Masonic Craft: ‘The Outside World Is Judging Us by Our Character’

Rt. Worshipful Brother Charles Burgess Allen (left): "We become a light for those who have not been raised by the benefit of the Masters Word."

Rt. Worshipful Brother Charles B. Allen challenges fellow Masons to “lift sights on a higher, nobler purpose.”

The Right Worshipful Brother, Charles Burgess Allen, Jr., has challenged members of the Grand Lodge of Masons in the country to live an exemplary life to help ensure that Liberia becomes a better society.

He said if members of the Grand Lodge of Masons will remarkably impact their country, they must be careful as to how they govern themselves.

“Remember that the outside world is judging us by our character. Speculative and operative masonry must coincide, one with the other and not one or the other,” he told members of the Grand Lodge of Masons.

According to him, this is important as we further learn (from our Master) what we can in the name of the Father and his Son. Even as we believe in the Good News, the Holy Spirit will descend upon the believers.   

Rt. Worshipful Brother Allen made these remarks recently in Monrovia when he served as the Grand Orator of the 153rd Annual Grand Communication of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Masons and the observance of Saint John The Evangelist Feast Day.

The day was also marked by the installation of the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons, Brother George E. Henries, 33˚, and other Grand officers of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Masons of the Republic of Liberia.

He said, “While we all agree that we are not satisfied with our achievements as a nation thus far, let me caution all of us that Liberia is not the worst country in the world. The challenges we are facing are not more or less than what others are experiencing.”

Rt. Worshipful Brother Allen informed his fraternal brothers and sisters that as believers, they should exhibit beautiful attitudes when it comes to the practice of the fraternity (Grand Lodge of Masons).

According to him, as they approach these timelines they must re-evaluate their roles as workmen and watchmen, adding that, “We who have seen the light and star are obligated to follow its path. Whatever we do, will inform how the rest of the society will view us.”  

He said following the Light of the Star requires that “we become a light for those who have not been raised by the benefit of the Masters’ Word.”

“As we discover that timbers being employed in the construction of our earthly temples have deficiencies, these deficiencies have to be put aside. Being Worthy Brother implies you have often tested, tied and tested again and again,” he added.

He stated that upon becoming a Right Worshipful Brother, one cannot expect actions that “we ascribe to Ruffians.”  

The Rt. Worshipful Brother Allen told his fraternal brethren that their order forbids them from forming cliques and cabals within the fraternity, but increasingly this is what “we are gravitating to. If we only love those who love us what does that say about us?”

He said, “Even lower animals do that. If we leave the fraternity because we do not get an approval of our wishes what does that say about us in the first place? Do we continue to increase our members rather than the quality of our membership?

Members of the Masonic Craft (Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Liberia) at the 153rd Annual Grand Communication of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Masons and the observance of Saint John The Evangelist Feast Day.

“As noted in our rituals,” Brother Allen said, “we must examine our shibboleths and test our mettle using the truth in our landmarks to establish if the workmen are true craftsmen or ruffians only seeking to use the Master Word for their own benefit.”

He said the craft, being in a position of privilege and being a voluntary association of brothers, cannot be insensitive to its obligations/duties.

According to him, as craft Masonry undergoes challenges, “our responses define the public’s perception of Masons. Outwardly, society often believes that even in post-war Liberia, the three pillars of the community remain the state, church and the fraternities.

Whether that indeed remains the truth is to be determined by how we respond to these challenges.”

He further said that much is expected of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Liberia (MWGLL), the oldest on the continent. Similarly; the Order of the Eastern Star.

“Do we remain where we now find ourselves or do we lift our sights on a higher and nobler purpose? What do our detractors say about us — ‘Eh hehn, we told your so’? Or do they find that we are far better than the low station they ascribe to us? We are the talk of religious leaders, who use us as a central point for all that is wrong with our country. Are we graduating to becoming the topic of discussion in bars and lappa-be-door(s)?” Brother Allen wonders.

He added that, it is therefore not for naught that our rituals mandate the repetition of the duties of each station, the more to entrench our understanding thereof.

“It seems however that we have taken those affirmations as perfunctory. By restating, we are called to renew our conviction in our obligations,” he said.

