Marylanders on Rampage over Murdered Motorcyclist

Aftermath of the artson attack on the home of Speaker Bhofal W. Chambers in Pleebo

Set Ablaze Speaker Chamber’s House, amid protest over the alleged murder of a motorcyclist

By S. Edward Stemn in Pleebo

The home of House Speaker, Dr. Bohfal Chambers was set ablaze by angry protesters in Pleebo Statutory District, Maryland.

The late Mordecial Nyemah, 22, was a commercial motorcyclist in Pleebo, Maryland County.

According to Morris Sinneh, Chairman of the Motorcyclists Union Pleebo branch, the angry crowd torched the Speaker’s house after some bitter exchanges with officers of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) deployed in Maryland by the government of Liberia in the wake of the murder of a motorcyclist, Mordecial Nyemah, age 22.

“I cannot say that motorcyclists are the ones who burned the Speaker’s house because we were not the only ones in the protest; the entire citizens of the district got involved,” Sinneh said. “Let me make it clear that the burning of the Speaker’s house was not done by the cyclists, but the protesters that were angry over the firing of the teargas by the ERU.”

Mr. Sinneh further noted their protest had been peaceful since the murder of he commercial motorcyclist.

Sinneh also stated that the ERU fired teargas and live bullets in an attempt to get the protesters off the streets and remove the roadblock the aggrieved protesters had set up, which action escalated the violence in the county.

Gov’t property damaged

The protesters also hurled stones during the exchange of fights between them and the ERU in Pleebo City, Maryland County. The Motorcyclist Union Chairman also disclosed that the rivalry between ERU and protesters was the main reason for setting the Speaker’s house ablaze.

The protest comes few days after the police had apprehended one of the suspects involved in the killing. According to the police, the suspect was being investigated in accordance with due process of law before yesterday’s protest took place.

Angry over the murder, and other unsolved murder cases in the county, the protest took to the street at first peaceful but later got angry and engaged in wanton acts of destruction against private property and public facilities, including the burning down of police stations and other Government buildings.

They stormed the prison facility and eventually broke through, leading to the escape of several inmates, and several items including record books are said to have been taken away during the incident or damage. Still angry, the protesters also vandalized the Police Depot in Pleebo District leaving all office equipment, withholding cells, and documents destroyed.

The protesters also damaged the only LNP patrol vehicle in the county used for patrol, as well as wounding County Deputy Police Commander.

“The firing of the live bullets got two persons to sustain injuries and were taken to a nearby health facility, though it is not yet established that they were injured by the bullets,” said Sinneh.

The Police Depot in Pleebo District was on Wednesday, March 31, 2021, vandalized by the protesters.

The police have not been able to contain the protest in Harper and Pleebo, and because of the raging violence, judges or magistrates in Maryland have been ordered to close all the courts as the angry mobs continue on the rampage, vandalizing prison centers and demanding the suspect connected to the murder of the cyclist to be killed also.

‘Perpetrators will be punished’

Meanwhile, President George Weah has assured the people of Maryland County that this killing has claimed his attention, as such, a thorough investigation will soon start.

“The perpetrators will face the full weight of the law,” the President said, I admonish the residents of Maryland County not to take the law into their own hands, but to remain calm, peaceful,  and law-abiding so that the criminal justice system can take its course.”

 “Any grievances should and must be channeled through the legal process, as Government will not condone lawlessness and violence at any time and from anyone,” Pres. Weah added.

According to the President, because of the protesters’ action, his administrations is imposing Maryland County a curfew tomorrow that will last from 6:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. until an order is restored.

“This curfew will be strictly enforced by the police, who will be supported by the Joint Security Forces.  All residents of Maryland County are advised to take heed and govern themselves accordingly,” the President added.

The killing

On March 25, a murder case involving Mordecial Nyemah, age 22, appeared in court in Pleebo, and Moses Malmah, believed to be 18 years of age, was suspected to have committed the act.

Moses Malmah came to the spotlight in a liquor shop, where the operator of the provision shop observed blood on his clothes.  When he was asked, Moses said he slaughtered a bull in the nearby bush, and that was the source of the blood on his clothes.

Moses’ facial expression and stare could not satisfy the woman and she called attention to Moses.  In the process, a man appeared and asked Moses to take him to the slaughter spot, and, while in route, Moses asked whether the fact finder was a member of any society in Maryland.

The man responded that he was a member of a society there and that convinced Moses to show him the body that was lying in a pool of blood, promising to give him US$1,000 as an honorarium to keep the secret.

The man, however, refused the offer and reported the case to the Liberia National Police through a private security officer of Maryland Oil Palm Plantation who was on duty. The police in Pleebo city also turned the suspect over to the Maryland County Police Detachment Headquarters in Harper City due the increased tension from angry crowds who were demanding that Moses be turned over to them.

