Meet Sasu Boy


–The rapper once with a bright future who became a drug addict and is now clean

Sasu Boy has an interesting life story to tell: A story with lots of ups and downs.

Like many other rappers, Sasu Boy was unable to live up to his potential and fell prey to the power of fame.

“The life I lived was something I never dreamed of but, in the end, it was a life that I lived,” Sasu Boy explained. “It is a life I sometimes regret living, but I also do not.”

Sasu Boy, whose real name is William Davies, started squandering his promising musical career in 2009 when he started abusing drugs (weed and cocaine).

At first, he started by smoking marijuana, but with time he switched to hardcore drugs, including cocaine. Suddenly he disappeared from the music scene.

“I started taking drugs when one of my colleagues told me about it. He said that if I took it, it would help me stay awake, be more energetic and more lyrical.

“During the early stages, I refused his offer, but later decided to give it a try and see whether what my friend told me was true,” he said.

At first, Sasu experienced the benefits his colleague told him about, but these experience were all short-lived as he began behaving erratically, and started experiencing a nervous breakdown.

“In the early stages of using weed, it had a lot of positive effects like enjoying music and sex, but it didn’t take too long before things started to get worse.

As time went by, weed (marijuana) became less exciting to Sasu Boy. He started experimenting with cocaine and stronger drugs, which damaged his career. While on weed, the rapper was still able to keep doing songs; however, things changed when Sasu Boy started taking cocaine and the other hardcore drugs.

Unable to pay for hardcore drugs, Sasu Boy became a waste-picker, scavenging for recyclables in dump sites across the city, which he would then sell for a little money to satisfy his narcotic addiction. As a waste picker, Sasu Boy was unable to mingle with colleagues and family members.

“When I became addicted, my entire focus was on satisfying my desire and not anything else. There was no time for me to focus on music and any other positive things.  Worst of all, I could go days without a bath and food, but drugs,” he noted.

As his life spiraled out of control, Sasu Boy begins seeking ways out of drugs and, in the absence of rehab, he was forced to initiate self-rehabilitation in 2015 in order to get clean. At first, it was difficult as he relapsed on several occasions but, at the end of the day, he mustered the courage to get clean.

“Only a wise man changes and not a fool. It was, for this reason, I decided to fight the battle to get clean. I was motivated to leave drug after noticing that people were still dancing to my music and wanted me to return.

“Although their supports were indirect, it was touching, a situation which motivated me to become drugs free,” the rapper said. “I start the rehab process by reducing the amounts of weed or cocaine I used to take in per day, and gradually I became to leave drug, and now I’m a clean man.”

Upon leaving drugs in 2017, Sasu Boy immediately returned to the studio and a year later, he dropped “Diliman”, his first single in three years.

The song “Dilemma,” opens up with Sasu Boy’s personal struggle with drugs abuse, addiction and the dangers that come with it, which serves as a warning to listeners against the use of drugs.

“I use my life story as a former drug addict to raise awareness on the issues and to tell young people that, no matter how people praise drugs, do not try it,” Sasu said.

“Sasu Boy is remarkable talent and someone who still has a great future,” Popular DJ AS A Boy says. “I love his comeback singles, and it was indeed inspiring and contains lots of messages against drugs abuse.”

As A Boy added that “Dilemma” is the only Liberian song that he has ever listened to, which talks about the real dangers of drugs abuse.

“I’m saying so because Sasu Boy knows how bad addiction can be after years battling to escape it. I never one day thought he was going to be cleaned but, has God could have it, he is now a clean man.

Now no longer a drug addict, Sasu Boys has begun using his talents and life story to warn young people against drug abuse through songs and physical awareness.

“I have already started the process, and it is making an impact. Every month I try to visit a ghetto and talk to any young person I see there about the effects of drugs and do have lots of songs coming out on the topic as well.

Although Sasu wants to engage in more awareness about drug abuse, the rapper’s financial strength cannot permit him to do so.

The abuse of drugs is damaging a lot of our young people, and I want to use my story to help inspire them to come out clean.

Meanwhile, Sasu Boy cautions his fellow rappers’ attitudes, especially those who glorify drug use in their music, which has negatives impact on the society, especially their youthful fans.

“This is an alarming trend which puts many young people at risk of drug abuse, especially in urban areas. This needs to stop and it requires everyone’s efforts to thwart the situation all around. There is a need for positive rap music instead of negative and damaging music.

‘This is alarming because young children are exposed to these messages. I don’t think this is a story we as a society want them to absorb,” Sasu Boy added.


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