Massive Win for CPP

Clockwise, from left: Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence (Grand Bassa, LP), Prince Moye (Bong, UP), Jonathan Sogbe (River Gee, CPP) and Simeon Taylor (Grand Cape Mount, CPP)

The Collaborating Political Parties has been projected to gain control of the Liberian Senate after winning three seats clearly with three others projected in their sight.

In 2018, the CPP was in control of 13 seats in the Senate, while the ruling CDC had seven, and the remaining 10 seats were shared among independent candidates.

However, CPP lawmakers over the time have voted along the agenda of the ruling CDC of President Weah and did little to checkmate the Executive or to properly critique bills coming from the presidency or the ruling party-dominated Hosue of Representatives. 

According to the National Elections Commission, based on the completion of tally in these counties, the CPP has so far won Bong, Grand Bassa, River Gee and Grand Cape Mount Counties but lost in Bomi and Margibi Counties to independent candidates.

The electoral body’s results also put the CPP in the lead in Lofa and Montserrado Counties and slightly behind in Nimba County.  While the ruling CDC is projected to clearly win Grand Gedeh and Maryland counties it is thrilling in Gbarpolu and Grand Kru counties, the home of the President.

With visible signs that the CPP can take Montserrado and Lofa counties, the probability is high that it might end up with 13 or 14 seats in the 30-member Senate, while the CDC is projected to get only 6 seats. Independent candidates are expected to get the rest. Currently, the CPP has seven seats that are not contested for, while the CDC has only three.

If this ends up as the case, the CPP might be able to influence the Senate Pro-Tempore election and grab that position in January 2021. It is currently occupied by Albert Chie, a member of the ruling party. 

This recent special senatorial election was a referendum on the Liberian leader, his policies, and for politicians who have tied their fortunes to the President, despite him not being on the ballot paper.  And to keep the Senate leaning towards the CDC, President Weah was on the campaign trail, motivating his party base to vote for the ruling party’s candidates, no matter their disagreement with the party.

The President’s mandate that must be met — “party discipline,” he calls it — came with a threat to punish partisan officials of his administration who will vote contrary to the mandate. Also, in a bid to woo voters, the President and his party embarked on the dedication of long-term projects, as well as quick impact ones.

A strong showing for the President party would have given him the impression that the country is headed in the right direction, and emboldened the President to forcefully push for changes in the way he wants to govern the country.

But that might likely not be the case as the opposition CPP now set to take control of the senate, by winning 6 of the 15 seats so far and, with such win, his administration’s agenda could be up for a “mid-term review” by the opposition, and heavily scrutinize every move his administration makes.

A unified opposition controlling the Senate might force the President to nominate more competent technocrats to his cabinet, and some of his development agenda might end up stranded, especially where debt financing is concerned.

Of the five counties, which results have been declared so far, two surprising winners are Wellington Geevon Smith, a veteran Liberian Journalist and former Superintendent of Rivercess County and Jonathan Boycharles Sogbie, a former and retired national football team player.

Sogbie, who hails from River Gee County and contested on the ticket of the CPP, obtained 4,972 votes; constituting 33.59 percent. Prior to his victory, he served as the Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL). The Liberian soccer star played alongside George Manneh Weah and James Salinsa Debbah.  Debbah also contested the Montserrado Electoral District #9 Representative by-election seat.

Wellington Geevon Smith has in recent times worked as Director of Communications and Public Affairs at the National Identification Registry.  Smith contested as an independent candidate and obtained 3,284 votes constituting 23.45 percent while his closest rival, Steve Tequah, also an independent candidate, obtained 3168 votes, constituting 22.62 percent.

In Grand Bassa, Senator, Nyongblee Karnga-Lawrence retained her seat after defeating former Foreign Minister, Gbehzohngar Milton Findley.

Sen. Karnga-Lawrence, standard bearer of Liberty Party, contested on the CPP ticket and won with 22,476 votes, constituting 42.1 percent of the total votes of 56, 89, while Findley, received 20,346 votes, constituting 38.03 percent. At the Senate, she will be serving a second term of 9 years tenure as a lone female Senator in case no other female wins any of the remaining Counties whose counting and tallying processes are yet to be completed.

Sen. Karnga-Lawrence first came to the Senate in a by-election following the death of then Grand Bassa County Senator John Whitfield in a by-election in 2013 following Whitfield’s demise.