“Every human being has a claim upon your office unto all,” he continued. “Not only your friends. By diligence to the duties of your respective callings, by liberal benevolence and diffusive charity, by constancy and fidelity in your friendship discover the beneficial and happy effects of this ancient and honorable institution.”

Rt. Worshipful Brother Allen further concluded by encouraging his brethren to be of one mind, live in peace and the God of Love and Peace will surely manifest his presence through the Holy Spirit and bless their endeavours.


    • Concerned Liberian, what do you mean by “You People?” The masonic lodge in Liberia accepts anyone regardless of their tribe, race, political affiliation or economic standing in society, but they have to be good people. People of faith, good ethics, morality, a purpose and good will towards their fellow human beings.

      The lodge is not only in Liberia but all over the world. Perhaps you should think of becoming a member to learn some good deeds on how to address your fellow Liberians, that is, if your pass their strict membership requirements (LOL). I, for once would rather be a member of the lodge in Liberia, than be a member of the backward and primitive poro society.

      • Do not be a fool, “Chris Luke“! Lucifer was the greatest angel in heaven with the finest singing voice! But he was found out to be evil, unfaithful, and wicked! Armed robbers do some good deeds for their family and friends, but they are wicked psychopaths and criminals.

        People within THAT SHIT they call masonic craft donate to churches and community projects, while they the same masonic bastards use members of the church and innocent women, children and others for ritualistic killings.

        • There’s no way you can equate the Masonic lodge in Liberia and the world over with Lucifer my brother. Every organization(s) in the world have some bad apples in them and I agree, but you have no evidence that people from the lodges in Liberia and all over the world are involved in ritualistic killings. It’s all a hearsay and a myth in Liberia that lodge members are involved in ritual killings. Where’s the evidence? If this was true, then how come the government of Liberia has not banned the Masonic craft in Liberia?

          On the other hand, everyone in Liberia knows that the Poro and Sande societies in Liberia are still involved in primitive practices. It is well known fact in Liberia, that, not everyone who joins the Poro or Sande society comes back alive. Female kids as young as 9 years old are taken away from their parents and taken deep into the forests and don’t come back, and if they came back, they are about 13 years old and ready to be married to a 50 years old man, oh, and with their clitoris removed too. A little girl or boy should be in school and not learning how to be a wife or a farmer.

          And there’s no way you can compare lodge members with Armed Robbers or Psychopaths. That’s like NIGHT and DAY. Maybe, you need to read about the Masonic Craft.

      • How do i become a member and moreso…what are the criterias that are required for one to be a bonified member?

  1. Greetings Concerned Liberian:

    May I ask, can we also include as in in your comment the Poro and Sandi Societies as well? Kind Regards

    • The Poro and Sande societies are primitive societies that engage in genital mutilation which is barbaric by all civilized standard of decency, so it is not worthy of recognition in an enlightened society. These societies also engage in kidnapping, extortion, and illegal imprisonment of citizens against their will. They have become a criminal syndicate…

  2. Concerned Liberian

    If anyone wishes to critique the activities of the Masonic Lodge in Liberia, then he or she is to critique it against a backdrop of objectivity; but, try to refrain from using obscenity and the kind of rhetoric that many folks do perceive as a rhetoric that defames this respectable craft and stokes the fumes of tribal hatred and ethnic bigotry.

    You use the phrase, “…You people.” Which group of Liberians are you referring to? My reason of asking this question is because the practice of tribal (ism), which is deeply rooted in Liberia and is analogous to racism in America, is one of the many factors that is working against the national progress of our country.

    We (All Liberians) need to start combatting this plague as it is eating at the core of our society. I sometimes wonder what positive impact or what contributions have the practitioners of nativism or those who practice “identity politics” made in Liberia?

    All the nativists have shown to the Liberian people they are able to do is clamoring for political offices without the proper education or training to perform what the jobs entail and bringing the worst social opprobrium on Liberia in the eyes of the civilized world by engaging in barbaric, ritualistic killings to retain power.

    Dr. Blyden once said in referring to our way of life that what we as Liberians needed was not only a revolution, but a “psyche conversion” and that was a change in our “lifestyles and manners and the way we related to one another.” The real change will come when we began to do away with some of these deep-seated tribal prejudices and stereotypes we harbored about each other.

