‘Meet up with all Legitimate Tax Obligations,’ Deputy FDA Boss Urges BGL

Some new equipment brought in by Booming Green Liberia Inc, for logging operations.

Forestry Development Authority (FDA) Deputy Managing Director for Operations has urged logging companies in Liberia to always ensure that their business entities meet and settle all legitimate tax obligations to the Liberian government.

Mr. Joseph J. Tarley issued the statement over the weekend at an official ceremony marking the unveiling of heavy equipment procured and imported in Liberia by Booming Green Liberia Incorporated (BGL), a logging company, on the outskirts of Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County.

Tarley also cautioned the BGL management to ensure that the company provides better incentives, standard labor practices, and genuine housing facilities for employees of the logging company. He also urged the BGL officials to observe and improve the sustainable management of the Liberian forest sector for future generations of Liberians.

Mr. Tarley said it is important that the logs expected to be harvested in Liberia will not only leave the country in the round forms. He expressed the hope that value addition be given due consideration by the BGL company in Liberia.

He then also urged the affected community dwellers of the BGL operational area to exhibit sincerity and honesty and work hard to honor their side of the obligations in the years to come.

Tarley expressed the hope that the BGL will join the FDA and other stakeholders to sustainably manage the forest in the overall interest of all Liberians, irrespective of socioeconomic backgrounds in the country.

He stressed the need to improve roads in the operational areas of BGL and that they will be maintained at an appreciable standard to ensure the conveyance of goods and services and people.

“Better and sustained roads will ensure the protection and safety of our citizens, workers and employees and other end users of our company roads in Grand Bassa County,” Manager Tarley concluded.

In a special statement, the Country Manager of Booming Green Liberia Incorporated, Shuai Wang, disclosed that the BGL will always strive hard to uphold its social and corporate commitments in the form of construction of schools, roads, clinics and good incentives for the Liberian workers and employees in the years ahead.

LR Messrs BGL Country Manager Wang, FDA Deputy for Operations Police Inspector Gen. Proxy and others of GOL and Private sector

In a swift fulfillment of the first BGL corporate social responsibility to the Garwin Community in River Cess County, CEO Wang presented a symbolic check of US$10,500 for the scholarship program in that part of the country. Wang expressed the hope that the provision of such critically needed funds would go a long way in responding to the educational needs of those Liberian children that will benefit from the scholarship funds.

He further disclosed that BGL has already hired about one hundred citizens of the Garwin Community in River Cess in its operational area. The company has also procured and imported a fleet of logging equipment including 36 yellow machines, 10 logging trucks, 10 bulldozers, four military trucks, two excavators, four wheel loaders, two dump trucks.

Other equipment imported for the BGL operations include one motor grader, one lowed and one small loader.
Booming Green Liberia, according to Mr. Wang, is a new investment project in Liberia and Africa, according to its holding company, Shengyang Group, with their investment blue map and strategic planning overseas.

He explained that the Jiangsu Shengyang Group Company was founded in the 1980s and is in the business of producing, processing and marketing of wood and agricultural products and industrialization of leading enterprises.

In closing, CEO Wang disclosed that Booming Green first established overseas in 1998 in Equatorial Guinea. The company now has logging operations in other countries, including Gabon and Democratic Republic of Congo.

In remark, an official of the Liberian National Community Forest (LNCF) noted that the community dwellers are committed and honest and the opportunity the BGL has acquired should be abused and always treat the community dwellers with dignity and respect.

A proxy for Patrick Sudue, the Liberia National Police Inspector General, assured the BGL officials of the protection and safety of their investment once the operations are carried out within the confines of laws of Liberia.


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