Media Seminar on ECOWAS Protocol Elects Officers

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Three Liberian journalists were yesterday elected at the end of a daylong seminar on ECOWAS good governance and democracy and frame work on pro-poor policies and fair redistribution.

The ceremony which was held in the conference room of the YMCA on Broad Street in Monrovia witnessed the election of Winnie Saywah-Jimmy, Tetee Gebro and Henry Sumo as coordinator, Assistant coordinator and secretary-general, respectively.

Their election was part of the meeting organized by the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) in collaboration with its partner in Liberia, Centre for Media Studies and Peace-building (CEMESP).

The seminar on ECOWAS and its protocols brought together 25 ‘influential journalists’ and editors in Liberia.

MFWA, according to CEMESP Executive Director Malcolm Joseph, is implementing a pilot project on “promoting citizens’ awareness of ECOWAS protocols and frameworks on good governance and economic redistribution in West Africa.”

The project, according to Mr. Joseph, is being piloted in four West African countries with the aim of increasing citizens’ awareness of ECOWAS and its relevant frameworks. It mandates member states to implement pro-poor fiscal policies and fair economic redistribution in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Burkina-Faso and Mali.

Joseph announced that some project activities will be implemented in Liberia with the overall goal of contributing to enhancing good governance, reducing poverty and inequality as well as improving human rights in the West Africa region.

He said the MFWA, in implementing the project, seeks to work with its national partners in the targeted countries for delivering specific country level activities.

“This term of reference (TOR), Mr. Joseph said, sets out the role of the national partner in the delivery of the project.

The national partner such as CEMESP is tasked to assist the MFWA to identify a consultant who will conduct a baseline assessment and produce a report on the level of awareness of the ECOWAS and the protocol on democracy and good governance among media, civil society and citizens in Sierra Leone.

Further, it is to coordinate and facilitate a daylong media seminar with 25 ‘influential journalists’ among them, program presenters, editors and reporters for awareness raising on ECOWAS and its frameworks that mandates member states to promote pro-poor policies and fair economic redistribution.

The forum led to the formation of a network of ECOWAS reporters, which supervised the election of the three officers.

It is to further monitor and evaluate exercises by giving feedback on lessons learnt, results and usefulness of the project activities.

Yesterday’s ceremony was attended by several other media executives including a representative from Oxfam Ibis in Liberia and Ms. Abigail Larbi, program officer of Media Federation for West Africa.


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