Mentally Disabled Man in UP Camp?

The mentally challenged man spotted near Red Light, Monrovia donning a Unity Party T-shirt

True partisan, or just a social outcast in a Unity Party T-shirt?

By Hannah N. Geterminah

The mantra that the October 10 Presidential and Legislative election in Liberia is critical and therefore demands the involvement of every citizen, has captured the attention of a man that is believed to be mentally challenged. Recently spotted donning a political campaign T-shirt bearing the images of Unity Party front runners Joseph Boakai and Emmanuel Nuquay, the man demonstrated that despite his condition, he was quite aware of what is going to happen in Liberia on Tuesday, October 10.

Though he appeared to be in a happy mood and allowed his picture to be taken in the busy commercial district of Paynesville Red Light, this reporter took precautions in engaging him with dialogue.

Yet one could not help but wonder how many like him are out there, highly unlikely to participate in the political process due to their poor cognitive state.

Mental illness is a prevalent condition in the country and for the past twelve years, not enough has been done by the current administration to provide medical treatment, accommodation and other support  to address the living conditions and welfare of Liberians who suffer from mental illness and their families.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines mental disability as the loss of function at the level of the whole person, which may include the inability to communicate or to perform mobility, activities of daily living or necessary vocational activities.

Throughout the city of Monrovia and its environs, many young and older Liberians of both genders afflicted with mental illness roam the streets of their communities in search of food, begging for money or looking for a place to sleep without being driven away due to their offensive appearance and behaviors.

On the Unity Party T-shirt worn by the man in question was written the famous Boakai slogan, ‘Think Liberia, Love Liberia, Build Liberia’. It could not be ascertained if the man, who has perennially roamed the streets of Monrovia, understood the meaning of those words.

“I think he knew what he was doing,” said a Unity Party supporter. “I think that sector is one area that the future government should pay great attention to because despite their tragedy, they are Liberians too.”

During the voter registration, there were no reports that citizens with mental illness showed any interest in the process. “Naturally, [such person] does not act normal because some tend to be afraid of people,” a young woman told the Daily Observer. “But with the new administration coming, we now have a chance to make something good come out of their situation.”

Said a young student attending the University of Liberia: “The critical nature of the October 10 elections should convince all of us that we should not overlook anything that affects the Liberian people.”

Besides Vice President Boakai, almost all the political parties talk about making Liberia better. Yet it is hard to assume that, this time around, the “crazy people” as the mentally unstable are commonly referred to, will not be forgotten in the new government’s agenda to improve the living conditions of all Liberians, including those who are challenged in any way.



  1. As canvassing comes to a close, there is no party led government. There is only one incumbent, the President, who in isolation is controlled by 57% in the interest of the Liberian nation. She cannot at this point take any side, otherwise she destroys her legacy and tampers with stability. She must leave all candidates on their own regardless what supports she has given to parties in the past or predictions made. The silent majority controls her ability to capture all unauthorized intruders in the election process, who seek false power to claim leadership. Her executive authority until results are given from factual actual counts include no candidate.
    Gone to silence. Let the Public know.
    DO NOT REPLY this box.

  2. liberian went wil you learn from your mistake, just yesterday to be presides think about how NPFL rebels came to liberia. now somebody is on the street of paynesville in that conditions and nobody saying anything about what is going on . can you see for yourself. I will be make this short for you think about it, make your own judgement .

  3. He’s mentally challenged, but he know what’s better for Liberia. CDC is hungry for power and electing Weah as president will not only showed our ignorance as Liberians, but will most likely plunged this country in another crisis like Senator Johnson has warned. Cummings is probably the person more hungry for power than any of the other contenders. HIs adventurism is clearly on displayed. The man who neglected his country, build his retirement home in Nigeria is preaching around that he can save Liberia. What a shame….Brumksine will failed again as usual and hopefully, his retirement will be forever.

    Urey has made good money from managing the Liberian Maritime program where he only reported to Taylor during the war days and both of them know what happened to millions of US dollar they hauled for themselves. He should continue with his farming and enslaving the Liberian people working on his farm. He will eventually pay the price. Sen. Johnson is only in this for money so that if the elections go to the second round, the highest bidder to him will allowed him to use his influence in Nimba to vote for that candidate. We’ll see this time around.

  4. will let say this to vote is not of jesus christ if the countrys want a fair election they must go to the apostles of jesus christ and ask them to cast lot for the leaders and pray to god for a good leaders

  5. Will this candidate be any less corrupt than the last group? If they don’t stop the corruption and completely ban DSA for every little thing, Liberia will never succeed.

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