Measles Outbreak Reported In Nimba


Amid the outbreak of Coronavirus in Liberia, there is also a report of an outbreak of measles in two districts of Nimba County.

Speaking on Radio Nimba morning on Tuesday, March 24, 2020, the surveillance officers of the County Health Team, Isaac Cole and Telekpeh Weh Johnson, named the two districts as Sanniquellie and Tappita.

They said the Ministry of Health has begun a routine vaccination campaign in the affected areas.

When contacted for more details, one of the surveillance officers, Mr. Talekpeh Wehyee Johnson could not give the exact numbers of cases treated, because data officer was not close to him, but said hundreds of children were treated.

He said the number of cases in Tappita case has dropped and it is only Sanniquelliie that still has some cases of measles.

He named Gbapa, an old mining town near Yekepa, as one of the highly hit communities in the Sanniquellie Mah District.

The County Health Team has been hesitant to respond to health related issues in the county. Since the measles outbreak was reported last week the County Health Officer has not been available for interview.

One of the health officers told this reporter, he will request permission from the County Health Officer Dr. Saar, before he can share it with anyone, something many considered as censorship.

The measles situation was disclosed when the surveillance officers appeared on local radio to intensify awareness on the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the country. They urged the citizens to abide by all the preventive measures prescribed by the MOH.

They also reassured the public that the ongoing vaccination campaign is strictly intended for measles, not COVID-19 as has wrongly been disclosed to the public.

However, COVID-19 preventive awareness is also intensifying on local radio stations across Nimba, with some visible signs of cooperation among citizens.

Nearly all the business centers and private homes in Nimba have buckets full of water for hand-washing.

The fear of COVID-19 has slowed down businesses and movements across the county. Although most night clubs are still open in Ganta, customers are not frequenting such venues as they did under normal circumstances. Some of the leading restaurants are mostly empty with people basically concentrating on buying food for storage and preparation at home.

“We are only looking for food money now, because there are no customers,” said Boye Suah, a proprietor of an entertainment center.

Meanwhile, commercial vehicles continue to ply between Ganta and Monrovia, but they are not fully abiding by the rules and regulations set by MoH, which calls for three passengers in a taxi.

The public buses are also running and carrying sixty passengers on each bus, but the closeness of the passengers on seats has created much public concern.


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