Mayor Mvogo to Address European Development Day in Brussells


Monrovia City Mayor, Clara Doe Mvogo, has been invited to participate in the European Development Day Reception organized by The Cities Alliance, the European Foundation Centre and BOZAR.

According to an invitation sent to the Mayor, she is expected to deliver a keynote address on Tuesday, June 2, in Brussels, Belgium.

The keynote address, according to the invitation is expected to dwell on the theme, “Transforming a city:  Monrovia after the Ebola crisis,” and Mayor Mvogo is expected at the conference to discuss how the Government of Liberia and the city of Monrovia propose to transform the city.

Liberia’s Ambassador to the European Union, Isaac Nyenabo is expected to attend the occasion and the Mayor of Dakar, Senegal, Khalifa Sall who also serves as president of the United Cities Local Governments for Africa, is to respond.

Although it was not disclosed whether Monrovia will receive assistance from Cities Alliance, Mayor Mvogo expressed the hope that from the conference the city may receive funds to help meet up with planned programs to transform Monrovia.

Mayor Mvogo said Monrovia has some unspecified amount of money and if assistance comes from any source, including the Cities Alliance, it will complement efforts to achieve its goals.

Among some of her strategies for cleaning and transforming the city of Monrovia is youth empowerment through provision of vacation jobs for students.

According to her, some university students in the past had worked under her administration to clean along the streets for LD$400 daily per person.

Mayor Mvogo further noted that many Liberians walking in the streets are engaged in littering (dropping dirt in the street) without the conscience of cleanliness, which is responsible for the constant filth on the streets.

In another development, Mayor Mvogo is also expected to participate in Financial Times/International Finance Corporation Transformational Business Award in London.

The Transformational Business Awards are open to all financial and non-financial private sector organizations.

The Monrovia City Corporation is shortlisted as a nominee for the special award for being graded as “Excellence in City Transformation.”

Cities Alliance is a worldwide organization that offers support to cities in providing effective local government, promoting active citizenship and encouraging public and private investment.

Its support falls in three broad categories, including citywide and nationwide slum upgrading programs, city development strategies and national policies on urban development and local government.


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