Speaking earlier, Motorcyclists Union Pleebo Branch Chairman, Morris Sinneh, said: “We have come here to you for a fair and speedy investigation to know all those that are involved in the killing our colleague. We, therefore, give you 48 hours ultimatum to tell us those names from your investigation that are connected to the alleged murder.”

Chairman Sinneh further said that motorcyclists in Maryland are always victims of circumstances, especially one that involves murder, citing an example of the late Bill Myers who was murdered in February of 2019 along the little Wlebo road in Harper District. “Up to now, we are yet to know who killed Bill Myers and there is total silence about his death.  For this is the case, we will not rest until we know those who did this,” he lamented.

Opposition community concerned

The protesters’ action, according to the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) is deeply concerning, and worrisome for the country’s peace, given the fragility of it.

“CPP herewith categorically condemns in no uncertain terms these acts of lawlessness by the protesters, and calls on the Weah-led government to make immediate interventions and remedy the situation,” the CPP said in a release.

The release added given the fragility of the country’s peace, the CPP encourages Liberians, to, at all times, desist from engaging in acts of violence that are reminiscence of those things that plunged the country into fourteen years of senseless bloodbath and chaos.

“As a nation, we are yet to fully recover from the deadly consequences of the civil war. It is, therefore, unacceptable for citizens to knowingly resort to acts of destruction under the guise of expressing their frustration.  It is absolutely disheartening for citizens of Liberia, particularly those residents in Maryland, to repeatedly fall prey to ritualistic killing while their government sits frivolously and does absolutely nothing to bring the scared murderers responsible for these crimes to justice. To this end, the CPP requests the government of Liberia to launch a manhunt for the perpetrators of these crimes as a means of allaying the fear of citizens of Maryland County,” the CPP release added.


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    Sounding too political and not too politically sensitive, while politically trying to be seen as the best choice and peaceful political choice for the citizens.
    Fragile peace or peace in general by any means does not represents social inequality and social injustice which has its foundation in the civil war or conflict or streets protest or violence protests. No kind of peace represents that.
    Peace is used to find political solutions to inequality and social injustice. Peace is used to bring about developments of the social welfare of the people. Peace is used to bring about opportunities. The peace spoken of is not meant to practice social injustice, not meant to practice social inequalities. It is not meant for personal political development to obtain wealth. In short, peace creates the conditions to carry out the good will of the welfare of people in society. That’s what peace does.
    And CPP, you are not politically sensitive to how the citizens of that society are fed up. Your understanding of their fed up as described by you as “unacceptable for citizens to knowingly resort to act of destruction under the guise of expressing their frustration”. What ?
    Under their guise of expressing their frustrations? This is not a political joke. You are not ready for political Prime Time. Simply put, you are not ready to handle their frustrations. Calling it a guise. Just not ready.
    The so-called rice riots of the ’70s was not just about rice. It was not a “guise” for frustrations. It was about fed up and frustrations, all being political. The so-called peace that they thought that they were enjoying could not solved the fed up and frustration of society concerning their social injustice and social inequality in society. No where to turn to for solutions. That peace back then could not do that. And the peace, that fragile peace spoken as unacceptable for citizens to knowingly resort to act of destruction under the guise of expressing their frustrations, almost 16 years since the civil war, that fragile peace has been unable to prevent social injustice and social inequality for the benefit and good of society.
    If CPP was elected as the next regime to come to power, how political sensitive will you be to understand guise of the citizens’ frustration ?
    Their frustrations can in many political forms. Just as the rice riots of the ’70s did .
    The usual political killings, the social injustice, the social inequality and right to protest and many more political demands and many more political demands come through that kind of frustration. Not under any guise, but real political frustrations. When they are fed up.
    So how political sensitive will CPP be in handling those fed up and frustrations ?
    Condemnation is the most political common thing to do as to draw political attentions. But what would CPP do differently when so many demands or political demands are put on peace dividend ? How can CPP be used to solve those demands or political demands ?
    The Citizens Are Fed Up and Frustrated. What Is CPP plan ? So that citizens will not knowingly resort to act of destruction under the guise of expressing their frustrations. What’s the plan ?
    There has got to be a plan, when violence is not and should not be an issue. What should be done differently by CPP ? Now that CPP is head of the regime ?
    That nation have many violent histories. But wisdom has not been privileged enough to teach them, to educate them not to repeat those violent histories, or anything that has any link whatsoever. So What’s The Plan CPP ? Again social injustice every where. Social inequality every where. So where do they go from here ? Fragile Peace ?
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    Be Sensitive. Be Sensitive. Just don’t leave the change that CPP would like to see with the regime only. But be part of it to the end. That’s Being Sensitive.

