McGill Urges Liberian Women Pray for Country’s Peace

The AFL Widows in joyous mood after being assured of Govt’s support.

The Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel F. McGill, has called on the women of Liberia to continuously pray for the country’s peace and stability towards unhindered development and progress, a release from the Ministry of State has said.

McGill described women’s role in the attainment of peace and stability as “cardinal in moving the country forward.”

According to the release, he made the statement on Friday, July 12, 2019 in the auditorium of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs when he met a throng of widows of “deceased soldiers” of the former Armed Forces of Liberia.

“Considering the critical role Liberian women played during the civil war (1089-2003), not only through prayers and the upkeep of the family, but also for the attainment of peace, I want you to continue to play the same role during these trying times,” Minister McGill reminded the women.

The women, who were attired in their usual white T-shirts and head-ties, had gone to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to show appreciation to the government, particularly to President George Weah for the level of effort, they said, “he is exerting to make Liberia a better place for all.”

The women also used the occasion to update the government on issues confronting them.

Minister McGill told them that “President Weah is a good leader, who is concerned about the welfare of every Liberian.”

He added, “The President is a good man, who has a heart for his people, therefore, wants to see his people lifted out of poverty and the country developed, because his ascendancy to the Liberian Presidency is the will of God; and not by any man’s will.”

Minister McGill used the occasion to assure the “AFL widows” of government’s continuous support in addressing whatever issues they may have.

He also assured the women that President Weah would take time off his schedule to meet with them before the country’s 172nd Independence celebrations on July 26, 2019.

On behalf of the women, Madam Mary Allison, thanked President Weah for the “extraordinary efforts he is exerting to make Liberia a better place for all.”

Madam Allison said her group has a long history and tendency of praying for the government since its ascendancy, because, “It is worthy to pray for the success of the government and the country than to criticize.”


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