    One group coming to power and thus repeating the deadly aspects of the past only worsens the situation. Tribal (ism) and ethnic division hurts!

  3. Blandon Fahn Todee, with reference to your third to the last paragraph of your comment on “clamoring for political offices without the proper education, and engaged in barbaric, ritualistic killings to retain power“, we ask you these simple questions hereunder..

    Why were Allen Yancy Sr. And Allen Yancy Jr….two notorious ritualistic barbaric killers and criminals involved so much in ritualistic killings, for which Yancy Jr. and Anderson Jr. were executed? Were they “nativists“??? Do you not know that if they had the proper education, they would have not been the savages they were, and now having gotten rotten in hell?

    Were William VS Tubman , Charles D. B King and their human parts provider Jemima Ammons Parker, etc. all notorious ritualistic barbaric killers and criminals, “nativists“??? Do you not know that if they had the proper education, they would have not been the savages they were, and now having gotten rotten in hell?

    Why is the Masonic Craft known amongst themselves and to the public as inter alia fundamentally ritualistic killers to retain power as far as the social history of Liberia and other parts of Africa (eg. Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria)?

    Blandon Fahn Todee, it is because savages do not have the proper education and training, thus they join these decadent and barbaric sewages they call Masonic Craft in order to ”retain power”!.

    Generally, native educated people (to whom you are referring) do not engage THAT SHIT called Masonic Craft to attain or retain power. They like educated Europeans, Americans, Arabs, Asians, etc. attain and retain power via simply politcking!

    For example….Dr. Edward B. Kessely …founder of the Unity Party, Dr. Togba Nah Tipoteh…founder of the Liberian Peoples Party, Cllr. Tuan Wreh, and Jackson F. Doe …founders of the Liberian Action Party. Gabriel Kpoleh…founder of the Liberian Unification Party! Cllr. David Kpomakpor, Professor Wilton Sankawulo, Dr. S. Byron Tarr, etc. etc.



    I could go on and on and list a thousand and even more

    • My brother, those country people you just named above were all part of the Masonic Craft in Liberia. Doe banned it for a while, then later resuscitated it and became a member. It is wrong to threatened Charles King because of his views. We should learn how to argue on the topics and issues than going personal. You called me a fool, I could have hit you back, but I come here to keep it clean 100% because I believe everyone is entitled to their opinions on issues and they should be challenged by the facts. So if I come to Liberia would you deal with me personally too since my views on the Poro and Sande Societies in Liberia is different from yours? Come on brother, let stop this way of thinking as a Liberians.

  4. The Americo-Liberians who brought it to Liberia used to eat human beings mainly country-native people in their secretive rituals.

    In America and elsewhere it is a secretive and ritualistic organization meant for esoteric fellowships. In Liberia the ex-slaves and their progeny used it to exert their power over the natives. They grabbed healthy natives on the Kakata highway and used them for ritualistic purpose. Any native son or daughter joining this draconian society doesn’t know his or her history and must be a fool to do so.

    Dr. Patricia Divine, one of Liberia’s leading gynecologists, warned then Master Sergeant Samuel Doe not to resuscitate the Masonic Craft Liberia following the overthrow of the CONGO-hegemony in Liberia.

    In her article which was published in the local dailies in Monrovia, in the early 80s, Dr. Divine warned Samuel Doe about Liberia’s ugliest past highlighting the evils of the Masonic Craft in Liberia. According to Dr. Divine, following the coup, the soldiers discovered human remains in secret rooms of the Masonic temple in Monrovia.

    Unfortunately, Doe wanted the support of the remnants of the Americo-Liberians whose hegemony he got rid off and thought he was being challenged if did not revive that cannibalistic cult.

    It is demonic and evil for such a small society to be creating a discriminating enclave. it is one of the evil vestiges of the ex-slaves who inflicted the same practice of slavery on indigenous Liberians. The Masonic Craft was one of their bastions of power. It should be shunned by all real Liberian natives.