    • James Davis, you are a complete “JACKASS”!!!!!! You do not have LIBERIA BEST INTEREST at heart! You have no moral integrity, which I could expand on but won’t. You either don’t understand the situation in Liberia today or the pre 80’s base on your expressed views or you are rambling just to be heard. Why did you run out of the country, just recently in the last five years, if you are concerned about the frustrations of the marginalized citizens. You should have stayed and help correct the wrongs. You are a military veteran of United States Military. I’m positive you were trained to be respectful of laws and orders during your service career. Why are you indirectly given approval to the destructions committed by these demonstrators by attacking the Official Statement of The CPP? For the record, I’m not aligned with any political party in Liberia. Yes, it’s the right of citizens to protest if, they are not satisfy with their government and the government “MUST” protect that right given under the constitution. But, it’s no one right to commit violence or destruction against another person or his/her property. STOP DISTORYING THE COUNTRY AND IT’S IMAGE!

  2. James Davis, James Davis, James Davis !
    I think you missed out this time on the CPP, though I cannot defend it but the ANC.

    In a society where leadership is not bestowed through merit, the idea of ‘survival of the fittest” becomes commonplace to excel to power. Most elected officials of Liberia funnel their way in the society through brotherhood or mysticism, what good do you expect of such society?

    According to the article, a similar killing occurred in Maryland in 2019 without a thorough or any investigation by our lovely football star president. Now that the citizens have taken the laws into their own hands for this other killing, our government has become concerned and imposing stupid curfew. So, the other human beings that have been killed were NOT created in the image and likeness of God? Yako, mon pays!

    What do you think will give this 18-year old child the guts to kill a grown-up man in cold blood and have the audacity to ask the person investigating him if he were a society man? It means if the population had not risen to destroy public and private properties, this case could have also been wiped under the rug with all impunity, like the 4 auditors and the EPS officier.

    We need a government that will provide jobs for its citizenry. Such government should uphold excellence, reward merit and be accountable to the people. This 18-year-old-child murderer should been probably a first- or second-year university students, preparing to help build Liberia positively. But he’s been transformed into a monster, a killing machine. This too needs a FIX, Gbekugbeh!

    The police are usually characterized by intelligence and tactfulness in dealing with matters. The Liberian national police, from the inspector general to the least officer, is very brutal, crude and rash in dealing with the citizens they should be peacefully protecting and cohabitating with. When does a police force make use of teargas? When confronted with an angry crowd, of course. Was the demonstration hostile in anyway? The obvious answer is NO, but the cynical official answer will be YES.
    Let’s come to ourselves in Liberia, my people. There has been enough bloodletting in Liberia, put an end to it now and let’s become part of the civilized world.

    Rest in perpetual peace, brother Mordecial Nyemah!

  3. Look at the image of the home of the speaker of our senate, cheeey!
    So, what can he do with the $9k he’s paid every month? Everything being sent away to the USA?

    Mathematically: 9K x 12 months x 9 years = $972,000; almost a million dollars legally.
    When the brown envelops, which amount to more than 10 times the statutory emoluments are added, he easily finds himself with about 11 million dollars at the end of the 9 years, excluding gasoline, travel and other benefits.

    Every cent of this money is being saved in US banks for retirement, what a sad story for Liberia.
    In Cote d’Ivoire, a lawmaker builds a decent home for himself in his village to prepare his retirement, where he receives any dignitaries and business partners.

    You guys are curse to yourselves before the Liberian people.
    Cross over to Cote d’Ivoire and see homes of common government functionaries to see if you can compare them with that thing you have in your home county.

    How can Liberia develop with such elected officials?

  4. It is heart-wrenching that the latest vexing development coming out of Pleebo City in Maryland County, Republic of Liberia, is opening up old wounds just buried below the surface! For the people of Maryland County, that wound has gotten more complicated and very traumatic, indeed. To begin with the fact that it took their elected president three (3) years into his presidency before stepping his foot in the county in order to assure the people that he cares for them. This act, in itself, bespeaks to the frustration of the citizens of Maryland, and that they and their agenda could be an afterthought in the Weah Administration.

    Another layer of the latest vexing development in Pleebo, Harper, and the rest of Maryland, is the long history of ritualistic killings in that county! The haphazard manner in which the national government has been handling this serious problem has caused so many, at home and abroad, to conclude that some powerful government officials at the very top could have a hand in these killings. Let us keep in mind that the victims of these so-called ritualistic killings are children and loved ones of citizens. As the leader of the motorcyclist union in Maryland stated in this reporting, many citizens in Maryland have never gotten the satisfactory resolution of the barbaric murder of their loved ones in the court of law!

    The third and final layer of complexity to this latest vexing development, is the trauma of Liberia’s destructive civil war and its human, psychological, and economic toll on the citizenry which are still lingering on. The national government has failed, for several reasons, to squarely address the true intentions of the national, Reconciliation, Rehabilitation, and Reconstruction efforts in order to restore the soul and aspiration of the nation after over fourteen (14+) years of the civil war.

