Master Queen’s Soccer Jamboree to Kickoff Dec. 6

Flyer of the soccer tournament.

Radio personality and multiple award winners, Master Queen has announced a one-day soccer tournament, which aimed at fostering unity among celebrities in the entertainment industry.

The tournament, which is sponsored by Orange Liberia, is scheduled to take place at the BYC Sports Patch on December 6, 2019—and carries a cash prize of L$150,000.

According to the radio diva, the game will feature artists and producers as one team to play against bloggers, and promoters and on-air personalities will combine with disc jockeys to play comedians and actors.  The tournament, Master Queen said, will be played in a round ruby format.

“It is going to be a remarkable soccer game, because the level of preparation among celebrities since this tournament was announced has exponentially increased. Interest from the public is high and tickets sale has been going, according to plan,” said Master Queen in a press statement.

She said that the aim of the game is to promote unity among celebrities in the entertainment industry in the midst of this year’s unparalleled hostile message among them.

“In a divided entertainment industry like ours, sport is a unique and important connective tissue to bring entertainers together,” she said.

Master Queen added, “We are undertaking this project because there has been an increase in discord in the entertainment industry over the past few months, a situation that undermines the industry’s collective growth. Therefore, we have decided to use this initiative to create an entertainment industry that will be more polite, responsible and united.”

She further said the tournament will help stars understand the importance of teamwork, appreciation for diversity, and develop a sense of affection for each other in the entertainment industry.

Master Queen said that the game will bring together individuals with different religious beliefs, tribal belongings, and geographical origins to strengthen the lost unity that once existed in the industry.

“In this regard, the participation of all individuals involved in the promotion of the entertainment industry is of paramount importance to me to promote peace and coexistence,” she said.

Meanwhile, tickets for the tournament can be purchased at the gate for L$250.


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