As for Montserrado County, NEC has reported that Senator Abraham Darius Dillon of CPP has increased his lead against Thomas Pangar Fallah of the ruling party.  According to NEC, Sen. Dillion has so far accumulated 169,334 votes, representing 61.28 percent while his closest opponent, Rep. Fallah, has obtained 114,590 votes, representing 35.77 percent.  

When the CPP wins in Montserrado, the political central point of the country with the highest population, it would send a clear and crisp message to President Weah and his followers that his popularity has declined. This could also be indicative of how much deadweight the party is putting on the President’s image, thus diminishing his brand.

In Bomi County, Rep. Edwin Melvin Snowe of Electoral District #1 is now the next Senator in waiting after defeating Sando Johnson of the CPP and Alex Tyler of the CDC. NEC’s report shows that Snowe has obtained 16,476 votes constituting 53.97 percent while his closest rival, former Speaker Alex Tyler obtained 8,834, constituting 28.9 percent.

Snowe was a two-term Representative in Montserrado District #6. He moved to Bomi and contested for same position in 2017 and won after several legal battles with the then incumbent Bomi District #1 Representative, Gaya Karmo and outgoing Senator, Sando Dazoe Johnson.

NEC’s report also indicates that Bong County District #2 Representative, Prince Kermue Moye, defeated incumbent Senator Henry Yallah and all other contestants in the race.  Rep. Moye, who currently serves as Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, obtained 39,337 votes, constituting 51.28 percent. He contested on the ticket of CPP. His closest rival, Senator Henry Yallah of the CDC, obtained 25,247 votes constituting 32.91 percent.


  1. If the CPP dis-organizers managed to have won more seats than the CDC, it’s okay. One thing is certain…the sky will not crumble.

    When Barack Obama became president, the Democrats lost control of the US Senate a few years later. Also two years ago in the US, the Democrats gained control of the Lower House while Trump was president. I purposely brought into this discussion the American political situation during the Obama presidency in order to make a point or two:

    I hope I am not repeating myself. If the CPP won big during the December 8 senatorial by-elections, it’s a credit to them. There are twists and turns in politics! There’s no axe to grind. Weah will continue to be president. The opponents of the CPP will not organize protests or demonstrations. Democracy is at work in Liberia.

    Lastly, I am glad because the Liberian voters went to the polls to do what was expected of them. Ballots were cast, no cheating or killing was done by the CDCIANS. The voters won.


    • Mr. Hney,

      As I see it, you appear to be one of the key international policy advisors to Dr. George Manneh Weah. So please advise Dr., Dr., and Dr, George Manneh Weah, (Ph.D.), (Th.D.), (D.D), and (M.Div.) to proceed and execute the foregoing National Recommendation with immediate effect to help h im save his Government:

      1. Return to his socio-political and economic table and immediate terminate Samuel D. Tweah as Liberia’s Minister of Finance and Development for publicly and intentionally deceiving and misleading Mr. Manneh Weah and his Government and forthwith subject him to investigation for financial, economic and other Crimes that he might have committed in the name of CDC and Mr. Weah;

      2. Proceed and immediately discharge Nathaniel F. McGill as Liberia’s Minister of State for Presidential Affairs for knowingly and intentionally misleading and deceiving Mr. Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government by designating Mr. Weah and saying that he is and has been the BEST President that Liberia has ever produced and swiftly subject him to indictment and prosecution for having reportedly committed Financial, Economic and other Crimes he might have committed against Liberia in the name of CDC and Mr. George Manneh Weah;

      3. Forthwith proceed and immediately terminate Cllr. Frank Musa Dean, Liberia’s Minister of Justice & Attorney General of the Republic of Liberia for knowingly and intentionally deceiving and misleading Mr. Manneh Weah by publicly coming to the people of Liberia and reading out an Autopsy Report that he knows i failed to coherently and unequivocally state the cause and time of death of Albert Peters, Gifty Lama, George Fahnboto, and Emmanuel B. Nyesuwa who were targeted and murdered under mysterious and unexplained circumstance, Cllr. Dean, knowing fully well that his interpretation and application of our Criminal and Criminal Procedure Laws remains suspect and were not narrowly tailored to how and who murdered the Auditors and on whose orders;

      4. Effective immediately terminate Bill Tweaway as Managing Director of the National Port Authority for his deceptive and misleading role in clearly not stating the economic downfall of Liberia and residents and swiftly have him to surrender and report to the Ministry of Justice for reportedly committing Economic, Financial and other crimes he might have committed against Liberia and in the name of CDC and Mr. Manneh Weah;