    Has the CDC and the Weah Administration answered the call to duty that the people of Liberia have been awaiting for thirteen (13) years before January 22, 2018? I ask all fair-minded Liberians, and home and in the diaspora, to answer this question. What happens in Pleebo, Maryland County, also happens in Zorzor, Lofa County, only in different forms and under different conditions.

  5. Charlse Anders

    Charlse, do you recall the conversation between you and me a few months ago concerning the persistence of ritualistic killings and witchcraft in the Southeast? Little did I know that my words were of prophetic implications and the harbinger of things to come.

    Well, here we go again. Marylanders just can’t find the way to abolish this vicious practice, and all this happening in today’s 21st century Liberia.

  6. Yes Rhyne, I remember the exchange that I had with you about this problem. It is a chronic and serious problem which now seems to be passed on from generation to the other. It is incumbent on the national government to put a stop to this evil practice. The only recourse here is by passing laws that are punitive enough to discourage perpetrators, whatever their rank in society, from committing these crimes in the first place.

    In order to be successful, the laws should be enforced in order to bring offenders to justice. Several decades ago, some officials in Maryland were sent to the gallows and were hanged for similar crime. The lack of attractive job incentives in Maryland and other areas of Liberia could contribute to young people participating in such heinous crimes. It is utterly sad.

  7. Unlike the Margibi County vigilante justice-driven burning down of a police station
    in April 2019, this copy cat of breaking down the main gate of Harper Central Prison, letting prisoners flee, and followed by free-for-all looting went on like a quasi-military style operation. It suggests pre-planning, not spontaneous reaction by friends of a murdered man.

    Little wonder, then, that Mr. Rocheford T. Gardiner of TeamPhoenixFM102.7, who normally reports on the scenic beauty of his county’s beaches, and a month ago assisted in organizing a beauty pageant at Tubman University of Technology, appeared devastated on the show. Not surprisingly, his Facebook post on Tuesday, March 30, 2021 said it all.

    He writes, “As in the movie ‘The Great Wall’, they retreated at sharp 5:30pm – as would an army upon the shout of a command”. The following day, he continues: “They have the power to shutdown portions of your country… They could overthrow a government”. That’s why based on the credible eyewitness reports and commentaries of this apolitical citizen, a dusk to dawn curfew was the right response.

    However, its purpose is to retake Harper City and other communities in Maryland from the marauding motorcyclists; stop further destruction of properties, and prevent potential loss of innocent lives. Moreover, it would provide opportunity for security sector agencies to gather all pertinent information regarding appropriate actions by government. That perpetrators would be punished is a given. But, first, find the relevant evidences and connect them to suspects. Lastly, don’t ignore corrective measures for root cause – lack of trust in the criminal justice system.

  8. There’s no doubt that the situation in Maryland county is cataclysmic. Based on what has happened, I think the call for more education (not just classroom education) is imperative. The rampage is senseless; there’s no way to slice it. I hope stability comes soon.

    On the other hand, the CPP, (a power-hungry, discredited, weak and disorganized organization) is trying to make itself look good by offering suggestions. Ridiculously, the rabble-rousing CPP statement goes like this…”the situation is worrisome”. In reality, it’s the CPP that’s considered “worrisome” because its objectives are out of the mainstream. It will be a marvelous idea for the lawless CPP to shut its mouth out of the county of Maryland. Oh yes, peace is needed immediately in Maryland county. But CPP-type politics is not needed.

  9. Mordecial Nyemah is the George Floyd of Liberia. The government has to do a better job of investigating cases and coming out with judgments. What I mean, is that the judicial branch has to get tougher and be p more proactive. If I read this article correctly, it said “the only pickup in the county”?! Then back in 2019, another murder took place, and no one heard a thing after that.Hell, murders even take place here in Monrovia without any findings, so the government really needs to prioritize security. I don’t condone what took place in Maryland after the murder, but one thing I know is that you cannot keep hearing the cries of your people and sit back and do nothing- they will eventually take the law into their own hands.
    One suggestion is to get most of these officers off the streets in Monrovia (because they are just harassing taxi drivers, kehkeh riders, and motorcyclists for money), and into the rural areas. Another is that the government should get more officers patrolling – within and out of Montserrado County, provide motorcycles or other vehicles for officers, etc. I don’t condone what took place in Maryland after the murder, but if your people keep complaining about something and nothing is done, eventually they will take the law into their own hands.

  10. CPP, what have you done to Grand Frere again?
    The CPP has nothing to do in this case, Grand Frere. Stop bashing out on the people for something everyone is indexing the government.

    Look, when a group of unqualified people set eyes on power, or by hope or by crook if they ascend to power brutally or accidentally, the country undergoes strife, tribulation and dejection. This fundamental biblical teaching should, for once, sink into our (Liberians and Africans) brains to stay forever.

