Media Trainer Cautions Reporters to Avoid Yellow Journalism, Blackmailing

Raymond K. Zarbah speaking at the official launching program of RAL's membership forms..

 –As RAL Launches Membership Form

Media trainer, Raymond K. Zarbah has called on reporters across the country to avoid any forms of yellow journalism and blackmailing. He, therefore admonished them to conduct themselves in a respectful manner.

“We urge you today to always undertake this task with integrity, bearing in mind that you benefited from others and you need to give back with honesty. Avoid any and all forms of yellow journalism and blackmailing,” said Zarah.

Zarbah also called on reporters to emulate veteran journalist, Frank Saiworla, who he lauded for upholding the intergrity of the journalism profession.

“Frank is known as a credible person. He is someone who would prefer to eat his dry bread, walk the streets and uphold the integrity of the journalism profession,” Zarbah said.

He, therefore, called on members of RAL to perform with integrity, emphasizing that such will help to make the Liberian society a better place among the comity of nations. He, however, urged the RAL to carefully recruit new members.

Zarbah, who serves as news coordinator at ECOWAS Radio, made these comments when he served as the official launching program of the Reporters Association of Liberia (RAL)-membership forms. The program was held at the headquarters of the Press Union Liberia (PUL) in Monrovia.  

In the same vein, President of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL), Charles B. Coffey, condemned unprofessional acts in Liberia’s media industry, claiming that there are some individuals who carry themselves in the name of being journalists to create a problem for the society when they are not.

Charles B. Coffey, PUL’s President thanked RAL’s leadership for the initiative. He said that the intervention of RAL will reduce the work of PUL, particularly, complaints amongst media groups. He also assured PUL’s support to RAL.

Also, Cecelia G. Clarke, RAL’s President said the launching of the membership forms is in fulfillment of a provision in the Constitution of the Reporters Association which speaks to membership.

Quoting Article 4 Section 1 of the constitution, Clarke said “Membership shall be open to all journalists in the followings categories; Full Membership, Affiliate membership, and honorary membership.”

Clarke added that the launch is to enable the membership to have a proper data management system.

“With the data management system, you get to know who your members are and who are they affiliating with; you will also have a checking system on members to ensure that those who are not conducting themselves well are captured,” she said.

Clarke said that once an individual purchases a copy of the form, the committee does its work, an identification card will be provided to those who will meet the requirements to be active member.”

Disclosing some of the work done by the leadership, Clarke said, “We started the renovation process of our office given to us by our mother body, the PUL. We have started making plans to visit the interior parts of Liberia to have talks with reporters that are there, and we also made plans to have regular training for reporters. All these were halted due to the outbreak of COVID-19. But notwithstanding, RAL had managed to write a few proposals to reputable institutions seeking for training opportunities for reporters.”


  1. Thanks! to the writer; Ms. H.N.Geterminah. Yes! Indeed. Whatever a news reporter put out there, influences our ways of thinking. Thus, people draw misleading conclusions; just from reading a newspaper [HEADLINE]. It’s absolutely necessary; that [REPORTERS] fully substantiate their stories with actual facts; before jumping to conclusions and publishing. *A misleading information is a [MISEDUCATION] **That’s “DANGEROUS”. VERY DANGEROUS!

    • It’s also note-worthy, that I recognize Mr.
      R.K.Zarbah. Kudos! sir. Your points and observations are very much appreciated. *Liberian [JOURNALISTS] should follow your guidelines…


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