“MCA-L Responsible to GOL, USA to Ensure Accountability”


The Millennium Challenge Account-Liberia (MCA-L) has clarified that the Millennium Challenge Compact is an international treaty between the Government of Liberia and the Federal Government of the United States of America in which the United States granted US$257 million to Liberia to fund certain activities to improve the energy and roads sectors.

In a press release over the weekend, MCA-L said it is an entity of the Liberian government created to ensure that the Compact’s activities are effectively implemented and the United States Government’s funds are disbursed in accordance with the Compact.

The Liberian Government requested, and the United States Government agreed, that one of the Compact’s activities that should be funded by the grant is a management services contract of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC).

It noted that the LEC was the procuring entity and, as a result of being funded by the United States Government, the procurement of the MSC was painstakingly thorough and undertaken through international competitive bidding.

The release added that the procurement was managed by an international firm, TetraTech, funded by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through its Power Africa Transactions and Reforms Program (PATRP).

It said all bids submitted were evaluated by a Technical Evaluation Panel (TEP), which included international consultants who were paid with funds provided by the United States government. After the evaluation of the bids, the TEP issued a Combined Evaluation Report that contained its recommendations that ESB International (ESBI) submitted that winning bid.

It noted that as the funder, the United States Government had to approve the TEP’s report, after which, the LEC Board of Directors then provided its approval of the report. The Government of Liberia then entered into negotiations with ESBI. The Government’s negotiation team comprised of Dr. Clarence Moniba, Hon. Boima Kamara, Cllr. Frederick Cherue, and Dr. Augustine Jarrett.

“After negotiations, LEC executed the MSC and, consistent with the law, the contract was signed by the Chairman of the Board of LEC, the Minister of Finance and Development Planning, and the Minister of Justice,” the release said.

These facts revealed that, contrary to the misinformation recently aired on a local radio show, the MCA-L did not procure the MSC. There were international donors involved in the procurement process to certify that the process was not compromised. Therefore, no one at MCA-L influenced the selection of the winning bid, the release said.

The release emphasized that the MCA-L’s role is to ensure that the United States Government’s grant is disbursed in accordance with the Compact, which is why MCA-L, with the aim of exercising its due diligence, procured an international contract monitoring consultant that provides additional oversight over the MSC by confirming to MCA-L that the MSC is complying with the terms of the contract before any payments are made.

It noted “MCA-L has full fiduciary responsibility to the Government of Liberia and the Government of the United States of America and operates under the strictest principles of transparency, integrity, and accountability. That is why all information related to MCA-L’s involvement with the MSC can be found in its Board Meeting minutes, all of which are published on its website: www.mca.gov.lr.”

It concluded that the MCA-L is aware that the LEC MSC prevents certain individuals from obtaining any further personal economic gain from LEC and those individuals have opted to pursue a smear and misinformation campaign against the LEC MSC, the MCA-L and its CEO.

The MCA-L meanwhile called on the media to verify all information sent to them and provide MCA-L with an opportunity to either confirm or deny prior to releasing the information to the public.



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