Mercy Corps Hands Over US$140K Medical Equipment to Grand Bassa County Health Team

Medical equipment donated by Mercy Corps to the Grand Bassa County Health Team, through the SAFE Project

Mercy Corps Liberia, through its Strengthening Maternal and Infant Healthcare in Liberia (SAFE) program, has donated a huge consignment of medical equipment and a modern e-learning center to the Grand Bassa County Health Team (MOH/BACHT) for subsequent distribution to ten (10) primary healthcare centers and the Government Hospital.

The items, valued at US$140,000, include ultrasound machines, oxygen concentrators, patient monitors, respiratory timers and modern examination tables, as well as other equipment. The medical equipment was made possible through funding from the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The ceremony, which was held at Mercy Corps Buchanan Office, was attended by the District Health Team, Medical doctors, nurses, and Mercy Corps staff.

Kwasi Gyeabour, country director of Mercy Corps, presented the items on Wednesday, December 3, 2020, and said the equipment will help enhance the government’s healthcare service delivery in the country.

Mr. Gyeabour, cutting the ribbon, further commended the staff and management of the Hospital for their devotion to service, amid the prevailing difficult situation they are experiencing. He encouraged the beneficiaries, when taking care of patients, to make good use of the supplies.

Mercy Corps Countey Director Gyebour (far left) with health workers in Buchanan, after the presentation of the medical equipment

Delou Gonsan-Zeo, SAFE Program Manager, told the Buchanan Health Team that the medical equipment is as a result of recent assessments and report concerning the maternal mortality ratio in Liberia. SAFE is a health initiative that is being piloted in Grand Bassa County. The assessment found out that, for every 100,000 live births, 1,072 women died.

“This puts Liberia among the world’s 15 most dangerous countries to give birth,” Madam Gonsan-Zeo told health practitioners at the donation ceremony.

Against that backdrop, Madam Gonsan-Zeo said the SAFE project focus is to improve the health status of 15,000 women of reproductive age and children under five in rural communities with two (2) outcomes.

Nurses update their knowledge at the e-learning center, provided by Mercy Corps, at the Government Hospital in Buchanan

Gonsan-Zeo said the project also focuses on equipping national and community-level health institutions to provide quality prenatal and postnatal care to vulnerable women and their children. 

According to her, regarding the outcome one of the SAFE Project, Mercy Corps will provide rehabilitation and equipment for selected child and maternal health units and access to a quality, low-cost e-learning platform for professional development training for health workers.

Receiving the items, the Grand Buchanan County Health Officer, Sylvester D. Wheh, Jr., expressed the Hospital’s appreciation to Mercy Corps Liberia and the UAE for the support.

Wheh, who was full of praises as he received the items, assureed Mercy Corps, through the SAFE project, that the supplies will be used to serve the purpose for which they were given.


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