Meet Eugenia Shaw, Liberian Hair Entrepreneur in the UK


Eugenia Shaw, a British born Liberian residing in the United Kingdom (UK), has developed hair-care products to help people, especially women, who suffer from hair loss or have problems with their scalp.

Leaning very heavily on her aromatherapy and beauty backgrounds, Shaw developed her hair product line and tailor made treatments, which she uses to help women and men relieve and solve their scalp and hair problems, at her Healthy Hair Clinic in the UK.

Ms. Shaw said she developed these products after her daughter suffered hair loss at the age of five. Her research into the development of the products also led to her publishing her first book, Hair Is Hair, which is available on Amazon.

In a recent interview with the Daily Observer, Shaw said that her products are now available in a one-off set of packages deals on Kickstarter, a business crowdfunding platform, before their official launch next year.

Ms. Shaw has agreed that she will personally deliver orders to buyers who get 100 packages orders from Liberia.

Meanwhile, Shaw’s book says the truth is that “Hair is Hair,” and it is the same for everyone. No matter the different ways cultures and fashions may style it, across the globe, male or female, young and old; “we all have the same hair,” she insists.

Hair is Hair is a revolution in the way we see and treat hair, and so, a revolution in the way we see and treat ourselves,” Shaw explains. “In ten years of being a professional beauty therapist, serving all creeds and colors of people, the questions are always the same: How can I stop my split ends? How can I have the hairstyle that I want? How can my hair itself be at its best?”

Hair is Hair provides a manual to maintain the feeling after a visit to the hairdressers. “It is all well and good to go to hairdressers, but you see a hairdresser once every six to eight weeks. A Hairdresser cannot work miracles in that one session every six weeks” Ms. Shaw says, “So the purpose of the book is to maintain the magic of the hairdresser at home, continuing their processes to help your hair get better over time, stay healthy and grow well from a healthy scalp.”

Ms. Shaw passion for people resonates throughout the book. Her ability to breakdown social prejudices, share professional advice, and give confidence to everyone, all through a digestible and enjoyable read, is what makes this book so special. Her passion for giving back does not just lie in hair. She has been giving back to the community in Liberia through her charitable organization, HIV and Aids Action for Liberia (HAAL) since 2006.


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