Match Officials Physical Ability: 59 Referees Complete Fitness Test


Fifty-nine referees (53 males and 6 females) out of 66 on Saturday, February 27, 2021 passed the first fitness test of the Liberia Football Referees Association (LIFRA) at the SKD Sports Stadium. The fitness test for referees is meant to measure the physical ability of match officials.

According to LIFRA, 70 referees were earlier selected to take the test, but four of them were unable to take the medical test due to illness. The medical test is a prerequisite to the fitness.

Seven referees, comprising two females and five males, failed to reach the required 10 Laps run around the track. Liberia’s nine FIFA-badged referees (eight males, one female) are among the 59 match officials that passed the fitness test over the weekend.


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