Mayor Koijee: ‘Monrovia A Challenge with Overwhelming Garbage’

Mayor Koijee says he supports the establishment of an Economic and War Crimes Court for Liberia.

Mayor of Monrovia Jefferson T. Koijee has bowed to criticism that filth has overwhelmed the city and surrounding communities as a result of failure by authorities of the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC), led by him, to collect garbage in the streets.

However, Koijee said that though the city is faced with logistical constraints, it alone cannot do away with the overwhelming garbage menace.

Koijee spoke on Tuesday, January 22, 2019, during an interactive forum with some residents, including members of the press, which was broadcast live on MCC Television at his office on First Street, Sinkor.

“With all the criticisms that dirt has engulfed this city, yes, it is true garbage has overwhelmed the city, and we have series of challenges, including the absence of logistics to fast track the work. The cleanliness of this city must not rest on the shoulders of the MCC alone but must be a collective effort,” Koijee argued.

According to him, the MCC is taking a holistic approach to address the situation. “That is why we have called on our partners to help with logistics in order to make Monrovia a clean city,” Koijee said.

Mayor Koijee said that if people will just sit and criticize the city corporation for dirt in the street, without showing any sign of patriotism, “then it is unfortunate, because part of the approach was to get every citizen involved in the cleaning exercise of the city beginning with their various communities.”

Monrovia and its environs have been overwhelmed by uncollected garbage, creating serious health hazards and environmental pollution that pose grave danger to inhabitants, especially children, thereby contradicting Mayor Koijee’s much publicized “Weah for Green City” campaign.

In recent times, residents have resorted to burning uncollected garbage, because they believe that MCC has failed to collect waste as part of its statutory functions.

A survey conducted by this newspaper across Monrovia and its environs discovered heaps of garbage in various communities, which have been turned into breeding grounds for flies, cockroaches and rodents amid cooked food centers and market places along the streets.

In a related development, Mayor Koijee has announced that the MCC has embarked on an enumeration exercise within Monrovia. The exercise is aimed at locating and tracking waste across the city.

“As I said few days ago, the issue of the numeration exercise is that the entire city is overwhelmed with waste and the project of numeration is to engage residents and derive a sustainable waste management approach as well as provide a proper address system for homes and business areas,” Koijee said.

It can be recalled that on Monday, January 21, 2019, hundreds of angry marketers in the busy commercial district of Red Light’s Gobachop Market, dumped garbage at the office of the Liberia Marketing Association (LMA) due to its failure to remove uncollected garbage that has made it unbearable for them to sell their goods.

The protesters blocked the road leading from Gobachop junction, making it difficult for vehicles with plantains, bitter balls, peppers, okras, pineapples and other vegetables to offload.

The angry marketers also demanded the LMA and Paynesville City Corporation (PCC) to remove the garbage that has been piled-up for over eight months.


  1. I think the Mayor is in over his head. This is just not the right job for him because he doesn’t have the experience running such a large city with many complex challenges. President Weah should appoint Mr. Koijee to a job that matches his skills. It makes no sense to give someone a job knowing he’s not qualified because that individual will definitely fail, and failing he is. In America, the system is based on merit.

  2. Thanks for ur piece Phil. I remember Jeff growing up during my childhood days in sinkor. The brother was such a nice kid who has never had anything and was trying to get opportunity like any Liberian. The president needs to give the mayor a scholarship to go either America or London. That way , Jeff can study some sort of developmental economic or course like environmental engineering. The mayor is gonna to be ready in the next term. Looking at liberia, Its crazy to say but Weah could win another term. Most of these dude still needs international experience like consultant or partnering with fellows ministers from other africans nation . I still believe in King George though. Shut out to my favorite fan U.S. men soccer Tim Weah who scored his first goal for his new club celtic. Go young fellow keep cooking. This kid is so decipline for someone who was born in millions.

  3. How will this man perform above and beyond when he is preoccupied with involving in while lots of confusion and clandestine activities in the city. He is engaged in creating chaos within student politics and national unrests; such as the elections in Montserrado recently and the Yekeh Kolubah’sparty.
    What is his game plan if he says he is a manager and is responsible to clean Monrovia? The law of impenetrability dictates that two things can not occupy the same space at the same time. Do something and stop playing around.
    Firstly, the little funds that are allocated for your corporation must be put into a good use; such as get some trucks. Have people to place their garbage in a specific place in their community or get some forms of bigger bins where these dirt can be placed. You could also make sure that all businesses have their days of collection of garbages. That is these trucks willl be assigned in locations with the direct operations of collecting in certain days the Marketing association dirt and others.
    Introduce some sense of civility in the people of Monrovia in how to handle waste. That is what you will like for them to do in handling waste. You could also let them place their waste in plastic bags. No littering on the streets of Monrovia. Come up with an effective plan and in fact you could have a better plan without contracting any private company. And you know what, your corporation could be one of the institutions that could generate high revenue for the government.

  4. Wow folks, i still can believe howJeff pull that job. His story is inspirational for me lots of dude like David Carter aka pape joe who introduced me Jeff when we were 13yrs old kids in sinkor. IF i ever thought Jeff will be mayor after 18yrs, i probably would’ve been fooling my self. So happy for him and hope may the Lord Allah most high guard him.

  5. The problem is Monrovia needs a competent Major, who can organize. President Sirleaf got it wrong with a human rights abusing Broh who failed to organize and President Weah too missed bigly with Koijee. Monrovia is suffering and urgently needs an organizer to plan,erect and execute a garbage collection system. Until then every campaign I don’t care how you call it will fail.

  6. the mayor is a moron, incompetent and knows nothing but to wear designer clothes. this is what comes from putting friendship over experience. He is an indiscipline and lawless delinquent. he cannot clean the city
    because he is used to dirt. he should have been given the job as driver or janitor the job is too big for him.


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