    The CDC government cannot attract credible but dodgy and corrupt companies to invest under its rulership. They do not have any creative minds to put the people of Liberia to work. They will only endeavor to consolidate their hold on power through mysticism, yet we proclaim our nation was established on Christian principles.

    Our people in Maryland are not stupid. Tell them to pay reparations for the death of innocent and hardworking Mordecial. His blood, like the 4 auditors and the EPS officer, is crying out for vengeance.

    Let the CDC put an end to their ritualistic and covet killing spree!

  11. My fellow kinsmen, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Let me add, a people who don’t love themselves are self-centered, bound by stupidity, creative in perpetrating Satan ritualistic deaths, and has no plans for brighter future for others. Such people apposed to any kind good enlightenment, such as modern hospitals, paved roads, modern and equipped/well furnished schools-PreK through 12th. Grade. Such people love darkness rather than the light. In their little skewed minds, they prefer no change, which allow them to carry on as they wish. Who are these people? This is a group of people that includes part of every sector of Liberia. Each one of us has a family member, two or more, actively involved in this group.
    I wish we as Liberian would have learned “lesson from the brutal civil war,” but it appears from all indication, we all have yet to come up the lesson (s) learned. We have voted in power those who should have by now given due process for atrocities they committed in the civil war; We still have the pending TRC Commission’s recommendation to be fully implemented; There is no viable economic plans and modern technological real assistance for each county to thrive in what best can be done after looking into its feasibility steadies.
    Our vision must include
    1. Modern infrastructure & good maintenance plans-roads, bridges, housing, modern hydraulic sewage systems, 110v electrical systems, ect.
    2. Modern/equipped/professional staffed hospital in each county and attached means for continual training (hospital hooked up with university for training of medical professionals and training of nurses)
    3. Modern technological and industrial agriculture/farming centered in each county for massive production of agricultural produce, modern means how to preserve any food over a long period of time conducive for human consumption. Let’s make better use of our good and fertile soil, good sun and rainy seasons weather.
    4. Strong education system covering Pre-K through high school; Elevate BWI to a full technical university issuing credential from “Certificate in advance studies, BSC, BA, M.Sc., MA; PhD. The advancing of the University of Liberia and Tubman University in Maryland County to “Certificate in advance studies, BSc, BA, M.Sc., MA; PhD,” only where it doesn’t exist. Elevate MVTC to B.Sc. & BA mainly focusing on basic needs of the country.
    5. Our advance education system “Must” take into serious account for all training purposes in the areas covering from small businesses to large businesses strictly geared toward advancing Liberia to be able to catch up and compete among countries already on the path of modernization.
    6. Enforce the laws that are on the books as well as close all loop holes for adequate implementation of transparent justice, clear communication on the full consequences of any forms of corrupt practices and makes it crystal clear teaching civic lessons from Kindergarten through university that “No one is above the law.”
    I want to be very clear. Our problem in Liberia is ourselves. Liberia is blessed with great natural and human resources we have failed miserable to put into better use for the entire country. We have mountains, but failed to build the steel industry to manufacture steel for the global market. We have oil, but failed to build a “Refinery” to complete finish oil products for the global market.
    All of these and many more brilliant ideas as we thrive along, as well as gathered from our experiences, will help us create a better lasting good paying jobs that will help us create better living standards for our people.
    I am begging for all of us to began to think new for our country and for our future. No one is going to build our beloved Liberia, but ourselves. We better start thinking creative now and began to rebuild for a better energetic future. God bless.

  12. State sanctioned ritualistic killings are so deeply rooted within the Liberian society that they make one to ask: What is wrong with our collective humanity? These events compel people to wonder whether we are civilized as we think. Is this not the country, which senators were about to pass a law a few years ago declaring it a Christian nation? I do not think so because Christianity does not encourage this kind of savagery.

    The murder also depicts a strong semblance of how dictatorial governments around the world would often tolerate violence against their citizens in their effort to break their citizens’ will through the use of intimidation, violence, and coercion.

    Mr. Henry Costa, the controversial talk show host, alluded to this incident a few years ago after the June 7th COP’s unparalleled demonstrations, which claimed both national and international acclamation, that Weah’s thugs will continue committing or tolerating sanctioned killings and other clandestine activities against peaceful citizens until they will one day murder someone of prominence, and such a heinous act will be the straw that will finally break the camel’s back. Only the Lord knows what intervention the aftermath will need to stop the volcanic eruptions that mightl follow.

    Using barbaric tactics to win the hearts and minds of the citizens does not suffice as such tactics will eventually fire back one day. Don’t the CDC officials live in the same country as well as their opposition counterparts? Don’t they have families and family members, whose lives and properties that they have sworn to protect in addition to those of other citizens?

