MCC, PCC get 13 New Trucks for Garbage Disposal

Trucks (pictured) donated to PCC and MCC .

As part of efforts to improve the collection of waste across Monrovia, the World Bank (WB), and European Union (EU), including UKaid, donated 13 waste collection machines to authorities of the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) and the Paynesville City Corporation (PCC) respectively.

At the donation ceremony on Tuesday, July 9, in Monrovia, Tolbert A. Kerkulah, Cheesemanburg Landfill and Urban Sanitation (CLUS) project coordinator, said the equipment are to enable the two cities to effectively handle wastes collection.

“We are very glad and thankful to all of our donors and partners for the opportunity to ensure that we assist the MCC and the PCC. This project is also aimed at closing the landfill in Wein Town, and the construction of the new landfill in Cheesemanburg, as well as supporting the collection of wastes in and around the cities,” Mr. Kerkulah said.

Of the equipment, the MCC received six dump trucks and three skid trucks, while the PCC received two dump trucks and two skid trucks.

World Bank Country Operations Officer Esther Rojas-Garcia expressed gratitude to the two cities for developing a five-year sustainable waste management strategy that will help to keep the cities clean.

Mrs. Rojas-Garcia said the World Bank remains committed to supporting the two cities in an effort to get the cities as planned by the authorities.

“We are grateful to the two cities for submitting a 5-year sustainability plan, which the World Bank sees as a great step to making the two cities clean, green and safe,” Mrs. Garcia said.

Theo Kaspers, Head of Cooperation, European Union (EU), said she is confident that the city governments understand the value of the equipment handed over today, as their aim is not only to reduce the rental costs but even more importantly to make the cities own the waste management.

Mr. Kaspers said “both cities should be able to collect waste regularly with these trucks together with the pickups, front-end loaders, skip trucks and tricycles that we handed over in November last year.”

Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee lauded the EU, World Bank and other partners for their continued support to the country’s solid waste sector.

Koijee called on residents to collectively join the leadership of the city government as it moves to a sustainable approach in managing waste. He promised that his administration will ensure a timely and effective collection of waste under its new waste management plan.


  1. It is hoped that these equipment will be used exclusively for the collection and disposal of municipal waste, and absolutely not to haul sand, coal, and such other material for the mayors of the two cities and their friends and families. The mayors must now draw up and publish proper rules, guidelines and schedules for garbage collection and disposal for the residents of these cities, leaving no room at all for abuse by government officials, from the president on down. Proper management will be the key to keeping our cities clean and wholesome. But everyone will have to cooperate or face appropriate penalties for violations.


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