Mayor Koijee Reinforces Call for Voluntary COVID-19 Testing


Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson T. Koijee, has voluntarily undergone testing for the Coronavirus and came out negative of the virus; something he says is done to open the corridor for young people to brave the storm to do their test in order to create the certainty for the medical team as to how widespread or limited the virus is in the country.

“Please have the courage and do your test, it’s not a death sentence having the virus, the sooner you know your status, the better for you,” Mayor Koijee told Journalists after completing his test.

Mayor Koijee’s decision comes also in compliance with health authorities’ advice for everyone to do their test as cases of the virus increase and they (health authorities) are finding it tough to contact carriers.

Some officials of government including Information Minister Eugene Nagbe, Justice Minister Musa Dean, and others, having come down and recovered from the virus, Koijee is one of the few officials of government to turn out for the test along with health workers themselves in recent days.

Liberia currently has 652 confirmed cases, 348 Active cases, 270 recoveries, and 34 deaths with 12 counties reporting cases.

Getting out of the testing with enthusiasm, Mayor Koijee commended health workers for taking the risk to carry out testing and tracing carriers of the disease; something which he said is a response to humanity even to the detriment of people taking the risk.

“Medication Practitioners are the true heroes and heroines in the fight against the deadly coronavirus and we must all appreciate them for their efforts.  We call on them to continue their unforgettable services rendered to patients at various COVID-19 treatment centers and other health facilitates across the country,” said Mayor Koijee.

Mayor Koijee has also disclosed that several of those recruited as Active Case Finders, Communicators, Mobilizers and supervisors by MCC, NPHIL and LCP have done their test with few results proving positive.

“ We concluded our Coronavirus testing and it came negative, our hearts go out to others still hanging there at the 14- Military Hospital undergoing care from trained medical practitioners including few of our active case finders, mobilizers, communicators and Supervisors,” he lamented.

The Monrovia City Mayor reechoed calls for every employee of the Monrovia City Government as well as Active Case Finders, Mobilizers and Communicators who have not done their test to do so in order to set the example.

The step taken by mayor Koijee to voluntarily do his test sets the premise for his followers, youths of the Congress for Democratic Change, to follow because he is one of the influential persons whom the youth wing of the party respect so much.


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