    Why can’t they see that if things go out of hand, the results will not only affect the poor masses, but will also gravely affect the wealthy since in fact, they have even greater control over what is economically at stake for everybody?

  13. It is pure hyperbole to suggest that the recent gruesome killing of a young man in Pleebo, Maryland county, and elsewhere in Liberia has been state-approved. On the side of logic, it can be argued that the state has been wimpy in terms of rooting out the bad actors. However, the state-approved argument is impractical and controversial because there’s no evidence that could fill in holes of the puzzle. Furthermore, it is unconscionable to connect dots that do not show a picture. Example, there are some Liberians who maintain the view that the mysterious deaths of the four auditors last year in Monrovia is similar to the Grand Kru, Maryland and Nimba county killings. The truth of the matter is that too many mysterious killings occur…it should stop! Not tomorrow, but now!

    The Bottom Line:
    Every peace-loving Liberian wants genuine peace and quick action! Every peace-loving Liberian wants to see the perpetrators brought to justice. Every peace-loving Liberian wants good education, because if our youth are properly educated, there’ll be no need to use juju in order to land a job.

  14. Hney: ……… there’ll be no need to use juju in order to land a job.

    That’s what you think? For you Grand Frere, there’ll be no need to use juju in order to land a job in Liberia because you are highly qualified. But for most CDCians who want power by hope or by crook, there are needs to use juju, as they are doing, to land jobs.

    The current working environment in Liberia is dangerous.
    I had a friend from Grand Gedeh who went to school with me in Cote d’Ivoire. He later went to Liberia and obtained a decent job. He decided to build something decent for himself in his home village, like what we see in this country. The guy was not even permitted to finish when he met his untimely death, leaving behind his young wife and 2 children of 2 and 5; stupid jealousy!
    Another example is another friend from Lofa who worked hard in the USA to economize to undertake in agriculture in his home county of Lofa. The guy was not given the chance to come down with even 20% of his investments (machinery and other equipment) when he mysteriously passed away; stupid jealousy!

    A true Christian should regularly pray, not only for himself but also for his enemy. If we pray for God to bless our enemies, they will not have the time to peep into your entrepreneurship to become jealous and bewitch you.

    The bottom line
    Usher in the ANC in 2023 to open the country where jobs will look for Liberians to build their lives. If everyone is busy going somewhere in morning and coming back in the evening, proudly taking care of his family, there will be little or no attention to other people’s achievements.

    We need to create more jobs in Liberia! The best answer is the ANC of Alexander B. Cummings!

  15. Defender,
    So sorry to hear that your former Grand Gedeh colleague died before his time. There’re a lot of lowbrow people in the world. Liberia certainly has its share. There’s too much hatred in our country. It has to stop, or else we’ll be doomed.

    Mon Frere, not only do we need classroom education, but education is needed across the board in Liberia. Example, if any Liberian starts any business in Liberia, that particular Liberian should be seen as educating the people of Liberia. On the other hand, a Liberian who starts a business should not be seen as an enemy of the people of Liberia. Unfortunately, “some” of our people do not utilize their thinking skills educationally.

    Foreign Investors:
    In my honest opinion, foreign investors are good up to a certain point. But, foreign investors do not keep their money in Liberia. In order to prevent the flight of money out of Liberia, it is important for Liberian men and women to involve themselves in all kinds of businesses. Unlike the foreign investors, Liberian investors will definitely keep their money in Liberia.

    Hate or Obsession?
    Are Liberians that hateful? Are Liberians obsessed with one another? Education is the answer.

    Christ’s apostles did their utmost best in terms of spreading the gospel of Christ. Irrespective of anyone’s religion, it’s our responsibility to teach our countrymen and women to desist from doing evil. The act of using juju (for instance, ritualistic killing) demonstrates ignorance and poor educational attainment.

    Lastly, I totally agree with you about the fact that 2023 will arrive! By His grace, it will “come to pass”…… that’s what the Holy Book tells us. But I am not sure whether the Messenger you vouch for always and always will be the gamechanger. I have a funny feeling that the gentleman who presently sits in the leadership cockpit will eventually pick up steam. Initially, Weah was politically inexperienced. In recent years, he seems to have acquired a wealth of political knowledge and experience. I’m not trying to infuriate you or his hardcore critics. I was wrong before.
    In any case, we shall see.

  16. Grand Frere,

    I am NOT vouching for an individual as a gamechanger. Since 2005, I have yearned to have an individual who will altruistically take the lead of Liberians who wish to see changes in Liberia in every sector. Alexander B. Cummings is just the embodiment of the leader we’ve craved to have on the politically arena.

    Stop looking at the individual called Alexander B. Cummings. Concentrate on the ideals and projects and the team beholding them. Cummings speaks volume to many educated, true and positive revolutionary Liberians of all walks of life. We represent a new generation of Liberians who believe in the Liberian human capital as the major development tool. We uphold human dignity, cherish our cultural backgrounds, identify with our unique identity as people created by God to impact the world positively.