      5. Swiftly Terminate Mr. J. Aloysius Tarlue, Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia for his ineptitude and incompetence in running the Central Bank of Liberia and have him replaced with a more qualified, capable, competent and skilled Liberian, as well have him investigated by the Ministry of Justice for any economic and financial and other crimes he might have committed against Liberia and its people in the name of Mr. Weah;

      6. Forthwith terminate Jefferson F. Koijee as the Lord Mayor of the City Corporation of Monrovia and replace him with a capable and more mature and competent Liberian and have him investigated by the Ministry of Justice to determine his role in separate and countless distinct attacks and street violence in Liberia;

      7. Surrender and have Mr. Milton G. Findley, Liberia’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs to report to the Ministry of Justice to state his role in the overt and public sale of Liberia’s diplomatic passports out to known and unknown characters and for subjecting Liberia and its people to national and international security risks;

      8. Effective immediately, appoint and set-up a National Assets Recovery Commission (NARC) separate and distinct from the management and control of Liberia’s Minister of Justice and Solicitor General to help target and swiftly investigate and independently prosecute all financial and economic crimes committed in Liberia;

      9. Immediately order Liberia’s new Minister of Justice & Attorney General to review and investigate all audit reports conducted as to the whereabouts of Liberia’s revenues and resources before and during the Government of Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf; particularly as they relate to the crimes of Economic Sabotage, Property Theft, Capital Flight, Money Laundering and what have you with immediate effect in Liberia;

      10. Effective immediately, work with the House and Senate to enact into law a National Judicial Conference (NJC) to monitor, supervise and watch the independent and reliable function of the Courts of Liberia as it relates to establishing and maintaining a fair, clear, forceful and independent Judiciary in Liberia;

      The foregoing national recommendations need to be swiftly implemented and made binding throughout the Republic of Liberia, effective, January 2, 2021.

      The foregoing recommendations and policy change, are helpful to Mr. Manneh Weah and his Government.

      Looking from where I sit, Liberia and the people of Liberia are overburdened and fed-up with Mr. Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government and his mold of leadership.

      WE WHOLEHEARTEDLY, THANK the people of Liberia for holding a peaceful election on Dec 8, 2020.

      • In essence, you are suggesting that Oppong turns on his partners in crime.These people are nothing more than a bunch of co-conspirators and every one of them, Oppong included, will be held to account for the systematic plundering that is currently taking place in Liberia under their stewardship . In simple English, ” we will punish these people at the appropriate time”. People who rode around in mini buses on Monday and by Saturday were sitting in the back seats Chauffeured Range Rovers will face justice and will surrender to the Liberian state all of their ill-gotten wealth. If Liberians let them off he hook, we will bring American Justice to them. It will happen.

        • Mr. Northam, Greetings and we hope all is well.

          Consistent with with Liberia’s Constitution and Statute, Economic and Financial Crimes, have time limitations or are time barred. To indict, arrest and prosecute any official and former official of the Government of Liberia charged with Property Theft, Economic Sabotage, Misapplication of Entrusted Property, Money Laundering, and Capital Flight, Liberia and her people must impress and pressure their Legislature (The House and Senate) to forthwith amend Liberia’s Statute of Limitations to allow the following crimes to be investigated and prosecuted without legal restrictions. Liberia must have indictments found and the accused/criminal defendants, prosecuted within the space of 50years not within the space of 10years as required today.

          Should the current time restrictions and limitations be change to 50years for the crimes listed herein, Liberia and her people will have the power and legal authority to indict, arrest and prosecute financial and economic crimes committed in Liberia investigated and prosecuted within the pace of 50years and not within 10years as is required today. This legal and policy change, will bring all reported financial and economic criminals within the reach of the Republic of Liberia to indict, arrest, prosecute and swiftly recover Liberia’s stolen monies and assets within 50 years and not within 10 years

          Speaking to the Crime of Murder or the mysterious and unexplained crime of Murder actively taking place today in Liberia, Legally, Murder is not time restricted or time barred. Murder being a first degree felony and punishable by death or life imprisonment, all accused/criminal defendants can be indicted, arrested, and prosecuted at any time and any day. In other words, there is no time restriction when to arrest, indict and prosecute any Liberian charged with the Crime of Murder.

          By God’s Grace, in February 2021, our law office, Africa Center for Law and Human Rights, Inc., will commence and run a by-monthly Radio Program to be known and styled, “KNOW YOUR RIGHTS’.

