Christians says Christians should not commit adultery neither fornication. Not so?

    However, you mentioned in your comments above: below sex, full sex, and over sex relationships. Are you saying there are exceptions to this commandment? If so, then please permit me to look at it differently Sir. The Bible is unequivocal and unambiguous on this topic. Whether an individual is married or unmarried, it says the act is wrong and unacceptable in God’s sight.

    It also states in other passages that God would be pleased to see persons who feel the urge to marry, and be committed than to burn. What is even more outrageous about the pastor’s transgressions, he manipulated a child, who is below the statutory age for consensual, sexual relationship!

    Are you implying in your writings that under certain situations, true believers may violate this commandment and find justifications for their acts? I do not know this pastor personally, but I would imagine he is very knowledgeable of canonical teachings and the strict observance of communion and catechism.

    I would most certainly appreciate your clarity on what some readers like I maybe wrongly interpreting concerning your post.

  5. Mr. be. Anonymous,
    (1) Never. True believers may never ever “violate” the teachings of the Bible under any circumstance. As a child of a Pentecostal pastor, I will never ever equate morality with immorality. Like you, I don’t know the pastor. I presume he knows right from wrong. But as I said in my first paragraph, Rev. Karyear was run over by satan’s angels….the demons. He had to be. In my view, not only should Karyear be defrocked, he should be prosecuted because of his sexual relationship with a teenager. In other words, Rev. Karyear is not a good role model. Lastly I don’t think I wrote anything that says “it’s okay to go out of a relationship in order to please or satisfy oneself sexually”. God forbid!

    Sexual promiscuity is wrong! There’re some who are not sexually promiscuous, but who have a different interpretation of the Bible. For instance, the homosexuals and their apologists believe in a same sex relationship. Some of the apologists that I am referring to are the churches (not all churches) that welcome homesexuals or who in some cases ordain homosexuals to become pastors. Also, some politicians can be referred to as apologists. From my box, (you talked about mental boxes before) I can only say that a gay person is a child of God just as I. But I am not a homosexual apologist. The Bible condemns such a relationship. I concur with the Bible from A to Z!

    In my post, I gave three reasons or examples of how things go negative when an individual or both couples do not behave right. In Rev. Karyear’s situation, it’s a sure bet that he’s got some issues at home. I don’t what the issues could be. Again, when I check in my box, I don’t think it makes sense for a grown ordained Rev. to be attractive to a teenager.

    There was a time in San Francisco when a Catholic priest got infected with the HIV virus. As time went on, the priest developed aids. However, when the Catholic Church authorities demanded a confession from the infected dishonorable priest, he claimed that he was a lifelong homosexual. In other words, the gentleman used the priesthood in other to conceal his homosexual lifestyle. That’s a typical example of how some people pervert the word of God.

    Did I provide ample clarification?


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