    Egotism has ruled Liberia over centuries but is today regretting the state of development of a free country founded in 1847. How can they explain to neighboring countries like Cote d’Ivoire or Ghana or Nigeria that they have been independent since the early 19th Century but yet Maryland is not connected to Nimba by paved roads, Lofa is isolated from Gbarnga, our people are still living on subsistence farming, barely enough to feed themselves, people beyond Margibi do not have access to our national television news, the entire country but concession areas lies in darkness like in 1822 when they first step foot on the Mesurado Coast?

    Fascism, kleptocracy and hypocrisy have ruled Liberia for decades but was not able to live up to their mat-to-mattress policy. They even plunged the country in direr circumstances then the people they once castigated and condemned on the cross to die in cold blood. They exposed us to the adverse effects of ethnic imperialism and differences, dug deep into nepotism and feed on human blood to maintain power.
    They (some) bow in shame today, not knowing what to tell their children and grandchildren. What lessons can they teach our generation?

    Now we are faced with a kakistocracy and kleptocracy government, which is sadly supported by (some) lucid people, who I describe as faceless cowards who could not dare take the bull by the horn but decided to hide behind an ignoramus to exercise state power.
    What image do we, as Liberians, want to portray to the outside world with a president who cannot speak out or write one correct sentence?
    What results do we expect if we settle down for someone who proposes NOT based on logical reasoning but out of passion? Because all that he was proposing was pea-brained, he could not attend a single intellectual debate to defend his projects, yet some (educated) Liberians voted him.
    What results have we achieved over the past 3 years? Do you think there is going to be a magic for the next 3 years?
    As a people, how do we envision Liberia in the next 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 years? What are we doing to achieve such goals?

    Let’s try the “weak” but (true, not destructive) patriotic technocrats in 2023. We are pleading to all Liberians to try something considered anormal in Liberia, but normal in the rest of the world.
    Let’s try a group of people who will appoint an Inspector General of the police who truly understands the code of ethics of policing to intelligently maintain peace and security in our neighborhoods.
    Let’s try a group of people who will conscientize and sensitize our justices to fully understand their roles in attracting foreign direct investments into the country for a brighter future of all.
    Let’s try a group of people who will create decent jobs in all the 16 counties of Liberia for the livelihood of all.
    Let’s try a group of people who will rightly and expediently make use of the natural resources of the country while thinking about future generations. How stupid we are to run 68 concession contracts with constant annual budget of half a billion dollars.

    Grand Frere, you have just admitted that you were wrong before. How I am happy to read that sentence. Congratulations for this frankness!
    Whenever anyone, like you, admits a wrong, you have the duty to get in the right path. The right path for Liberia is the team headed by Alexander B. Cummings. This team is being formed. You have a beautiful seat on this development train. Join it and let’s help our patronym.
    Evil triumphs when good people, like Grand Frere, sit and do nothing. Stop looking at the individual called Alexander B. Cummings. Look at the bigger picture, i.e. Liberia. The beautiful natural reserves on that land called Liberia cannot develop itself. It is the people who inhabit that land called Liberia that can shape and altered the nature to ornate our world and environment.

    Stop giving dissonant gongs reasons to think they are objective in their follies. Liberia is on drip from the scourge of its half-educated fools. They (half-educated) have misled our illiterate people and even benumb them to reject positive change. They (half-educated) fear change, because they think they may be left in the oblivion if such change may be effective.

    Let me admonish to have no fears. The change the ANC will bring will benefit all Liberians, irrespective of tribes or religions or origins. Get ready to accept such change in 2023, we beg your pardon!

    Let’s pray to have a Liberia where, when we decide to build a 4-lane road from RIA to Monrovia, the machinery will not have to be imported from another country. It becomes a stupid added expense with little economic benefit.
    Let’s pray to have a Liberia that will construct its own roads at 80%, providing subcontracts to Liberian businesses.

    I pray to be ushered in the Liberia I wish to leave with my children and grandchildren in 2023 by voting out the kakistocracy and kleptocracy we currently have over our heads, like the sword of Damocles.

  17. Well Mr. Defender,
    I don’t think I have admitted wrongdoing. The fact that Weah was not a political savvy person initially is undeniable. Comparatively, Alexander Benedict Cummings is a good business technocrat, but he is not politically savvy. If Cummings is elected to the presidency, it’ll take some time before he consolidates himself. Also, when I say ‘I was wrong before”, I used the word “wrong” because I was speaking in general terms.