          The following Radio Program, we hope will cover many legal issues and topics to impact the Republic of Liberia. Our hope is and shall remain the need to educate our people and shall cover many impressive legal topics as they relate to Liberia’s Civil and Criminal Justice Systems.

          Come what may, Africa Center for Law, strongly believes that Liberia and our people deserve better.

  2. A Transcript For Peace

    The Football Player maintains PEACE, in the most talk about volatile election season. At least, maybe, there will be no massive protest to scare away investors, to paint negative images of the nation. Henry Costa will slow spewing conspiracies.

    George Oppong Weah, your report card on PEACE and RECONCILIATION is A+. One may try to discredit you minnow effort, but at least we are not at each other throats.

    Mamadu Bah (N/P) Meridian Health, Adelaide,Australia

  3. Don’t forget to mention that when the oppositions take control, the number of ‘RAPE CASES’ will also drop, Bah . Liberia is an interesting place for state politics.

  4. Cllr Jayweh,
    From where I sit and what I know deep down in my heart, you cllr. Jayweh will run for the presidency of Liberia. It’s written all over you. It’s just a matter of time and will certainly burst out of the flame to expose your truest feelings.. Let’s take a look at the following scenario…..

    Alexander Benedict Cummings is an affiliate of the CPP. The CPP and the Rainbow Coalition are in an alliance. On the downside, you Jayweh cannot stand Alexander Benedict Cummings because of reasons that are best known to you. On the upside, you favor and support the CPP-Rainbow alliance. Where does that leave you? In the middle, of course! That important middle position is crucial to your presidential agenda.

    Also, from where I sit and from the bottom of my heart, I am not an international Weah advisor. Never have and never will. I have never seen Weah in person, neither on TV. When I visited Liberia last year for a period of three good months, I didn’t see Weah. Given such a situation, it is impossible for me to be Weah’s international advisor. I could be wrong, but I don’t think Weah needs international advisors.

    Cllr Jayweh, you have flair! But you have to man up responsibiy to show your sincerety. Don’t hide yourself behind the skirts and lappas of those beautiful Bassa girls. It will do you the necessary good if you would mend fences with many of your frenemies. You know exactly the people I am referring to!

    Let’s face it. The December 8 elections went well. There weren’t any fist fights neither were there any irregularities at the precincts. Weah did not peddle influence neither did he send out his assassination squad to murder his compatriots for ritualistic purposes. Lastly, because his party lost some seats, Weah did not behave in a belligerent manner like a guy that I know. To be fair, I think the Liberian people won.

    Something To Think About………
    If the Liberian people abhor Weah’s presidency, his haters can and should express themselves at the ballot box. It is normal for a politician to be disliked. But it is really, really unfair to him when his haters label him as a ritualistic killer, a thief, a rapist or someone who encourages rape. Where’s the evidence?


    Pathetically, elections in Liberia have remained a quarmire!
    The True Whig Party oligarchy laid the ground work for this menance which was upheld by
    late president Samuel K. Doe, with former Madam Ellen Sirleaf complicit.

    International isolations and sanctions which crippled Mr. Taylor’s leadership chances in the face of a brutal western-backed LURD Rebels gurrella insurgency, eventually coinned Mr. Taylor as the “sacrifical lamb” for peace in both the Liberian and the Sierra Leonean wars. Although the elections of Mr. Taylor was of statistical equivalence to standard elections anywhere around the world, the inherent moral fears of a traumatized society largely played out to the electorates.

    Madam Sirleaf elections would become diplomatically stage mananged unfairly by powerful western nations whose fears of generational inexperieced would later play out. While the Sirleaf’s years yielded a savory peace dividends, value for money unmatched the massive USD$16 billion donor aids that got pumped in.and the nepotistic elections manuevering of a family over the National Elections Commissions ( Mrs. Aletha Johnson Francis)

    At last, the chances of fair elections are now growing with.massive opposition wins in mid-term senatorial and representative elections across the nation in broad day ligjt since the inception of the Republic!

    So to speak, Liberia is winning!

  6. The election results reflect real feelings of voters, a referendum on governance, not embrace of CPP/COP’s resistance. They warn about 2023 with a message that popularity can take one to the mountain top, but only impactful implemented policies have staying power. GMW should refocus on the economy and public safety. Pervasive poverty, bureaucratic wastefulness, and incompetent handling of investigations into the murders of auditors were among the death knell of CDC!


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