MCC Numbers 36K Homes, Hospitals, Businesses

Koijee addresses the media yesterday in Monrovia.

-Receives First Enumeration Report

All Terrain Services Incorporated (ATS), a local company contracted by the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) to conduct enumeration exercises in Monrovia and its surrounding areas has released its first report targeting four (4) electoral districts with over 36,000 structures marked.

The report was presented to Monrovia City Corporation Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee, by ATS Operation Manager Edwin Massaley at a news conference in Monrovia. Mr. Massaley said the company has collected data from 36,000 structures, including hospitals, homes, schools, and others in four of the ten targeted districts.

According to the report, electoral districts seven, eight, nine and ten were completed. ATS is expected to start with the rest of the six districts in the coming weeks.

Mr. Massaley said during the collection of the data from the initial four districts, they also embarked on a systematic classification of properties within the city limits of Monrovia, including private homes, schools, public buildings, businesses, market places, hospitals, among others.

Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee lauded the ATS for what he described as an exceptional job done, which will drive the MCC’s agenda of transforming Monrovia to a smart city.

The Mayor said the project is developing a citywide enumeration system for household location and waste tracking in the city limit of Monrovia.

The citywide enumeration project, according to Mayor Koijee, will involve the introduction of software that will serve as a pilot, to track the general layout of neighborhoods and house locations in Monrovia and establish the amount of waste generated in the city per area.

Koijee noted that other areas of concentration under the ongoing project will include the capacity of the existing infrastructure, its ability to absorb the waste collection needs in each area of the city and the revenue generation potential for household services that the city government can provide.

Mayor Kojee further said, “The project has helped to create jobs for over 300 young people who are residents of Monrovia.”

The enumeration process commenced on Monday, January 14, 2019, and is expected to end in late March 2019.

Mayor Koijee has pleaded with residents of the City of Monrovia to comply with the enumeration team as the exercise seeks to benefit every inhabitant of the city.

According to him, the enumeration of housing facilities in the city will help citizens easily locate their place of residence. “Today directing a particular home or office in the City of Monrovia is very difficult, it takes time and resources,” Mayor Koijee said.

He said when completed, the enumeration exercise will help to save time and money for residents and visitors of the city through the use of special digital software.

He said the enumeration exercise will also create a smooth system for tracking waste which is cardinal in promoting a clean, green and safe city.

Several Community Based Enterprises (CBEs) operating within Monrovia have unanimously endorsed the ongoing enumeration exercise. These Community Based Enterprises are working with the City Government of Monrovia in the collection of primary waste.

They are basically engaging with the collection of waste from households to the disposal sites and with the prospective household tracking, there is a huge potential for systemic waste management in the city.


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