    President Obama At A Glance:
    Before Obama became the president of the United States, he was a state Senator in Illinois and later on, he became a US Senator. Senatorial experience is not the same as presidential experience. Although Obama (was, is) a smart individual, he didn’t become politically savvy overnight. Whereas Obama had a unique bunch of shrewd individuals in his government, I don’t think some of the people Weah had brought in his government are as patriotic and smart as we expect them to be. If Weah sinks, (I hope not) it’s because his team of workers are incompetent. That’s the problem. In reality, Weah seems to be learning fast.

    Economic Issues:
    Once again, I am in agreement with you on a long list of important issues. Roads are needed in Liberia. Good schools and competent teachers are needed. Electricity and running water are imperative. The criminal justice system is in need of reform.

    Something To Remember:
    The roads, schools, the criminal justice system were neglected by Weah’s predecessors. And yet, Liberia is a gray-hair country. Yes, Weah should try his utmost best to connect the counties. However, I don’t think it is fair to heap scorn on him from top to bottom.

  18. Mon Petit Frere,
    I am not a CDCian. I never was and never will I be a CDCian. I’m not affiliated with any politician or a political party in Liberia. Furthermore, I do not want to be construed as a person who supports everything Mr. Weah and his cabinet Ministers do. I sympathize with Weah’s government.

    Changes Are Needed:
    There’s no doubt that every Liberian wants a dramatic change across the board in Liberia. However, when Weah became elected, the nation’s economy was in a downward slope. Also let’s not forget that Liberia’s economy is not an “export” economy, but rather an “import” economy. Please allow me to be explicit! Liberia exports raw materials, but almost 99% of export materials are foreign-owned. Technically, we’re at a loss.

    At least three years later, there are small signs that the economy is gaining strength. Example, three years ago, the Liberian dollar was 200 to one US dollar. A few weeks ago, the Liberian dollar gained strength….the exchange rate as of today is 179 Liberian dollars to a single US dollar. Believe it or not, the Liberian economy is finally beginning to show steam…small steam, but steam by any measure.

    Keep hope alive. As a loyal member of the opposition, you have a right to demand changes or (fixes) as you often say. But, 2023 may not be as rosy as you think. By His grace, we’ll get there.


  19. Grand Frere, Grand Frere, Grand Frere,

    Official Exchange Rate (OANDA)
    On January 20, 2018: 1 USD = 127 Liberian dollars
    Today (April 6, 2021: 1 USD = 172 Liberian dollars
    As soon as the new banknotes are printed: 1 USD may be exchanged for 350 Liberian dollars. Keep this post to prove me wrong within the next 12 months after the printing of the additional banknotes.

    That economy that Weah is running, do you think there is anything good about it? Not a single index or aggregate is even stable. Everything is shrinking, Grand Frere. Stop writing things like this. I am always following indices and aggregates on Liberia.

    We export 99.99% of our raw materials and minerals, then import 99% of all that we consume, why should a nation which was independent in 1847 be at this stage of its economy?

    In one of our earliest exchanges, I told you that I directed a French Group to Liberia. They were interested in transforming some of our raw materials. Liberians (elected officials) threw them out through “brown envelopes’ begging” and quality of workforce, who do you blame?

    The Liberian economy, under Weah, is in a free fall. It is not showing any steam, Grand Frere. All indicators are in descending order, not even one is stagnant.

    If the literacy rate of Liberia were about 40%, I would never have worried for 2023. It was going to be evident that Weah would go shamefully. But I am a bit worried because of our (corrupt) justice system. We pray that they will be reminded of the long roads we have travelled from the 1985 rigged elections in 2023.

    Peace unto you too, Grand Frere!

  20. Defender,
    With regard to the money exchange rate, the key word you’ve used is “official”.
    Yes, the “official” exchange rate fluctuates. In 2019 when I was in Liberia, the exchange rate was 200LD to a single US dollar.

    There are two exchange rates in Liberia: the official exchange rate and the black market rate. A couple of weeks ago when I wired some money to a relative of mine in Liberia, he told me that the exchange rate was 179 to the US dollar. Frankly, the difference between 176-79 is petty. I will walk and chew my gum, but I will not sweat over this issue.

    Second, you also said that once the new banknotes are printed, “1USD may be exchanged for 350” LD. The operative words you’ve used are “may be”. That’s construed by me as a prediction or an economic forecast. Yeah, in and of itself, an economic forecast is not egregious, but forecasts sometimes mislead. Your forecast of 350 to a single USD is way too off. On the other hand, I get it! As a loyal opposition member, you are of the belief that Liberia will get better only when Alexander Benedict Cummings becomes president.

    In an earlier post of mine, I explicitly stated that our economy is largely an import economy. You repeated the same thing that I said, by saying that we “import 99%” of goods for consumption.

    Believe it or not, there are small signs of progress in Liberia. Where I live, a small sign of growth means progress.

    Yap. Liberia is gray-haired. We can do better. Liberia is not waiting for Alexander Benedict Cummings, Urey, Boakai or any particular individual in order to move forward.



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