  5. Thank you Mr. Jackson Neal for your enlightenment. I have learned something today. Besides, the so-call Masonic Craft members are those who have enjoyed state power for 133 years in Liberia. During their days in power, Liberia was kept in the dark, for so long. No proper education, less infrastructure development, even though Liberia boosted five major iron ore companies, and world largest rubber production plant. One could only signal out the Tolbert regime that barely tried. The slave and segregation mentalities that were used against them in America, is what they knew and was manifested in their every day life.

    To Mr. James (who ever you are). It wasn’t the Poro or Sandi People who were controlling the budget and distributing funds for development in Liberia. These are secrete African Society that been around for centuries. They do not stop people from gong to school, or building better institutions in your country. They do not sequestrate budgets for development. By the way let me educate Mr. James, the Poro and Sandi Societies are not only in Liberia. Even though I m not a member, but I respect them and any other group. Let’s stop humiliating them, we are all African. They are in Guinea, Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone. Those countries had their independence in the 1960s and 1950 respectively. If they were as old as Liberia was, they would had been better than us in development and education. What do you think kept us that backward?

  6. Any Liberian that wants the Masonic Craft reinstated in Liberia, truly has no understanding and appreciation of Liberia’s political and social history. Just so you know, the Republic of Liberia is 100yrs backward and undeveloped today due to the Masonic Craft, the Unity Brothers Fellowship (UBF), the Sisters of the Eastern Star and what have you.

    The Republic of Liberia is 174yrs old and yet, just look at Liberia and its people. Are we proud to return the Masonic and EVIL CRAFTS back to power and control of our people? ARE YOU ALL NOT ASHAMED of yourselves?

    For 133yrs, Liberia and residents were ruled by the Masonic Craft, UBF and the Sisters of the Eastern Star. Just look at Liberia and its people.

    Come to think about it, one good reason why CPP, apart from having Alexander B. Cummings, a GAY MAN in its midst, CPP, has Benoni Wilfred Urey, a key member and leader of the Masonic Craft in waiting to be our President.

    Our people want no GAY MAN nor a Masonic Craft Leader as our President.

    George Manneh Weah, Benoni W. UREY and Alexander B. Cummings, cannot possibly lead Liberia, come 2023; they all members of the MASONIC CRAFT. Poor Weah!!!

    Weah, UREY and Cummings are all Masonic Craft Members and so we will ask our people not to vote for Weah, Urey and Cummings in 2023.

    NO GAY AND NO MASONIC CRAFT to run Liberia.

    • George Weah is not poor because he started making money(employ) before and after he left Liberia according to the President. So, in that light he’s not poor!! When I was little during former president Taylor, George Weah was accused of loving to Prince Dah, a former teammate of the national team. Isn’t he an alleged GAY?

  7. Well, I hail from a part of the country where Sande and Poro practices do not exist. Regardless of that, I am a proud Liberian. But I did a mini research about FM. Guess what? This barbaric age-old practice occurs in:
    East Africa,
    The Middle East,
    Asia and
    South America.

    Now, please take note. I asked a guy who got married to a young beautiful lady (from middle Liberia) if he noticed anything about his wife’s sexual behavior. In response, my buddy told me that despite the fact that she went through that painful experience, his beautiful wife performed the same way. My buddy went on to say, “no difference my man, no difference whatsoever”.

    My point of view:
    I cannot stop anyone’s tradition! But I am concerned about the pain ☹️ that little girls go through.

    Question: Can the Poro and Sande authorities find a less painful way to do that? You as an individual may not have an answer for my question. I fully understand.

    I think little girls should be put to sleep before doing it.

  8. Not all Masonic Lodges peddle influence to help widen inequality as widely believed in Liberia. Nonetheless, it is false equivalency to compare freemasonry with the Poro, Sainde, and Bundo secret societies prevalent in Liberia and the MRU basin. They are factors of socialization on the continent before the advent of Europeans. Evidently, they still maintain their rites of passage (boy to man transitioning responsibilities) in rural communities alongside schools. Masonic lodges have coexisted with these traditional secret societies.

    What I find irrational is the talk that an elected President must be a Mason. The idea was pragmatic under a One Party System when the TWP, Masonic Lodge, and government were like the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Let Freemasons handle their business, and stop interfering with Liberia’s democratic gains. I might become a member, because the home-going they gave my uncle at Bushrod Island was heartwarming.

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